Music 311          Twentieth Century Techniques           Tu-Th 1:00-2:15


Instructor Will Johnson


Office        Ives 17       Phone   664-2631        e-mail


OFFICE HOURS:  Tu 2:15-3:00,  W 4:00-5:00 and by appointment


If you are having difficulty with the material, or with any aspect of the class, or just want to speak with me for any reason, please come in and discuss the situation. I also urge you to connect with me via e-mail; I check the above address daily and respond immediately. If you must see me in person and cannot come at one of the assigned times, see me before class, call me or (better) send an e-mail to arrange another time.




Stefan Kostka: Materials and Techniques of 20th Century Music,  3rd edition, available in the campus bookstore.    Scores to supplement the text will be provided in class.  Recordings and scores are available in the Multi-media center.





Exploratory written exercises               40%


In-depth analyses and/or                      30%

Compositional Projects


Take-Home Exams                                 30%

         Midterm                      10%

         Final                            20%