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462 Course Topics and Overheads

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Session One
Environmental Print Older student adaptation
Session Two
Author Study Reader response
Self-Evaluation questioning ideas
Session Three
Predictable Text
Session Four
Session FiveSession Five
Session SixSssion Six

Session Sevenession Seven

Session Eightession Eight
On line Resources for Stauffer's DR-TA

Session NineSe

Online Class
Session Ten
Session Ten
Reading Concepts/Ideas
Strategic Reading
Develping a Strong Reading, Writing and Language Arts Curriculum
  Classroom Reading Assessment
  Organizing for Reading
  Reading Strategies
Session Ten
Session Eleven
To, With and By
What is Guided Reading?
Guided Reading by Depree and Iversen
Sketch toStretch
ESL, ELLand ELD Sites
Session Twelve
Writing Workshop
Writing Assessment
Nancie Atwell and Workshop Model Notes
Writing Lesson Plans
Atwell Quotes
Online Class
How do you use Running Records?
What's an IRI?
Types of Informal Reading Assessments
Don't forget Miscue Analysis!
Article on Informal Assessments like Accelerated Reader! Important info on adaptations
Assessment Terminology
Information You Requested!
Reading Levels Spelling Strategies More SDAIE Fluency
Reading Research
Research Paradigms Constructivist View of Reading Phonics First /Skill View of Reading
Literacy Research
Resources for Teachers
Reader's Theatre

What is it?

Spellingriting Instruction and Process
Reciprocal Teaching learners
Here's a strategy from the 1980's that has recently enjoyed a resurgence of attention