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Child Development in the Family, School, and Community

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Course Schedule

Fall 2008

September 1
September 29
October 27
November 24
September 8
October 6
November 3
December 1
September 15
October 13
November 10
September 22
October 20
November 17

Week 1: September 1

Labor Day - No Class

Week 2: September 8

Introduction to course
Overview and application of child development theories

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Week 3: September 15

Prenatal development
Physical development
Developmental Theories Groupwork

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 3-31;  73-85; 110-118; 125-130
Gopnik, et al: ch 1; pgs 1-22
Homework: Bring in highlighted research, articles and/or books for theorist groupwork

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Week 4: September 22

Social/emotional development of infants and children
Attachment Theory Presentation
Video: "Flexible, Fearful, and Feisty"

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 403-437; 441-454; 466-468; 532-539
Gopnik, et al: ch 2, pgs 23-59
Homework: a) WebCT response #1- Erikson's stages
b) Decide on your top 3 choices for the Book Club, bring to clas

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Week 5: September 29

Brain development
Biological and environmental influences on development

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 100-110
Gopnik, et al: ch 6, pgs 174-197

Supplemental article on WebCT
Homework: Responses to videos
In-depth study proposal on WebCT

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Week 6: October 6

Cognitive development
Cognitive Development Theory Presentation
Infants visit

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 191-228
Gopnik, et al: ch 3, pgs 60-91
Homework: Find 1 experiment described in Gopnik chapter &  write a paragraph explaining its relevance to infant cognition

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Week 7: October 13

Language Development
Socio-Cultural Theory Presentation

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 315-354
Gopnik, et al: ch 4, pgs 92-132
Bring a current event, an article with a short synopsis and reflection

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Week 8: October 20

In-class midterm exam
State of America's Children Research

Homework: Buy blue book
If you haven't registered to vote, the deadline is today

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Week 9: October 27

State of America's Children Presentation
Piagetian Clinical Interviews

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 182-184
State of America webpages
Begin reading your book group selection
Supplemental articles:
#1: reading on book handling
#2: reading on seriation and classification
#3: reading on conservation
#4: reading on drawing a person
#5: reading on memory
Homework: a. Bring information about a community resource agency
b. Arrange to visit preschool this week


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Week 10: November 3

Culture of preschools
Video:  "The Power of Play"

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 358-361; 368-372; 374-378; 384-387; 390-395; 549-558
Continue reading your book group selection
NAEYC Position Statement of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (on course website)
"One Teacher, 20 Preschoolers, and a Goldfish" (on course website)
Homework: Preschool observation; bring notes and conclusions


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Week 11: November 10

Influences of families and culture on development and schooling
Book Group Discussions - Development in different contexts
Behaviorist and Social Learning Theories Presentation

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 147-166; 172-182
Complete your book group selection
Supplemental article on course website
Homework: Bring the written responses to 2 questions for your book group discussion: questions #1 and another decided within your group.
Book Group Discussion Questions:
The Glass Castle
Under Deadman's Skin
The Slant of Sun
Stealing Buddha's Dinner
True Notebooks

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Week 12: November 17

Information processing and theories of intelligence
Intelligence Theories Presentation

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 233-267; 277-304
Homework: WebCT response #2 - Reflection on learning


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Week 13: November 24

Presentations of in-depth studies

Due: In-depth study and abstract


Week 14: December 1

Issues of Adolescence
Moral Development Theory Presentation
Influence of media, technology, and popular culture on children
Video: "Mickey Mouse Monopoly

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 119-124;131-136; 469-476; 515-525; 539-565
Supplemental articles on course website:
PBS Frontline Read the pages on: "Adolescent Brains are Works in Progress," "Anatomy of a Teen Brain," "One Reason Teens Respond Differently to the World"
Pages from the American Bar Association
Homework: WebCT response #3– Debate on juvenile justice

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Week 15: December 8

Exceptional children
Video: "Educating Peter"

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod:  pgs 136-141; 268-271; 304-310; 350-352 Supplemental article on course website           
Homework: Complete course evaluation


Week 16: December 15

In-class final exam

Homework: Buy blue book; bring in SASE envelope

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