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Articles by Jonah Raskin

The Question of Edward Said: Mongrel Intellectual
Swans, 2011
The Talented Patricia Highsmith
Redwood Coast Review, 2009
Why I Love Stieg Larsson and The Millennium Trilogy: Let Me Count the Sexy Ways
Redwood Coast Review, 2011
Greens of San Francisco: Zen Buddhist Cooking and Eating
Common Ground, 2009
Rebecca Solnit’s Swan Song to San Francisco
Redwood Coast Review, 2011
The Children of Julia Child
Redwood Coast Review, 2008
Nothing is Sacred: Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo Journalist
Swans, 2011
Still Howling After 50 Years
The Spectator, April 17, 2006
Richard O. Moore: Invisible Poet No More
Redwood Coast Review, 2010
The Golden Hills of California
The San Francisco Chronicle, January 2006
Red Cop In Red China: Qiu Xiaolong’s Novels On Cusp of Communism & Capitalism
Monthly Review, 2010
Common Ground -- Howl at fifty
September 2005
Pulitzer: The Man Who Understood Sundays
The Los Angeles Times, 2010
‘Six at the Six' at 50 -- Return of S.F.'s poetic beat
Friday, September 30, 2005

The Mischievous Jorge Luis Borges
Redwood Coast Review, 2010