Rules for Socrates Café

You find the question of the week explained in a posting by the instructor. The Cafe opens Saturday afternoon at 4 pm, and eight days later, on Sunday, at midnight, the topic closes.

1. Always read everything others have posted before composing your own posting.

2. Only post by replying to a previous posting, and acknowledge and discuss that previous posting before introducing your own ideas into your posting.

3. Make your discussion Question Centered. Let it always be clear what question you are discussing and analyze and improve the questions as you continue through the week.

3. Always give reasons for your opinions and provide counter reasons for opinions you disagree with. Be helpful and polite in your conversations.

4. Do not write brief postings. Every posting needs to be carefully composed and detailed, and have at least 150 words.

5. Post at least two times about each topic: once in the period Sunday-Wednesday, and once in the second part of the week. But go for it if you feel inspired!

Contact the instructor Dr Zeno Swijtink if you have questions or concerns about your Café.

For some pointers on how to improve your conversation in the Café click here (scroll down to "The Spirit and Principles of Socratic Questioning"). The list given above is derived form that source.