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Organizational Justice Research Team

Spring 2019 Research Team


Ella Anderson

Elise Duffau

Jonathan Coil

Rachel Mulder

Briana Taggart

Craig Fernandez

Aaron Fultz

Nicole Hickmott

Erika Dittmore





Thank you to everyone who has participated (in one form or another) in our research! Without your help, we could not complete any of these projects.

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We always can use help, so if the projects below interest you, please participate:

Project 1. Did the T.A. cross the line? Evaluate a student complaint

We are studying gender differences in students' perceptions of undergraduate teaching assistants. This is a particularly important issue because of recent and future changes in the use of upper division undergraduates in these mentoring roles. Our goal is to get a clearer picture of how gender differences influence students' attitudes toward potentially problematic student mentor relationships. We plan to compare male students with female students. The central part of this study requires you to read a brief description of a student complaint and then answer a set of questions about your reactions. 


If you identify as a female CSU student, please go to the internet address below:

If you identify as a male CSU student, please go to the internet address below:


Thank you for volunteering your time to further our research.

(2017-2018 Research Team, American Psychological Association, San Francisco, California)

(2016-2017 Research Team, Western Psychological Association, Sacramento, CA)


To learn more about current projects, please click on the relevant title.


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