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Course Requirements:

  • Turn in three discussion questions relevant to the week's readings at each class meeting for the weeks indicated in the course schedule. These questions will serve as the basis for our class discussion. Each set of discussion questions will be worth 10 points if completed.
  • Participate actively in designing and analyzing data for our collaborative research project. You will be responsible for
    1) writing a memo describing your experiences and opinions relevant to the research project
    2) summarize one empirical source relevant to the collaborative project
    3) conduct one pilot interview
    4) transcribing at least one full research interview
    5) writing a research report analyzing a project interview. The report will vary from 6 to 8 pages depending upon how extensively you quote from the interview transcript.
  • Write a 7 to 9 page research proposal. Choose a topic that interests you and write a proposal that includes
    1) a description of the research question
    2) the research design
    3) a preliminary literature review
  • Present a summary of either the research report or the research proposal during the final poster presentation.

Heather Smith
Stevenson 3085

PDF Versions:
Experiential context exercise
Annotated bilbiography
Pilot interview experience
Independent research proposal
List of questions
Informed consent form

Class research project

In order to view and print the PDF versions you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader