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Announcements: [Last updated: 1/24/04]

1. Dr. Jeannine Williams is teaching this course this semester. Noah Eye is the teaching associate and will be responsible for the discussion sections. Dr. Thatcher hopes to make some guest presentations.

2. Explore this site completely to discover the diverse resources available to you.

3. Check back here periodically for updates.

Dr.Jeannine Williams

Home Page

Office: Darwin 209

v-mail: 707-664-2180

Office hours: Spring, 2004

TTh 11 am-12 noon


Dr. Eileen Thatcher

Home Page

Office: Darwin 121

v-mail: 707-664-3058

Office hours: Spring, 2004

by appt: Call 707-664-2189




A balanced approach to deliver a broad introduction to the field of molecular virology is my aim. This will include some basic molecular biology along with an emphasis in studying the molecular aspects of viruses. Bacteria phage, plant viruses, and insect viruses will be discussed in addition to animal and human pathogens. Based on the surveys, the lectures and discussion topics will be tailored to fit the class as much as possible. [Some restrictions do apply. J]

Discussion sections will include a variety of activities, including hands-on exercises with modeling, computers, focused discussion topics, short presentations, and reviews. There will also be demonstrations and even a wet-lab exercise.

This web site is intended to support your efforts in this course, as well as allow you to expand beyond it.

Prerequisites: Completion of the lower-division core in Biology or equivalent. Strongly recommended: at least one semester of Organic Chemistry. Open to non-majors with consent of instructor.


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