Introduction to Networking

In this lab we will talk about basics of computer networking from two types of ethernet cables to hubs and switches. The two types of ethernet cables are Straight-through and Crossover cables. The following figures are the layouts of these cables:


Stright-Through Ethernet Cable
Figure 1 - Stright-Through Ethernet Cable


Crossover Ethernet Cable
Figure 2 - Crossover Internet Cable


The equipent we are using are the equipmet in each rack covered in the following picture:


Networking Rack
Figure 3 - Networking Rack


and here is the overall layout of the Networking Lab:


Networking Lab Layout
Figure 4 - Networking Lab Layout

First boot the computers using the Fedora Core. Once the boot is complete, use "student" as the user. I will provide you with the passwords during class. Enter the following in the terminal and add the password:

su -l



At this point, you may see "eth0" and "lo". Use the command "ifconfig" to enable the "eth2"with an ip address. These are the ip addresses for different computers around each rack:

A: 192,168.1.40

and here is how to assign these addresses to "eth2"'s:

ifconfig eth2 and so on.

Once you configure the addresses, using the Patch-Panel, connect the computers A and B with Crossover cable and "ping" them:


Figure 5 - Patchpanel and Asante Hub

ping -s 100000 (from computer A) and ping -s 100000 (from computer B)

see what happens. Try the command with the maximum allowed. Now try the same thing with Straight-Through cable.

Next step is to connect all computers to Asante Hubs and repeat the pinging action with both cables and find out what happens. Do a crisscross, do a ping from A to C and B to D. Maximize the packet size and see what happens to the response time.

Now connect the computers through 3Com switches and then to Cisco switches and apply all the above. Note what happens when you ping simultaneously with the switch.


3Com Switch
Figure 6 - 3Com Switch


Cisco Switch
Figure 7 - Cisco Switch

You are to turn in your findings at the end of the session.