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Fall 2012

Psy 322, Myth, Dream and Symbol

Thurs 1 - 4:40 pm, Stevenson 3042


Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul

Robert Johnson, Inner Work

Archives for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, The Book of Symbols

A Reader will be available for purchase at the Copy Shop on E. Cotati Ave. after the start of classes. Texts will be available the first week of classes from North Light Books on E. Cotati in the shopping plaza across from campus; or ordered online from Amazon, half.com or other online sources.

Film Resources: Dreams

Appointment with the Wise Old Dog  30” www.davidblummusiciananddreamer.com/dreamer.htm
The Brain: Sleep: Brain Functions  1997  11”  www.learner.org/resources/series142.html#
The Brain: REM Sleep and Dreaming  1997  10”   www.learner.org/resources/series142.html#
The Edge of Dreaming  2011  76” Amy Hardie film about her dreams
The Mind Awake and Asleep, Discovering Psychology series  2001   27” REM cycles, Hobson
Way of the Dream  2008  10 hours of film, Interviews with Marie-Louise von Franz and many others on dreams
What are Dreams?  Nova  2009  51” 



Popular Films

Arizona Dream
Dreams Kurasawa
Lathe of Heaven
Living in Oblivion
Science of Sleep

Film Resources: Myth and Symbol

Power of Myth, Bill Moyer’s Interviews with Joseph Campbell
Praying with Images, Meinrad Craighead  2009  60”
Protagonist  2007  90”  mythic structure in 4 men’s lives
The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell 
The Mill and the Cross 2011  90”  symbolic work in Breugel’s Journey to Calvary