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Psychology 325: Social Psychology

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Course Requirements:

There will be three closed book, in-class identification and short essay exams in this course. Each exam will be worth 30 points. All exams, including the final exam, will be non-cumulative (covering the lectures and chapters assigned for each section). Questions will be drawn from both the lectures and the text. Approximately one week before the exam, I will provide you with a study guide that includes a list of sample questions.

You should complete two course projects. For each due date, you have a choice between two different project assignments. Each course project is worth 20 points and is more fully described in separate handouts. You can work with a partner to collect and analyze any relevant data but each person must submit their own (independently written) paper. If you do work with a partner, you should double the number of participants required for the project.

There will be opportunities to complete short response papers after participating in class exercises. These opportunities contribute to a participation score (which is only 10% of the final grade.)

I also will ask you to write a reflection paper about implicit prejudice that will build upon material that we wil discuss in class.


Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Stevenson 3089

Course Assignments:
Course Project 1
Course Project 2
Course Project 3
Course Project 4
Implicit prejudice reflection assignment