Glbl 350A: Serving the Global Community


Professor: Tom Shaw, Ph.D.
Term: Fall 2013
Location: Stevenson 3036
Time: Mondays 4-5:50pm

Note to non-Global Studies majors:

GLBL 350A is designed to help Global Studies student identify and prepare for their Community Service Internship, which is a requirement for the major. This class was initially not restricted to majors only, so you certainly have the right to be in it. You should decide, however, if you actually want to be in it.  Part of the class is academic, asking students to reflect on the purpose and value of service in a globally interconnected world. Most of the class, however, is more practical in nature. Students will search for and present specific internship opportunities in class, explaining how they meet the objectives of the Global Studies Internship. First they will describe someone who has served in a way they admire, someone who worked in an area that matched their interests and career goals. Follow the link to the left and review guidelines for the Community Service Internship in Global Studies. You will want to pay special attention to the following: 

1.  A relevant service internship will be one that brings your studies into sharper focus by bridging the gap between scientific theory and community needs in practice.
2.  In keeping with the global focus of the study, you are encouraged to participate in a service project abroad. If this is not possible, you should look for a local host organization that is engaged in ameliorating a universal social problem or need.
3.  Ideally, your choice of a service internship should reinforce the continuity of your education by capitalizing on your research interests up until now while also looking forward to your Capstone seminar research and potentially to your career beyond.
4.  In short, your internship should be embedded in and integral to your academic interests, the expertise you are cultivating via your education, and the issues you are passionate about.

Students will also begin developing their e-portfolio, which is a culminating product within the Global Studies major.  Thus, it is really designed for Global Studies Majors.


A goal of this course is to sensitize students to the purpose and value of human service. The course takes as a basic assumption that to be globally competent means (in part) being interested in helping others, locally as well as globally. In this course we will explore the value of service in a globally interconnected world. The significance of community service (at least for this course) derives not from religious sentiments, but from knowledge, understanding and awareness of how other people around the world live, and how they struggle for justice, peace and survival. 

Course components:

A. Readings designed to explore and reinforce the value of service.
B. Activities designed to develop students' internship opportunities
C. e-Portfolio
D. Student Presentations (two each student)

1.  Students identify one of the “people making a difference” in an area that resonates with their interests and career goals. You will need to explain what the person did and how it related to your own ideals, interests and goals.
2.  Students present an internship idea.  You aren't obligated to actually DO the internship.  However, you should act "as if" you will.  So, you must first of all explain:

a. what the internship (or volunteer opportunity) is
b. how the work will provide an opportunity to understand the needs of the agency’s clients
c. how the work will provide an opportunity to show initiative and/or demonstrate leadership
d. how the work relates to your Concentration in the Global Studies Major (academic area of focus / expertise), and
e. how the work relates to (or can build skills in preparation for) your professional career

You will want to develop a short PowerPoint presentation for this.

Requirements to pass the course:

This course will meet 8 times over the course of 8 weeks.  The last class will be Monday, October 14th. 

1. Attendance. Only 1 absence is permitted.
2. Participation. Regularly participate in class discussions.
3. Reading. Done before coming to class.
4. Presentations. Completed satisfactorily

Required reading: all linked to this document

Class Schedule:


M 8/26

Q & A session with Dr. Laney. Review internship rubric & senior e-portfolio
Review course components
Brainstorm internship ideas.


M 9/9

Speaker: tba
Read: Kleinman Intro, What Really Matters
Continue to Brainstorm internship ideas.


M 9/16

Speaker:  tba
Read: Pipher, Chap 8, pgs. 216-243.
Continue to Brainstorm internship ideas.


M 9/23

Students present People Making A Difference


M 9/30

Students present People Making A Difference


M 10/7

Students present People Making A Difference
Students present Internship


M 10/14

Students present Internship


M 10/20

Students present Internship