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Reweaving the Broken Web

Psychology 398/498, Reweaving the Broken Web: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Family Violence
March 14-16, 1997

This conference was cosponsored with the community organizations and with Sonoma State: specifically, the Sonoma State Psychology Department, the School of Social Sciences, and the Redwood Psychological Association.

Dr. Mardi Horowitz delivered the keynote address on violent states of mind. His talk was followed by a panel of local experts on violence. The following day, Dr. Susan Hanks discussed issues around family violence. She was followed by 34 other community professionals from clinics, counseling agencies, hospitals, the Probation Dept., the Police and Sheriff's Dept., and the courts. It was a very exciting and inspiring conference, and as usually happens at these events, people became energized to develop new programs or to work in areas they hadn't identified before. It was an excellent conference, and more than one person told me it changed their life.

Peace which passeth understanding.