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Office: Schultz 2nd floor,south; Darwin 121


Office hours: Fall, 2004

M & Th 10-11:30; or by appt.*

* Call 707-664-2189

v-mail: 707-664-3058


Biol 115

Introduction to Biology

Biol 218

General Microbiology

Biol 340

General Bacteriology

Biol 383

Virology- Check webpages by J. Williams

Biol 480


Biol 481

Medical Microbiology

Biol 497

Introduction to Bioinformatics- Supported by NSF & CSUPERB

Biol 518

Biotechnology- Bioethics

....Please check class web pages and current Class Schedule for listings.

Research interests:

Applied immunology & bacteriology

Fall, 2004 Book List: See Biol 480- Immunology for recommendations.

Please attend the first class meeting before making a selection.



On-line textbook search & shopping strategies:

You can access SSU Bookstore online and books can be ordered on-line from them.

You can now also choose from lots of "dot-coms" dealing in textbooks. Even better, there are now meta-sites which help in comparison shopping to get the best price. [A meta-site searches client databases and provides links to the selected sites following a search.] The following is not intended to be an exhaustive review of e-trade in books, but should be helpful in getting started or in discovering new sites.

  • When searching meta-sites, I found that the maximum number of hits occurred when searching by title. Seaches by author worked well. Searches by ISBN yielded the fewest hits or no hits at the meta-sites. However, ISBN searching was the best strategy when at a specific bookseller site.
  • When comparing prices, it is useful to know what the shipping/handling charges will be and whether or not CA sales tax will be charged. Some sellers ship for free, others ship by flat rate, and still others ship based on a per-item rate.
  • Try out a student-run site, including a guide to buying on-line:
  • The best meta-site I found was It was the simplest and fastest to use. It yielded, on average, the greatest number of hits per search.
  • was good, but not as fast as bestbookbuy.
  • is an interesting site, if you take a bit of time to explore it and have some patience in getting the results. Although slower in retrieving results, they guarantee the most accurate pricing. In addition, you can enter your entire booklist before doing a search, so in the long run you may actually save time. You also have the option of sending your list to whomever is responsible for paying for your books.
  • is more than a book search site, comparable to Best WebBuys. It's worth checking out.
  • is another site worth a look.
  • Hunting for used books? Many on-line sellers offer either fixed used book prices if available, or will help search for used titles. Some specialize in used book trading. Try the student-to-student used-book trading available through the SSU Bookstore. Try also or



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