Paper #3

Five pages minimum, double spaced

Paper due in Instructor's mailbox by:

101-1: Monday, May 24, noon
101-2: Wednesday, May 26, noon
101-3: Wednesday, May 26, noon
101-4: Monday, May, 24, noon
101-5: Friday, May 28, noon

NB Put your name and section # clearly on top of the first page of your paper. Paper should be stapled, without cover/sheet.

Title: "Critical/Creative Thinking and [Fill in Your Name]"

NB. In each of the following six sections of the paper you need to have at least two footnotes to a passage in a different chapter of our Socrates Café book. The book has five chapters. Please use at least two and at most three footnotes from each chapter. In the footnote give a page reference to the Socrates Café book and a quote from that page and then draw (in the footnote) a connection between what your write in your text and what your read in the quoted passage.

1. What is this thing: "Critical/Creative Thinking"? What are your criteria for such thinking? Give some examples of good critical/creative thinking and of uncritical/uncreative thinking.

2. Explain the most important insight you have come to in working on Critical/Creative Thinking for a whole semester.

3. What have you done this semester in the continuing progress to improve your Emotional Intelligence as you promised in the Plan For Change section of your Emotional Intelligence paper?

4. What have you done this semester in the continuing project to take responsibility for your own intellectual growth? (see DB#7 and your posting Taking Responsibility for Own Learning on WebCT > Discussions)

5. Discuss strengths and weaknesses in your present ability to think critically/creatively. Use the Thinking Pyramid, that argues that your critical and creative thinking processes are a confluence of your knowledge, your skills, your values, and your attitudes.

6. Provide a detailed plan for next semester to improve weak spots in your ability to think critically and creatively. Include a discussion of the classes you will take next semester and how they can be used in this plan.

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