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Psychology 327: Psychology in Organizations

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What to expect in the workplace in 2017 (from the Los Angeles Times)

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists - An excellent source for I/O career information

The link to the SSU mentor site is "".

Jordan, C.H. & Zanna, M.P. (1992). How to read an article in social psychology

Charmaz, K. (2010). How to write an abstract, Sonoma State University

Two Videos that walk you through APA style/format:
Employee Selection

Performance Appraisal

Group and Team Dynamics

Work Motivation, Emotions and Attitudes

Organizational Justice

Careers, Training and Professional Development

Leadership, Power and Politics

Individual (and Group) Decision-Making

Communication, Conflict and Negotiation

Stress, Stress Management and Health

Organization Culture, Diversity









Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Stevenson 3089

Course assignments:
Team assignment
Term paper
Case studies