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Psy 490: Survey Design and Analysis

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Course Requirements:

  1. Complete several homework assignments in order to illustrate your understanding of basic descriptive and correlational statistical analyses.  Homework assignments can be “recycled” the week after they are returned in order to earn full credit for the assignment. 
  2. Complete several “lab reports” in which you record your questions, analyses and conclusions about either 1) analyses of current data sets or 2) possible measures, questions, issues about the two surveys that we plan to design. MORE DETAILS ARE AVAILABLE HERE OR ON MOODLE WHERE THIS ASSIGNMENT CAN BE COMPLETED VIA MOODLE.
  3. Locate and summarize at least three empirical journal articles relevant to our joint research project (the format of these annotated summaries is available on the website). MORE DETAILS ARE AVAILABLE HERE.
  4. Help move relevant research forward outside of class. Possible opportunities can range from collective writing of various reports or presentations to pilot testing the surveys that we design to locating participants to complete these or other surveys.

Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Stevenson 3089

PDF Resources:
Sample Annotated Bibliography
Lorna Catford's APA style summary
Diana Hacker's APA reference style summary