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Psychology 327: Psychology in Organizations

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Course Schedule:

Please note that the chapters are not in chronological sequence.  The course schedule and assignments will change after teams are created.

Day & Date

Lecture/Discussion Topic

Related Readings

Mon, 1/23

Course overview, introductions x

Mon, 1/30

Teams in organizations

Chapters 9, 10;
Internet Links

Mon, 2/6

Team processes, continued

Chapters 1, Appendix A

Mon, 2/13

I/O Frameworks, Research Methods;
Case #1 due

Chapters 5, 3, 7
Internet Links

Mon, 2/20

Employee selection;
Final Paper: Description of organization due

Chapters 7, 8;
Internet Links

Mon, 2/27

Performance appraisal

Chapter 6, 14;
Internet Links

Mon, 3/6

References for team observation due

Chapters 3, 7, 8;
Internet Links

Mon, 3/13


Mon, 3/20

Decision-making within organizations;
Case #2 due

Chapter 2, 7;
Internet Links

Mon, 3/27

Organizational Justice;
Team process progress report due;
Team presentation plan due
(one per team)

Chapter 13;
Internet Links

Mon, 4/3

Final Paper: Annotated bibliography due

Chapter 12

Mon, 4/10


Mon, 4/17

Conflict and negotiation
Final Paper: Textbook/Class information summary due
Chapter 2, 7;
Internet Links

Mon, 4/24

Power and politics;
Final Paper: First draft of term paper due

Chapter 2;
Internet Links

Mon, 5/1

Team 1, Diverisity in Organizations

Chapter 4
Chapter 17;
Chapters 3, 7, 8;
Internet Links

Mon, 5/8

Team 2, Conflict and Negotiation
Team 3, Emotions and Moods
Team 4, Organizational Change and Stress Management
Final term paper due

Chapter 18
Chapter 2, 16;
Internet Links

Mon, 5/15

Team process paper due



Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Stevenson 3089

Course assignments:
Team assignment
Term paper
Case studies