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Course Schedule:

Caveat:The course schedule and procedures may change in the event of extenuating circumstances.

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Lecture/Discussion Topic

Related Readings

Wed, 2/2



*Wed, 2/9

Overview of qualitative research, library research
8:30 am - Meet in Stevenson 2055

Reading #1, Reading #2

*Wed, 2/16

Framing the question, , exploring the research topic, complete class project research exercise
Padgett, pg. 316, Reading #3

Wed, 2/23

Independent research/NO CLASS


Wed, 3/2

Qualitative Evaluation Research, Interviewing, Annotated bibliography due

Barr, pg. 147, Reading #4

*Wed, 3/9


Waldrop, pg. 236,
Reading #5

*Wed, 3/16

Grounded theory, Discourse analysis

Oktay, pg. 23, Reading #6

Wed, 3/23 Narrative analysis, phenomenology, hopefully complete pilot interview
Sands, pg. 48, Reading #7
Wed, 3/30



*Wed, 4/6

Ethnography, Case study, Focus groups

Floersch, pg. 76, Gioia, pg. 119, Reading #8

*Wed, 4/13

Observing, individual meetings,
3 references for individual proposal due

Reading #9

*Wed, 4/20

General data analysis, establishing validty,
Group project transcripts ready for analysis

Reading #10

Wed, 4/27

Focus on class research project


*Wed, 5/4

Writing about qualitative research

Padgett, pg. 285

Wed, 5/11

Integrating research - what can we conclude?


Wed, 5/18
Individual consultations - no formal class

Thurs, 5/26
5:30 - 6:30 pm

Poster presentations and personal research proposal due; presentations will be in Schulz 1121


* Three discussion questions or comments due.


Heather Smith
Stevenson 3085

PDF Versions:
Experiential context exercise
Annotated bilbiography
Pilot interview experience
Independent research proposal
List of questions
Informed consent form

Class research project

In order to view and print the PDF versions you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader