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Suggested websites for lecture topics:

Topic: Race
Information from the U.S. Cenus, with full reports, charts, and data.


Topic: Trans-Gender

Organization that provides information on trans-gendered people.


Topic: Bisexuals

Again, this is a website that provides information on bisexuals.


Topic: Domestic Violence
Provides facts, statistitcs, theories, and so forth. This is a good really good website.


Topic: Child Abuse
Again, provides information such as facts, statistics on child abuse. What child abuse is and what forms it can happen in. Signs of child abuse and so forth. How it can be prevented and what one can do to help.


Topic: Family Abuse
This is a very throuogh website on family abuse. What it is: Wife/Child. Data, statistics, theories, and so forth. It is almost an overview of what your Domestic Violence Course was about.


Topic: Prisons in CA
It povides a list of all prisons in CA and what level of prison it is.


This website provides goos data, and statistics. However, I would not recommend it for your webpage.


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