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Dr. Eileen Thatcher

Home Page

Office: Darwin 121

v-mail: 664-3058

Office hours: Spring, 2003

W 4-5 or by appt.


Course Description

This year this seminar course focuses on bioethics as it relates to biotechnology.

Format: A mixture of discussions based on selected readings and short presentations on selected topics by students.

Focus: With the advances that have allowed biotechnology to flourish as an industry come questions regarding whether some methods should be used, questions regarding how applications and information should be regulated, and questions regarding the impact on individuals and society. In general, most of these questions have foundations in bioethics.

This seminar serves as an introduction to some of the topics, methods, and assumptions of the field of bioethics as applied to biotechnology. In addition to being introduced to the field, students will be asked to think critically about specific topics. A series of questions will guide the semester-long discussion. These include:

  • How is bioethics defined?
  • What are the major theories of ethics and how can they be applied to biotechnology?
  • How do theory and practice compare?

Prerequisites: Graduate or senior standing, with at least one course in molecular/cell biology.


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