General Tips

Wikipedia should not be a reference
Wikipedia is an extremely useful resource, yet -by its nature- anyone can edit its entries.
Use Wikipedia entries to find proper references.
"3.14" is not "three point fourteen"
It is "three point one four".
A "point fourteen" in the common decimal notation is "1.4"
Avoid spurious digits
Calculations precision should not exceed that of the original data.
Measurements precision should not exceed that of the equipment used.
Energy is neither generated nor dissipated
Power is generated and dissipated.
Energy transforms from one form into another.
"Challenges" and "risks" are not the same
Challenge: a hurdle you will face and need to overcome.
Risk: an anticipated challenge (that may not materialize).

Authorship Resources

Who is an "author" of a scientific publication?
According to IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual: section 8.2.1.A, an author must meet all the following criteria:
  1. Made a significant intellectual contribution to the theoretical development, system or experimental design, prototype development, and/or the analysis and interpretation of data associated with the work contained in the article;
  2. Contributed to drafting the article or reviewing and/or revising it for intellectual content;
  3. Approved the final version of the article as accepted for publication, including references.
Writing the abstract
The abstract is usually how the reader determines whether the work fits their interests and merits further reading. Consequently, crafting an abstract that accrately represents the conducted work requires careful writing and editing.
A good abstract should:
  1. Provide a concise summary of the work conducted, the conclusions reached, and the potential implications of those conclusions
  2. Be self-contained, without abbreviations, footnotes, references, or mathematical equations
  3. Consist of a minimal number of paragraphs, one in most cases, of 250 words or less per paragraph
  4. Communicate clearly and concisely, with correct grammar and unambiguous terminology
  5. Include 3-5 keywords, where applicable, to help in properly classifying your work
Although the abstract is at the beginning of a publication, it is not uncommon to write the abstract last and edit it multiple times before submition to ensure that the abstract captures the entire article.