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Everyday Comparison Project

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Tracking everyday comparisons

Welcome. We are a team of junior and senior undergraduates who work with Dr. Heather Smith.

Almost all psychological research on comparison processes is limited to laboratory experiments or cross-sectional surveys (see Buunk & Gibbions, 2006 for a review). Therefore, the type of “signal” contingent study that we are conducting can offer an important alternative. By investigating the types and dimensions of comparisons that women make (or do not make) throughout an entire week, we can discover themes and routines for comparisons that may not otherwise be logical or anticipated. Our data could encourage further research and possible interventions that might reduce the possibility for harmful comparisons or increase the frequency of helpful ones.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this project! Without your commitment, we could not do this type of research.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact any team member listed below.

The Comparison Experience Research Project Team:
Email Phone
Heather Smith (707) 664-2587
Zach Cohen (858) 735-9050
Honey Roberts (707) 228-0371
Jeri Wilson (707) 746-1251
Phillip Box (707) 225-7712
Cassandra Snipes (916) 220-0657

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