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[Last updated: 11/12/01]

NEW Sites: Suggested by your fellow classmates

For a guideline in evaluating the quality of Web sites:

Sites which introduce basic immunology: [cartoons]

For more on apoptosis:

For news and views of antibodies: [3D views] [more 3D & source of plugin] [Ab engineering]

More fun stuff: [current topics] [quick descriptions] [take a break & play] [virus visualizations] [genetics & MHC terms]

Text support

Interactive companion site for Goldsby: Kuby Immunology, 4th edition, 2000:

Companion site for Roitt: Immunology, 6th edition, 2001: 

To use the On-line Biology Book for review and reference go to:

Note: If you select Chapter 29: Lymphatic System and Immunity and go to "Links" at the end of the chapter, you'll find another useful list of sites.

This on-line dictionary for cell biology was well recommended :

Dalhousie University Medical School's Immunology Bookshelf is very user friendly and was recommended by several students:

An introductory multi-linked on-line book on immunology is available at NIH:

For a basic introduction to cells and molecules of the immune system with good graphics:
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Interesting immunology related sites

Pictures & movies of cells:

Background on different microscopy techniques:

Models of immune related proteins: 

Movies on immune function:

Immunogenetics site:

For those of you fascinated by death in many forms, consider the Cell Death Society:

To learn about antibody modeling, mini-antibodies, and ribosome display techniques:

An interesting public education site focused on vaccines, with access to journals and other resources:

For information on DNA vaccine development and resources:

This 7 chapter on-line book explains in reasonable depth how antibodies are produced against specific peptides:

Learn about commercial uses of chicken antibodies, harvested from eggs:

Immunology-related and microbiology-related current events:

Links to microbial and infectious disease sites:

Bad Bug Book at FDA:

The Centers for Disease Control have a great site, including access to MMWR and Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal:

Fun facts on fungi:

Electronmicrographs of microorganisms:


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The following sites have quite a bit of overlap. However, each have unique features and/or links which are useful. Take the time to browse each site, making note of the ones which appeal to you most. As you gain experience, you'll want to explore some of these in some depth.

Background and on-line instruction using Darwin 2000:

Other on-line instruction and support:

A basic general introduction:

A detailed, highly linked site: [Note: Some applications have restricted access, but there is still a significant amount of useful information.]

National Center of Biotechnology Information [NCBI] homepage:

Site map to ease navigation: [You can click on the boxes and see how they are linked.]

European Bioinformatics Institute:

National Biotechnology Information Facility- 1000's of link resources, including the game Origin: Unknown, which provides a fun way to learn bioinformatics:

San Diego Supercomputing Center has lots of useful links and resources:

Resource list at NOAA is nicely organized:
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Additional structure modeling and analysis tools:

Additional access to lots of cool applications: [Boxshade, PHYLIP, and treealign to name but a few]

Access to good documentation on many applications: [left-hand frame- index]

Biology Workbench: A powerful integrated tool, allowing you to search multiple databases simultaneously and to use a very wide variety of tools to examine proteins, nucleotide sequences, alignments, and structures:

[All you need to do the first time is to choose a user name & password. The cool thing is that it can save your work sessions, so you can come back to them, even months later. You can upload and download from it as well, so you can easily transfer material to a log, and to a report. The downside to using Biology Workbench is that it takes a little practice to navigate following a simple rule of not using the "back" button, because it can cause problems.]

To access entries in human genome database: or go to: and click on "Genome"


Multi-linked index sites of interest

[Come back to these frequently and explore. Make note of and share the destinations you like by posting them in the discussion fora. I'll post links on updated versions of this page.]


Journal databases and text access sites

Schultz Center:

[Here you can access Elsevier's Science Direct via the Database list, use the journal locator, and connect to New Jour- a full text resource. Also, periodically check Trial databases for new things. Although your PIN will allow access to most databases, you'll have to get the password from the reference desk to use Biosis.]

Cell Molecular Guide:

PubMed: [with full text journal articles available]

Interscience: [with full text journal articles available]

Highwire Press: a huge source of free full text literature

BioMedNet: [with full text journal articles available] & home of the free e-journal HMS Beagle [worth having for fun and info]

Also of interest:

Access to many relevant journals:

Medical search site, including journals:

Communicable Disease Prevention & Control (CDPC): [an on-line journal]

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