Cultures of Latin America

Spring 2009


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Dr. Elizabeth C-Martínez
Nichols 212, tel. 664-3161
Office hrs: M/Wed 4-5, Thurs 3-4, and by appt.



Pinceladas Literarias Hispanoamericanas by Gloria Bautista Gutiérrez and Norma Corrales-Martin, published by Wiley, 2004. (Available in SSU Bookstore)


This course serves as an introduction to the cultural and literary production of Latin America and the Caribbean, where Spanish and Portuguese, as well as many indigenous languages, are spoken. At the beginning of the semester, students will do outside reading on indigenous cultures (beginning with the links at the base of this syllabus), after that, literary selections are assigned from the required text. Students are expected to have each reading completed BEFORE class convenes, and to participate in class discussion. For greater understanding of the people and cultures of Latin America, cultural aspects will be further explored in class with films and documentaries.

Each student will lead discussion, after careful reading, of one author's selections during the semester. Authors can be assigned or requested.

Writing Assignments consist of three short papers and a final essay, each written in Spanish in response to a topic or question put forth by the professor. Each paper requires evidence of critical and analytical thinking, and the demonstration of careful writing and proofreading, at advanced level. The first paper requires citation of sources used to inform the writing.


Attendance and participation, 10%
Student-lead discussion on a Reading, 10%
3 short papers (2-3 pages): 20% each, for a total of 60%
Final Paper (4-5 pages): 20%



------------13-17 de abril ---DESCANSO PRIMAVERAL------------


Algunos ejemplos/Sitios de información sobre varias culturas indígenas:

Mesoamérica: Maya / Chichén/Mayapán/Uxmal / Pipil (El Salvador) / Cakchiquel & Pipil / Olmeca | Azteca/Mexica | Totonaca (El Tajín) | Huasteca / Mixteca / Zapoteca | Tlaxcalteca (& Cacaxtla) /

Mesoamérica en general / Teotihuacán | Tolteca | Purépecha/Tarasco / purépecha /

lengua Nahuatl / otro sitio / lengua Maya / lengua Zapoteca / lengua Mixteca /

Región Andina: Tiahuanaco / Inca | Chavín / Nazca | Chimú | lengua Quechua / Guaraní , otro sitio Guaraní /

El Caribe: Taíno (Puerto Rico), lengua Taíno / Cuba / Quisqueya (República Dominicana , su historia

imágenes de dióses indígenas / el Popol Vuh (Pop' Vuj) /

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