Chapter 6: Written Expression

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This chapter focuses on the topic of writing. It rounds out the topic of language art skills (previous chapters have considered speaking, listening, and reading) exploring the different facets of written expression. It reflects research on how students with learning and behavior problems can use writing to enhance learning across the curriculum.

Look for the following key concepts/ideas as you read:

  • the writing process

  • teaching spelling

  • handwriting

  • instructional activities aimed at helping students with learning and behavior problems


Some Informal Assessment Ideas Suggested in This Chapter:

measuring writing fluency and monitoring progress

techniques for managing writing portfolios

spelling checklists

questions to consider in monitoring student writing progress

ways for teachers to respond to writing

writing conferences

error analysis

handwriting analysis


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Part 2: Study Questions

This chapter is about what happens in writing when students are given choices in topics, and time and encouragement to write.


Read Chapter 6. Use the following questions to guide your reading and find meaning in this chapter:

Describe the writing process approach to written language instruction--its elements, implementation, and benefits.

Outline the many positive outcomes that occur when students with learning and behavior problems are given choices about writing topics, encouragement and support in their writing, and sufficient time for that writing.

Explain the writing conference and describe its importance in helping a student improve a piece of writing.

Outline the principles for establishing a writing community within the classroom.

Discuss why error analysis must be the first step in developing an effective spelling program.

List the principles and strategies for teaching spelling skills to students with learning disabilities, including empirically based instructional practices.

Describe the special considerations to be made in deciding appropriate handwriting instruction for students with learning disabilities.


When you finish studying this chapter, please go to the class interactive pages and take the self test for Chapter 6.


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World Wide Web Resources



Examine the following World Wide Web links and consider their perspectives based on information from Chapter 6.

LDOnline's Hotlist of Writing Resources
LDOnline is one of the best places on the Internet to find resources and ideas to help students in our schools. This link offers a look at their "writing resource" page-- a cornocopia of good stuff!

Strategies for the Reluctant Writer
An article that complements our text's consideration of writing offering more examples and ideas for teachers and parents.

A Website dedicated to teachers. This Website provides teachers with tips on writing instruction, along with many other subjects.

A subscription based site that offers an alternative spelling program through the Internet.



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