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Course Requirements:

  • Complete weekly homework assignments. Homework assignments can be "recycled" in order to earn full credit for the assignment.
  • Complete 4 “lab reports” in which you record your questions, analyses and conclusions about various projects (the format of these reports is described in a separate handout).
  • Locate and summarize 8 empirical journal articles relevant to your chosen research project (see sample annotated bibliography for format).
  • Write a short summary of your research topic.
  • Present your data analysis as part of a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Complete a first and final draft of the individual data anlysis paper (grading criteria is described in a separate handout).

Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Stevenson 3089

PDF Versions:
Annotated Bibliography example
Lab Report Format
Grading rubric for lab report
Grading criteria for final data analysis paper