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Psy 490: Social Justice Seminar

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As promised, these are the two links that I mentioned in class.

Class will meet Fridays, 9:00 to 11:40 am in Stevenson 3082.

Course Goal

Upon completing this course, students should be able to evaluate and apply current psychological theory and research to understanding how people define and react to justice/injustice and the implications for organizations, interventions and public policy.

Course Objectives
  • Describe psychological theories and research relevant to the social psychology of justice.
  • Apply psychological theories and research to understanding people’s attitudes and behavior.
  • Critically evaluate research findings designed to test psychological models of social justice and intergroup conflict.
This course also is designed to contribute to the following Psychology Department learning objectives:
  • Understand the major concepts, theories, and perspectives in psychology.
  • Apply psychological theories, concepts, and principles to broader social issues and social systems.
  • Understand and apply basic research methods in psychology and the social sciences.

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Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Stevenson 3089

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Research Proposal
Class presentation

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