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Psychology & Spirituality Lecture Series

In the fall of 2010 we started a new lecture series in the Psychology department focused on spirituality broadly conceived: what brings us meaning, engages us in activism, and acknowledges diversity. I'm the general coordinator and look forward to bringing in exciting speakers into our community.

The Spirit of the Dream

I was the host of the 2007 international conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, The Spirit of the Dream. It was a wonderful inspiring conference of many many people from all over the world coming to teach and learn about dreams, to play, to dream, to sing, even, in best west county tradition, to drum.

Labyrinth Project

We have a short-term / long-term project going to build a labyrinth on the grounds of Sonoma State. If you would like to see this beautiful vision land on earth, if you would like to donate money toward its completion, please email me, or visit our website on the labyrinth project.

Re-Weaving the Broken Web

This was a conference I co-organized in 1997. It was the first conference back then that brought people from all areas, across disciplines and across organizations, to talk about family violence and how the community can work with it and work toward preventing it. We offered the conference for university credit, had students and psychologists and probation officers and judges and police and social workers, attend.

Psychology M.A., Depth Psychology

The seeds for this program were planted when I started teaching Jungian Psychology and Myth, Dreams and Symbols and other Jungian-related courses at Sonoma State in 1995. Students started saying they wished they had more courses they could take at more advanced levels to study this type of work. I began conversations with fellow faculty, our department, Jungian analysts, colleagues at other institutions, and over the next few years I crafted a curriculum and took it through Sonoma State's sequence of committees that review and approve new programs. In 1999 we took in our first students.

Public Programs in Depth Psychology

The Depth M.A. program had an internal Visiting Scholars lecture series for program students and faculty only, which operated from about 2000. In 2010 we broadened the lecture series and opened it to the public with a new name. If you're interested in depth psychology, psychological transformation, spirituality, dreams, Jungian psychology, earth and the sacred, mythology, initiation, rites of passage, alchemical change, and on and on, please come and join us for our public programs. They're held once a month on Saturdays, 10 am to 1 pm.

Former Chair

I'm a former Chair of the Psychology department, the largest major on the Sonoma State campus. During this time our department completed what's known in educational parlance as a Self-Study, a reflection by our small core departmental group of who we are, where we've been, where we're going. This self-study resulted in recommendations for a curricular revision, which the department is still undertaking. We also took steps in this time to improve our undergraduate advising; our career advising; and our research offerings.

Educational Assessment

I was trained in personality assessment at UC Berkeley's Institute of Personality Assessment and Research, and clinical assessment at CSPP and California Pacific Medical Center Department of Psychiatry in San Francisco. I have experience in curriculum and program design and assessment, and have engaged in educational assessment in our Psychology department at the undergraduate and graduate program levels. I participate in assessments of educational institutions through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Dialogue Series

Around 1998 I started the Dialogue Series as impetus to bring in interesting and creative people who were working in the field of psychology, who could talk to students about their work and possibly inspire them to go on in their own direction in psychology. It's still going.

All Things Alchemy

I have a particular interest in alchemy as it is psychologically conceived and understood. To me, as for Jung, it is a visual and textual metaphor for psychological and spiritual transformation. Part of my sabbatical was spent in studying the Atalanta Fugiens, a 16th century manuscript of 50 woodcuts, 50 fugues, and 50 textual narratives describing the alchemical (i.e. psychological) transformational process.

Sacred Sites in Egypt and Greece

On my sabbatical I traveled to sacred sites in Egypt and Greece. The internal experiences cannot be conveyed in image, at least to my satisfaction, but they can function as a signpost for internal journeying. At some point I'll post some of the pictures with some narrative about them.

Donate and Make a Difference

You may participate in some of these projects by donating with a check made payable to the Sonoma State Academic Foundation, mailed to me at the address at the bottom of the page. We have accounts for the Labyrinth Project as well as for Depth Psychology. You may specify what you would like your donation geared to; or leave it up to me to put it where it can make the biggest deepest and best difference. Donations are charitable contributions and are tax-deductible.