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Laurel McCabe, Ph.D.

Fall 2017 Courses:

Psy 270, Psychology of Self-Discovery, MonWed (texts at North Light Books)

Psy 470, Psychology of Film, Tues (text at North Light Books)

Psy 542a, Methods & Applications of Depth Psychology, Fri (grad)

Psy 575, Research Methods, Fri (grad)


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Drop-in Office Hours: Mon 1-3 pm, Stevenson 3087

What I'm Reading

Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic, & Laurel Hulley, Unlocking the emotional brain: Eliminating symptoms at their roots using memory reconsolidation

Jaak Panksepp & Lucy Biven, The archaeology of mind: Neuroevolutionary origins of human emotions

Arlene Montgomery, Neurobiology essentials for clinicians

Efrat Ginot, The neuropsychology of the unconscious: Integrating brain and mind in psychotherapy

If you're a psychology major and would like to meet for advising, come to my office hours starting the second week of classes--they're drop-in with no appointment needed. If you have a question about course material, come by my office during office hours or talk to me after class.

If you have questions about the graduate program, are a graduate student, or if you'd like to meet for specific purposes other than advising, please email me and we'll set an appointment.

labyrinth field trip IONS

National Survey 2005, Spiritual Life of College Students pdf Full Report pdf

National Survey 2005, Faculty and Spirituality pdf

Spirituality in Higher Education, Higher Education Research Institute UCLA