Chapter 11: Teaching Study Skills

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Upon completion of this section the learner will:

  • Gain understanding of tools to develop independent learners and personal organizational skills.
  • Identify ways to clearly state class expectations toward successful completion of homework.
  • Define the purpose, requisite skills, and various strategies to practice effective listening skills.
  • Gain understanding of and be able to identify various notetaking skills and strategies.
  • Become familiar with various library resources and reference skills necessary to successfully complete a report or project.
  • Describe and apply strategies for assisting students with disabilities to prepare reports and projects.

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Part 2: Summary of Ideas

Good study skills are necessary for success in school.



Students with disabilities and those at risk for failure in school benefit from very explicit instruction and practice in study skills.

Personal organization skills, such as knowing about class times and schedules, using assignment notebooks and monthly planners, and organizing homework, are important for success in school and can be effectively taught to students with special needs.

Direct teaching of listening skills helps students with special needs be prepared to learn information presented orally in school.

Teaching students ways to take notes, including writing short summaries, abbreviations, using specific notetaking formats, and specific notetaking strategies, facilitates learning from lectures and presentations.

Practice and instruction using the library, including use of reference materials, indices, computerized literature searches, use of the World Wide Web, and use of search engines on the World Wide Web, assists students with special needs in learning how to search for and locate resources for schoolwork.

Direct instruction on how to write a research paper, including selecting topics, searching for information, organizing information, writing and editing first drafts, and preparing final versions, is essential for most students with special needs.


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Chapter Activities

Study skills are behaviors necessary to enable learners to become self-sufficient at studying.




Read Chapter 11 in the text. Use the Chapter 11 Graphic Organizer to "see" the big ideas in the chapter. Fill in blank sections of the graphic organizer.


Examine the following World Wide Web links and consider their perspectives based on information from Chapter 11. Print out useful information and add it to your class notebook.

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