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Psy 490: Social Justice Seminar

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Course Requirements:

  • Participate actively in class.
  • Complete eight sets of the “three questions and comments” assignment.  This assignment is more fully described in a separate handout.  Assignments must be handed 24 hours before the class for which the comments are relevant. In other words, comments about the first week’s reading or first week’s class discussion cannot be handed in two weeks before the end of term.
  • Present a summary of an empirical journal article of your own choosing to the class. Please feel free to ask me for possible suggestions or places to search for a relevant article.
  • Propose a research project that tests a question of interest. Although the “first draft” will not be scored, turning this draft in to me in time for me to give you feedback on your proposal is worth 10% of your final grade.

Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Stevenson 3089

Course Assignments:
Research Proposal
Class presentation

Three questions/comments

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APA Style - SSU Librairy
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