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First Meeting Slides (1/25/17)

Excel spreadsheet for descriptive statistics

Second Meeting Slides (2/1/17)

Excel spreadsheet for correlations

Third Meeting Slides (2/8/17)

Fourth Meeting Slides (2/15/17)

Fifth Meeting Slides (2/22/17)

Sixth Meeting Slides (3/2/17)

Excel spreadsheet for bivariate linear regression

A better looking version of same spreadsheet

Seventh Meeting Slides (3/9/17)

SPSS Regression "Click and Point"

Syntax for recoding variables

Syntax for bootstrapping test of indirect effects

Eigth Meeting Slides (3/22/17)

Example SPSS file for mediation and moderation

Ninth Meeting Slides (3/29/17)

Possible Excel File for Moderator "Simple Effects"

Link to online interaction tests:

Hayes, A. (2013). Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, Conditional Process Analyses: A Regression Based Approach.

Tenth Meeting Slides (4/5/17)

Becca's helpful diagram



Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Stevenson 3089