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Intelligent Systems Lab                Intelligent Systems Lab

The goal of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) is to advance research and teaching in smart, adaptive, and predictive system areas at Sonoma State. We define an intelligent system as: (i) Having equipped with sensors and necessary computing resources to read, analyze and interpret sensor input (smart), (ii) being able to use sensor data to adapt functions to achieve optimum outcomes (adaptive), and (iii) being able to predict future outcomes (predictive). Specifically, the lab will advance research and training in sensors, embedded systems, and sensor data analysis areas. Located in Engineering Complex 2002, the lab has five workstations with computers, robotic arms, robotic car-kits, test and measurement equipment, embedded system boards, data acquisition boards, electrical tools and supplies, and a controlled sensor test set-up.

News Update:
- Please visit us to learn more about the resources we have and our ongoing projects.

Smart Wristband with Integrated Chemical Sensors
- Casey Harold

Smart Home System for Monitoring Ambient VOCs
- Gunnar Scott

Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy from Retina Images
- Cheeku Manimala & Logan Lawrence

Smart Sensor for Detecting Hypoglycemia from Human Breath
- Matthew Boubin (Miami University)

Detection and Source Classification of Indoor Air Pollutants
- Yan-Ting Chen (Miami University)

Environment-Aware Robots
-Ziven Posner (El Molino High School), Julia Pastis (Santa Rosa High School) & Christine Tai (University of California, Los Angeles)

Funding Acknowledgements:
The above resources and projects have been supported by:
• Department of Engineering Science, SSU
• Dean's Summer Research Award, 2018 (School of Science and Technology, SSU)
• SSU High School Internship Program (SHIP, School of Science and Technology, SSU)
• Sci & Tech Innovation & Strategic Priorities, 2017 (School of Science and Technology, SSU)
• SST FAculty Professional Development Award, 2017 (SSU)
• SSU Start-up Funds
• National Science Foundation, Smart and Connected Health Program (NSF award #1502310)


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