October 10-18, 2013

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October Events  

October 9, 2013.  DR. ANNE PIEJUS, Institut de Recherche sur le Patrimoine Musical en France.  SEMINAR:  NEW APPROACHES TO THE MERCURE GALANT, with Déborah Blocker (French), Mairi McLaughlin (French) and Claude Potts.  This seminar is the initial gathering of a collaborative research project funded by the France Berkeley Fund (2013-2015). Presentations will be informal and discussion is the main goal. All are welcome!  Doe Library UC-Berkeley. 4-6PM, 105 Doe Library.  Please contact Déborah Blocker (French, dblocker@berkeley.edu) or Nicholas Mathew (Music, nicholas.mathew@berkeley.edu) with any questions.

October 10, 2013.  DR. ANNE PIEJUS, Institut de Recherche sur le Patrimoine Musical en France.  LECTURE (in French): ETUDIER LE THEATRE CLASSIQUE FRANÇAIS EN MUSICOLOGUE.  Abstract: L’étude du théâtre classique français a longtemps pris en considération des spectacles réduits à leur seul texte édité, alors même que la trace écrite (et a fortiori l’édition) sont souvent peu fiables, et presque toujours secondaires dans le processus de création. L’histoire de l’édition et l’étude des arts de la scène ont ouvert des perspectives méthodologiques particulièrement fructueuses, en conceptualisant la distance entre la trace écrite et la réalité artistique de la création, et en réhabilitant la dimension sonore et visuelle des spectacles, invitant historiens de la musique et de la danse à s’intéresser au répertoire classique français. À partir de textes, d’exemples sonores et de vidéos de comédies-ballets et de tragédies à intermèdes, je montrerai comment la musicologie contribue à modifier la perception des pièces du théâtre classique français, et quels sont les principaux apports de cette discipline aux études théâtrales.  5:30PM, The French Department Library, 4229 Dwinelle Hall, UC-Berkeley.  Please contact Déborah Blocker (French, dblocker@berkeley.edu) or Nicholas Mathew (Music, nicholas.mathew@berkeley.edu) with any questions.

October 10, 2014.  KAREN KARBO talks about JULIA CHILD RULES, a life of the chef, author, cooking show star, and ardent Francophile.  Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera.  415.927.0960 or www.bookpassage.com for details.  7pm.

October 10, 2013.  THE FRENCH AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE presents CONNECTED CITIES:  CREATING NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES.  Join our panel of distinguished experts who will share their experience and insights of how connecting the digital and the real world can create new opportunities and efficiencies.  www.faccsf.com for details.

October 10-12, 2013.  COMPAGNIE MAGUY MARIN.  Compagnie Maguy Marin will be presenting Salvesat White Bird (Portland, Oregon), from October 10th to October 12th, 2013. Maguy Marin is unquestionably one of the most important and provocative choreographers working in Europe. With Salves, she has created a rollercoaster of a work that leads the audience through a journey of darkness and light, of mystery and suspense - and outrageous humor.

October 10-13, 2013.  SILICON VALLEY AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL.  The Silicon Valley African Film Festival is a weekend showcase of about 30 films from 15 African countries with a brilliant lineup of feature films, shorts and animations from Africa’s seasoned and emerging filmmakers. Francophone films are part of the festival program.

October 10-27, 2013.  A BooKKeeper:  ON STAGE.   Generation Theatre premières a new production of BooKKeepers : A True Fiction, by Roland David Valayre. The play, initially wirtten in French, has recently been translated to English. The play fantasizes about Franz Kafka faking his own death at the sanatorium to get away from an impending unwanted marriage and his family.

October 10-27, 2013.  A RETROSPECTIVE OF MOUMEN SMIHI, POET OF TANGIER at PACIFIC FILM ARCHIVE.  The Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley showcases a retrospective of Moroccan filmmaker Moumen Smihi, organized by University of California Santa Cruz. Moumen Smihi will present his remarkable films and discuss his work with critic / scholar Peter Limbrick. Smihi's films mirror the cultural and intellectual potpourri of Tangier, the atmospheric port city of Morocco, hub between Europe and Africa, Chritianity and Islam.  www.bampfa.berkeley.edu for details.

October 11, 2013.  ALMOST MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, downtown San Rafael’s SECOND FRIDAY celebration, including an art walk, street musicians, tastes on the plaza, and Poodle Parade. www.srbid.org for details.  5pm-8pm.  Fourth Street, San Rafael.

October 11, 2013.  DUE ZIGHI BACI présente LA MÔME PIAF, a commemorative concert to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Piaf’s death.  Due Zighi Baci is known for its authentic French chanson made popular by EDITH PIAF, and by her personal friends, fellow musicians and composers.  Many songs will be drawn from Piaf’s favorite, most popular composers, MICHEL EMER, MARGUERITE MONNOT, and CHARLES DUMONT, among others.  Michael Van Why, tenor and **Sheri Mignano, accordion, with invited artists and friends:  vocalists Christa Durand and **Elly Lichenstein; and on harmonica, **Daniel di Gallo and French violinist **Michael Snethlage, among others. Aqus Café, 189 H Street, Petaluma.  7pm; pre-concert instrumental music at 6:45. Admission charge: FREE.  Limited Seating.  Menu available, a variety of wine and beer.  For information, please contact:  Sheri Mignano Crawford   sfmignano@yahoo.com  707-765-1657.  Restaurant information:  Phone:  Aqus Café (707) 778-6060 707.538.2831 or visit www.EuroCafeMusic.com for full details.

October 11, 2013.  DR. ANNE PIEJUS, Institut de Recherche sur le Patrimoine Musical en France.  LECTURE (in English):  LAUDA SINGING IN LATE RENAISSANCE ROME:  COUNTER REFORMATION AND MUSICAL REVIVAL. Abstract: This lecture focuses on the polyphonic lauda sung and printed in Rome during the early Counter Reformation. At the time of Palestrina, just before the seconda prattica arrived in Rome, Filippo Neri encouraged encouraged the development of a somewhat rear-facing vocal repertoire, inspired by the ancient traditions of monastic piety. This musical revival testifies to a deep interest for in the Apostolic Age. It also aims to recreate a form of spiritual kinship inspired by the Medieval tradition. But its poems, its melodies and its semi-oral counterpoint are equally strongly tied to the Savonarolan Florentine tradition. This aesthetic and political background allows us to reconsider the main issues of this hitherto little-studied musical repertory, such as the ethic and aesthetic challenges associated with asceticism in pre-baroque Rome ; the function of poetry and music in the Catholic Reformation ; and the link between collective singing and the world of interiority, meditation and mystical experience in Church music more generally.  4:30PM, 128 Morrison Hall, UC-Berkeley.  Please contact Déborah Blocker (French, dblocker@berkeley.edu) or Nicholas Mathew (Music, nicholas.mathew@berkeley.edu) with any questions.

October 11, 2013.  « LE PARIS DES IMPRESSIONNISTES : UNE IMAGE DE MODERNITE (1860-1886)» par SYLVIE VAILLANT.    Le nouveau Paris du baron Haussmann et la vie économique et sociale qu’il a engendrés, sont au cœur de la peinture impressionniste. Le quotidien de Paris de la modiste aux peintres en bâtiments, des grands bourgeois aux petits rats de l’opéra sont représentés comme une réalité environnante. Monet, Manet, Degas, Caillebotte et les autres se placent au cœur de la capitale dans ses boulevards, gares et ponts, cafés et guinguettes, champs de course et opéra pour rendre compte d’une ville en mouvement, des transformations d’un art mais aussi d’une cité et d’une société. Grâce aux nombreux tableaux de ceux que l’on a d’abord appelé «les Indépendants» ou «Groupe des Batignolles», parcourons ensemble le Paris de la fin du Second Empire et des débuts de la IIIe République pour observer l’empathie ou la critique  d’«une ville peinte». Please RSVP before Oct. 10th:  info@afberkeley.org or 510 5487481 Member $5; non-member $15  Appetizers will be served at the end of the conferences. Conferences in French www.afberkeley.org  

October 11 & 12, 2013.  FRENCH-TUNISIAN GUITARIST ROLAND DYENS perform at Le Petit Trianon, 72 N. Fifth St., San José on Friday at 8pm and at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 1111 O’Farrell St., SF on Saturday at 7:30pm.  415.242.4500 for more information.  $34. 

October 11-13, 2013.  OSTRAKA presents LEAVING PARNASSUS.  The rise and fall of the outrageous and refined French baroque style and its struggle against the fashionable forces of italianisme, as traced through the works of LULLY, DE VISEE, HERVELOIS, BOISMORTIER, and FORQUERAY.  A tour de force of virtuosic solo and ensemble music for bass viola da gamba, theorbo, and baroque guitar.  San Francisco Early Music Society.  www.sfems.org for details. 

October 11-13, 2013.  PETALUMA INTERNATIONAL FILM SOCIETY presents several French-related movies, including:  THE SYMMETRY OF THE BUTTERFLY (Paul Scheuer & Maisy Hausemer, Luxembourg 2012); AICHA, CRAZY HOLIDAY (Benguigui, France, 2012); THE PIANO (Lévon Minasian, Armenia/France, 2011, 26 minutes); LOVE LOVE LOVE (Bruno Mercier, France, 2012); THE DEVIL (Jean-Gabriel Periot, France, 2012, 7 minutes); WITH MY LITTLE BOUQUET (Stéphane Mercurio, France, 2011, 11 minutes); SIDEWALK (Binevsa Verivan, Belgium, 2011, 17 minutes); HE WAS A GIANT WITH BROWN EYES (Eileen Hofer, Switzerland & Azerbaijan, 2012); RED RIVER, SONG HONG (Stéphanie Lansaque & François Leroy, 2012, France/Viet Nam, 15 minutes, Animation); BORDERLINE (Dustin Rees, 2011, Switzerland, 7 minutes, Animation); THE THIRST (Francois Vogel, France, 2011, 4 minutes, Experimental); GLUCOSE (Mihai Grecu & Thibault Gleize, 2012, France, 7 minutes, Animation).  http://www.PetalumaFilmFestival.org/ for details.

October 11-13, 2013.  LITQUAKE LITERARY FESTIVAL.  Litquake Literary Festival in San Francisco is a nine-day festival where more than 800 authors and journalists will appear in more than 160 separate events. Don't miss the Opening Night Tribute to Jules Verne, with Special Guest French author Jean Christophe-Valtat who will be presenting his new book Aurorarama, and music from the Mark Growden Trio. More information on the schedule on the Litquake website.

October 11-November 17, 2013.  17TH ANNUAL ARAB FILM FESTIVAL. http://aff2013.arabfilmfestival.org/all-films-events/ for details.

October 12, 2013.  ORGAN RECITAL WITH OLIVIER LATRY, including SAINT-SAENS’s DANSE MACABRE (arr. Lemare), THIERRY ESCAICH’s EVOCATION I & II, DURUFLE’s SICILIENNE FROM SUITE, and LATRY’s own IMPROVISATION.  San Francisco Symphony, 415.864.6000 or www.sfsymphony.org for details.

October 12, 2013.  GARRICK OHLSSON, piano, performs works by DEBUSSY and more at Weill Concert Hall, Sonoma State University, 1801 E. Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park.  866.955.6040 or www.sonoma.edu for details.  7:30pm.  $40-$85.

October 12, 2013. THE FRENCH FILM CLUB OF PALO ALTO presents TWO BROTHERS, by director Jean-Jacques Annaud.  'Two Brothers', a UK-French film collaboration project under the direction of Jean-Jacques Annaud (known for 'The Bear' and 'The Name of the Rose') and written by Alain Godard and Annaud, is at once the heartwarming and heartwrenching tale of two Bengal tigers, While the advertising makes it seem like a Disney-esque film, this is not really one for younger children, so parents should beware.  The real stars of the film, of course, are the tiger cubs Kumal and Sangha, in addition to the other tigers, including the mother Tigress and the great Tiger Father. The lead trainer, Thierry Le Portier, a fellow Frenchman to Annuad who worked on 'The Bear', and trainer Randy Miller stated that 30 tigers in all were used, and one of the biggest efforts was to have tiger cubs available -- they grow so rapidly, they might not be the same size over the course of shooting. In the end, the effects and training were magnificent, and given the kinds of harrowing treatment the tigers were to have received (usually, thankfully, just off-screen), one truly hopes the 'no animals were harmed in this production' pledge at the end was in earnest.... www.lefrenchfilmclub.org for details on location.

October 12, 2013.  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ZYDECO BY THE BAY FESTIVAL. The Northern California festival is a celebration of everything Zydeco: the music, the food, the dance and the Creole culture. Event promoters promise to provide guests of all ages an unforgettable day, Oct. 12.  The free event will be hosted it Dunphy Park, Sausalito, from noon- 6 p.m., bringing captivating entertainment by the best Creole Zydeco sounds featuring live musical performances by GRAMMY nominated Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic, Louisiana artists, Sean Ardoin and Koray Broussard & The Zydeco Unit.   Additional performances include, local San Francisco R&B, Wicked Mercies. Youth performances by Marin School of the Arts and Performing Stars Zydeco Boys.This year’s selected venue is Dunphy Park, Sausalito, California known for its mild weather and legendary waterfront makes it a popular destination for events.   This beautiful venue’s boutique downtown hotels, a diverse geography and a vibrant arts and culture scene is convenient for event attendees to make a weekend of it.There are two different ways for festival attendees to get closer to the music – Reserved seating and the wood dance floor.   Reserved tables are available on the waterfront, side stage with a table for 10 and an umbrella for shade. Opportunities for hospitality packages available.  Activities for all ages, Kids Korner with Performing Stars of Marin provides hours of fun for kids at this year’s Kids Korner. Performing Stars allows kids to get creative in their arts & crafts booth, using cardboard and tin material provided courtesy of Marin Recycling. Led by Felecia Gaston, Executive Director, children can paint and create Zydeco Instruments.   Festival goers will find an assortment of California and Louisiana foods and tasty libations.   Southern favorites and baked goods are offered by vendors in the park and feature authentic gumbo, jambalaya, BBQ, smoked salmon, roasted corn, kettle korn and other festival favorites. A community effort, Zydeco By The Bay Festival was brought to fruition by a group with a desire to celebrate multicultural flavors and Creole roots. Information and reservations can be made, please contact info@zydecobythebay.com  

Through October 13 2013.  SOUTH BAY MUSICAL THEATRE presents LES MISERABLES.  Saratoga Civic  Theatre, 13777 Fruitvale Ave., Saratoga.  408.266.4734 or www.southbaymt.com for details.  $26-$35. 

Through October 13, 2013.  MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL.  Amazing variety of French- and French-related films include:  BEATRICE CORON’S DAILY BATTLES (7min short, Canada); BELLEVILLE BABY (Sweden & France); BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR (France, 2013, Palme d’Or at Cannes, 179 min); LE CAPITAL (dir. Costa-Gavras, France, 2012); CHEBA LOUISA (France & immigration, 2013), DALLAS BUYERS CLUB (dir. Jean-Marc Vallée); FINDING HILLYWOOD (Rwanda/US, 2013); FORA / GUESS (Rwanda, 7 min short); GRIGRIS (France/Chad, 2013); L’IMAGE MANQUANTE / THE MISSING PICTURE (Cambodia/France, 2013); LUMUMBA (France, 2000); MARCEL, KING OF TERVUREN (6 min short); ONE MAN’S SHOW (Nigeria/France, 2013); LE PASSÉ (France/Italy, 2012); SARAH PREFERE COURIR / SARAH PREFERS TO RUN (Canada, 2013); DU VENT DANS MES MOLLETS / THE DANDELIONS (France, 20120; YEMA (Algeria, 2012).  www.mvff.com for details and locations.

October 13, 2013.  BRUNCH A “THE STINKING ROSE” pour les FRANCOPHONES A SAN FRANCISCO.  See Facebook for details!  12:30pm. 

October 13, 2013.  PLEIN AIR AND PICNIC ON THE LEGION LAWN, in honor of IMPRESSIONISTS ON THE WATER.  Celebrate the closing of the exhibition with a parade of ships and live classical music.  Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details.    Noon-4pm.

October 13, 2013. SAMEDI CULTURE.  Le samedi après-midi sur SFCR (San Francisco Community Radio, aka KUSF in Exile.

October 14, 2013.  DUE ZIGHI BACI performs on the patio at Costeaux French Bakery in downtown Healdsburg.  11am-1pm.  Free!  Strongly suggest reserving a table for lunch if you want to enjoy the Columbus Day Celebration!  www.EuroCafeMusic.com for details.

October 15, 2013. MIDNITE RAMBLERS play CAJUN MUSIC at Ashkenaz. Back in 2009 two of the Bay Area's top traditional musicians teamed up to form the Midnite Ramblers, playing roots music steeped in authentic Cajun and Creole traditions. They deliver irresistibly danceable Cajun classics. An early year of intense musical experiences in Louisiana made the Ramblers' sound even more authentic to the Cajun tradition. Singer and fiddler Agi Ban is a founder of the Aux Cajunals as well as the Midnite Ramblers. Accordion player and fiddler Mark Marcin is a former teacher at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, where his love of Cajun, Creole, and zydeco music led  to learning accordion from Ray Abshire, Jimmy Breaux, and others. He studied fiddle with Suzy Thompson and Cedric Watson.  The Ramblers are rounded out by guitarist-singer Alan Senauke (a veteran of countless roots bands including California Cajun Orchestra, he's also a Zen priest) and bassist-singer Allegra Thompson, best-known as a member of the honky-tonk trio the Drifter Sisters (and as the daughter of Cajun stars Eric and Suzy Thompson). For tonight's dance  drummer John Hanes joins the band. As Marcin proclaims, "Bring your dancing shoes and join the Midnite Ramblers for a night of lively two-steps, soulful blues and  haunting waltzes!"  Doors at 7:30 pm; Cajun/Zydeco dance lesson with Diana Castillo at 8:00 pm; Show  at 8:30 pm $10  www.ashkenaz.com 

October 17, 2013.  CHAMPAGNES!  Wine Appreciation Class.  Classes listed above will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM for approximately 2  hours, and are limited to 16 participants.  The cost of classes including 8 wines or Champagnes for tasting is $60 per person, except for Deluxe and Champagne classes, which are $90 per person. A selection of French cheeses will be served buffet-style for your enjoyment and to relate the wine to food during our tasting. Reservations should be booked in advance with a credit card and cancellations must be made within 24 hours of each class for a refund.  We look forward to you joining us in discovering our great wine finds and values from France!  Please note that classes will not be held during the month of August.  The French Cellar, Regional Wine & Objects from France, 32 East Main St., Los Gatos, CA  95030.  408.354.0993 or www.thefrenchcellar.com or thefrenchcellar@me.com for details.

Furniture, Fashion, French, Food & Fun.  www.faccsf.com for details.

October 17, November 7 & 21, 2013.  THE FRENCH AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE presents FISCALITE DES REVENUS DU TRAVAIL ET DU PATRIMOINE.  17 Octobre 2013: Fiscalité des Revenus du Travail et du Patrimoine.  7 Novembre 2013: Fiscalité des Donations et des Successions.  21 Novembre 2013: Fiscalité des Transactions Immobilières, des Retraites et des Comptes Epargne pour le Collège.  www.faccsf.com for details.

October 17-November 24, 2013.  CENTRAL WORKS presents RED VIRGIN, a new musical about the tumultuous events of th great socialist uprising known as the PARIS COMMUNE OF 1871 and LOUISE MICHEL, one of the most incendiary revolutionaries in the history of France.  $28 online; $28-$15 sliding scale at the door.  Post-show talk-backs, October 20 & November 10.  510.558.1381 or 800.838.3006 or www.centralworks.org for details. 

October 18, 2013.  CONVERSATION & POTLUCK A L’ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BERKELEY.  6:30 to 8:30pm.  Venez participer à cette soirée conviviale mensuelle, à la fortune du pot, et pratiquer votre français.  Please bring a dish and/or a beverage to share. Free admission. www.afberkeley.org

October 18-November 10, 2013. LA CAGE AUX FOLLES with the inimitable MICHAEL VAN WHY. Book by Harvey Fierstein / Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman Based on the play by Jean Poiret Music direction by Mary Chun / Stage direction by Sheri Lee Miller. Yes, you cancan! Cinnabar is transformed into one of France’s finest nightclubs for the exuberant show that’s earned 11 Tony Awards including Best Musical. A young man gets engaged, yet he’s afraid to bring his fiancée’s parents home. Will he hide the fact that he was raised by two men who run a risqué cabaret? Or will love conquer all at La Cage aux Folles? This jubilant musical celebrates family in all its forms. After the singing and dancing – under the costumes and glitter – it’s all about loving that person in the mirror. Cinnabar Theatre, Petaluma. www.EuroCafeMusic.com or  www.cinnabartheater.org for details.

October 19, 2013.  THE FRENCH FILM CLUB OF PALO ALTO presents DEUX FRERES.  French family cinema, recommended for 8 years and up. A 2004 film by acclaimed Director  Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Bear -Quest for Fire - The Name of the Rose)  On se demande vraiment si JJ Annaud n'est pas le meilleur dans des films où les dialogues ne sont pas nécessaires et viennent juste souligner le langage des images. Nous l'avions constaté dans La Guerre du feu puis dans l'excellent Ours. Le cinéaste n'a pas son pareil pour capturer l'expression d'un regard, d'une attitude, et insérer cette capture d'image dans un scénario bien bâti. Ce film n'échappe pas à la règle et on peut dire que les deux vedettes que sont les tigres ont été captés sous toutes les coutures. Les scènes de bravoure sont excellentes ainsi que celles où il y a une interaction entre les fauves et les hommes. Les scènes comiques sont également très drôles lorsque les deux frères adultes partent en goguette dans l'univers des hommes, semant panique et désastre sur leur passage. The screening of  "DEUX FRERES" will take place at the  French Film Club of Palo Alto on Saturday October 19th at 2 p.m.    This is a family event and we will serve a "gouter" (a tasty snack) with Crepes and Nutella with soft drinks after the film at 4pm.  Closing is 4:30pm The address is 555 Waverley St. Palo Alto, 94301 -  in the Paris Hall of All Saints Church. - Cross street Hamilton Ave.   Tickets will on sale online starting October 3rd at www.lefrenchfilmclub.org .

Through October 20, 2013.  STAGE 1 THEATRE presents LES MISERABLES.  Main Theatre at Neward Memorial igh School, 39375 Cedar Blvd, Newark.  $12-$24.  www.stage1theatre.org for details.

October 20, 2013. SAMEDI CULTURE.  Le samedi après-midi sur SFCR (San Francisco Community Radio, aka KUSF in Exile.

October 21, 2013.  IVAN JABLONKA AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY. French historian Ivan Jablonka, Associate Professor of History at the Université Paris XIII Nord (France), will be making an intervention at Stanford University on October 21st, 2013 : "Creative Writing and History: On the Relationship Between History and Literature" (12:30 pm) and "Archives, Families, and Judaism" (7:00 pm).

October 22, 2013.  LE CERCLE LITTERAIRE DE L’ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SANTA ROSA.  Le cercle littéraire d'AFSR se réunira à 4h. mardi, le 22 octobre au nouveau Foyer pour discuter VERRE CASSÉ de l'auteur congolais ALAIN MABANCKOU. Verre Cassé est le patriarche d'une bande de joyeux marginaux qui a l'habitude de se retrouver dans un bar congolais crasseux. Ivrogne, il raconte les aventures souvent cocasses des personnages truculents, et donne à voir un portrait de l'Afrique contemporaine.  www.afsantarosa.org for details.

October 22-26, 2013.  FUTURES OF THE BOOK.  Join us, and an international crowd of philosophers, writers, book hackers and emerging internet publishing companies in San Francisco for a whole week of events dedicated to reading, writing, and publishing in the digital era.  The program features: Creating Minds, a one day symposium at UC Berkeley Center for New MediaThe Book Lab, an exhibition of prototypes of augmented books at Swissnex SFBooks in Browsers, a two days summit at Internet Archive followed by a hackday… French participants include : Bernard Stiegler (philosopher, director of Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation), François Bon (writer and founder of publie.net),Dominique Cunin (artist, and main programmer on Mobilizing) and Etienne Mineur (designer, founder of Editions Volumiques).

October 22-November 1, 2013.  SWISSNEX presents THE BOOK LAB.  swissnex San Francisco hosts an experimental journey probing the role of books in the digital era.  swissnex San Francisco, 730 Montgomery St., SF.  6:30pm.   http://swissnexsanfrancisco.org/ 

October 23, 2013.  CREATING MINDS.  A full-day academic conference on reading and writing in the digital age.  UC Berkeley, Banatao Auditorium, 3rd floor of Sutardja Dai Hall.  9am.   http://swissnexsanfrancisco.org// 

October 23, 2013.  PRACTICE YOUR PITCHING SKILLS:  CALL FOR APPLICATIONS.  You are an entrepreneur and need to practice your pitching skills? Learn to tell how your idea will change the world in 2 minutes!  Do not miss this opportunity to test and improve your elevator pitch in front of: - a jury of experts and mentors, - other inspired entrepreneurs, - a great audience.  Want to participate? GABA and FACCSF members: free Non members: $50.  6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  L'Atelier BNP Paribas 2415 Third Street, Suite 231 San Francisco, CA 94107.  www.faccsf.com for details.

October 23, 2013.  DELUXE WHITE BURGUNDY.  Wine Appreciation Class.  Classes listed above will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM for approximately 2  hours, and are limited to 16 participants.  The cost of classes including 8 wines or Champagnes for tasting is $60 per person, except for Deluxe and Champagne classes, which are $90 per person. A selection of French cheeses will be served buffet-style for your enjoyment and to relate the wine to food during our tasting. Reservations should be booked in advance with a credit card and cancellations must be made within 24 hours of each class for a refund.  We look forward to you joining us in discovering our great wine finds and values from France!  Please note that classes will not be held during the month of August.  The French Cellar, Regional Wine & Objects from France, 32 East Main St., Los Gatos, CA  95030.  408.354.0993 or www.thefrenchcellar.com or thefrenchcellar@me.com for details.

October 24, 2013.  TINTIN:  L’AMI DES ENFANTS DE 4 ANS A 104 ANS.  Conférence du DR. ALEXIS PARADISOFF-MELTEFF à Vista del Lago Recreation Center.  La bande dessinée préférée des enfants européens de 4 ans à 104 ans est Tintin, du dessinateur et scénariste belge Hergé. Les aventures du jeune reporter intrépide, de son chien Milou et de leurs nombreux amis passionnent les lecteurs depuis 1929. Qu’ils cherchent un ami enlevé par les Incas ou qu’ils marchent sur la lune, leurs aventures improbables et dangereuses sont toujours menées à bien. Découvrez ou redécouvrez le monde de Tintin!  Le conférencier “tintinologue”, Alexis Paradisoff-Melteff, est un Parisien d’origine russe. Il détient un doctorat en Histoire russe et un autre en Religion comparée. Après plus de 40 ans d’enseignement à Moscou et à San Francisco (San Francisco State University) il est maintenant Professeur émérite en Sciences linguistiques du collège Pericles à Moscou. Sa devise: “Enseigner, c’est partager ses connaissances”.  Soirée gratuite, avec légers rafraîchissements au début. 19h.  Free event.  Light refreshments will be served.

October 24, 2013.  MICHEL ONFRAY présente L’ORDRE LIBERTAIRE:  LA VIE PHILOSOPHIQUE D’ALBERT CAMUS.   Pour célébrer le centenaire de la naissance d'Albert Camus, le philosophe français Michel Onfray viendra présenter son livre « L'ordre libertaire : la vie philosophique d'Albert Camus» (éditions Flammarion).   Pour mettre fin à une légende fabriquée de toutes pièces par Sartre et les siens, celle d'un Camus "philosophe pour classes terminales", d'un homme de gauche tiède, d'un penseur des petits Blancs pendant la guerre d'Algérie, Michel Onfray nous invite à la rencontre d'une œuvre et d'un destin exceptionnels. La vie philosophique d'Albert Camus, qui fut hédoniste, libertaire, anarchiste, anticolonialiste et viscéralement hostile à tous les totalitarismes, illustre de bout en bout cette morale solaire.   Un court débat sera aussi proposé à la fin de la présentation.7h30pm to 9h30pmwww.afsf.com for details.

October 24, 2013.  WOODKID performs in San Francisco.  The French phenomenon WOODKID will perform in San Francisco on October 24 at the Regency Ballroom.  Details and tickets available at http://goo.gl/OVPrv4 .

October 25, 2013.  DAFT PUNK, along with JUSTICE and THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will perform in Sa Francisco!  Details coming soon!

October 25-27, 2013.  DORADO SCHMITT & DJANGO ALLSTARS perform at the SF Jazz Center.  866.920.5299 or http://sfjazz.org for details.

Through October 26, 2013.  ACTORS ENSEMBLE OF BERKELEY presents PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE.  Live Oak Theatre, 1301 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley.  510.649.5999 or www.aeofberkeley.org for details.  $12-$15. 

October 26, 2013.  DANIEL BOULUD, author of DANIEL: MY FRENCH CUISINE, participates in KIDNEY FOUNDATION’s SAN FRANCISCO AUTHORS LUNCHEON, organized by Book Passage.  San Francisco Hilton; doors open at 10am.  Call for reservations  415.543.3303 for details. 

October 26, 2013.  CAFÉ MUSÉE EVENTJEAN BERAUD, CHRONICLER OF THE BELLE EPOQUE.  Superb slides, scrumptious brunch and stimulating exchanges! IN FRENCH. Come practice your French and meet others! (IMPORTANT: Even though the description is in English, the presentation will be en français!)  Jean Béraud (1849–1935) was a French painter and commercial artist noted for his delightful vignettes of Parisian life during the Belle Époque. Born in Saint Petersburg to a French sculptor, he moved to Paris with his family after the death of his father. There he attended Law School until the city was occupied during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870 before becoming a student of the painter Léon Bonnat and exhibiting his work at the Paris Salon in 1872. However, Béraud did not gain recognition until 1876. After that, he became one of the main painters of Parisian daily life, portraying, with great acuity and occasional humor, if not downright mockery, the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie of his time, humble street trades, the café culture, absinth drinkers and billiard players, in addition to nearly 200 portraits. Béraud also placed biblical characters in contemporary situations like his most controversial Mary Magdalene in the House of the Pharisees. His appealing style stands somewhere between the academic art of the Salon and that of the Impressionists.   Towards the end of the 19th century, Béraud dedicated less time to his own painting, working instead on numerous exhibition committees, including the “Salon de la Société Nationale.” Béraud, who never married and had no children, died in Paris in 1935 and was buried in the Montparnasse Cemetery beside his mother.  The Café Musée is an officially recognized CCSF club whose activities are partially funded by the Associated Student Union. Our previous presentations were the extremely popular “Saint-Denis, Necropolis of the French Kings” and “Memento mori, Past and Present.” To join us, write to cafemusee@gmail.com or call: (415) 255-8301. Organized by our great Café Musée team. Donation: $5.  9:30 AM - 12:30 PM.  Visual Arts Building, V114, City College of San Francisco. 50 Phelan Ave., SF.  Require accommodations? SVP, contact DSP&S at 452-5481, giving at least 72 hours notice.

October 26, 2013.   TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at PACIFIC GROVE CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS.   We return to this beautiful theatre in Pacific Grove! Our last performance here, two years ago, was really a blast, so don't miss this one!  835 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove. 3:00 pm.  Information and advance tickets: Lindsay Munoz; (831-647-1641) H  or (209-607-2488) cell or Lindsaymunoz@comcast.net   

October 26, 2013.  SWISSNEX presents BOOKS IN BROWSWERS HACKDAY.  Join fellow software engineers and designers to hack the traditional definition of a book and build new digital interpretations.swissnex San Francisco, 730 Montgomery St., SF.  9am.   http://swissnexsanfrancisco.org/ 

October 27, 2013. SAMEDI CULTURE.  Le samedi après-midi sur SFCR (San Francisco Community Radio, aka KUSF in Exile.

October 27, 2013.  CHEF DANIEL BOULUD presents DANIEL:  MY FRENCH CUISINE.  French-born chef Daniel Boulud has had a far-reaching influence on American fine dining.  Over the last two decades, he has brought his artistry to his ten award-winning restaurants in New York City and around the wrld.  His flagship restaurant, Daniel, has garnered the New York Times’ coveted four-star rating as well as three Michelin stars.  Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California Street, San Francisco, CA.  www.jccsf.org for details.  7pm.

October 29, 2013.  PATRICIA WELLS presents THE FRENCH KITCHEN COOKBOOK at COOKS WITH BOOKS!  Left Bank Restaurant, Larkspur, 6:30pm.  Single $120, couple $185 (one book).  Price includes meal, wine, tax, tip, and a signed copy of the book.  Reserve by calling Book Passage, 415.927.0960 or at www.bookpassage.com/food-wine-events

October 30, 2013.  DELUXE RED BURGUNDY.  Wine Appreciation Class.  Classes listed above will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM for approximately 2  hours, and are limited to 16 participants.  The cost of classes including 8 wines or Champagnes for tasting is $60 per person, except for Deluxe and Champagne classes, which are $90 per person. A selection of French cheeses will be served buffet-style for your enjoyment and to relate the wine to food during our tasting. Reservations should be booked in advance with a credit card and cancellations must be made within 24 hours of each class for a refund.  We look forward to you joining us in discovering our great wine finds and values from France!  Please note that classes will not be held during the month of August.  The French Cellar, Regional Wine & Objects from France, 32 East Main St., Los Gatos, CA  95030.  408.354.0993 or www.thefrenchcellar.com or thefrenchcellar@me.com for details.

October 31, 2013.  SAN FRANCISCO RENAISSANCE VOICES’ annual HALLOWE’EN SING-A-LONG MEMORIAL BENEFIT.  Ever wonder what it would be like to sing with San Francisco Renaissance Voices?  Well, here's your chance!  Join us and our host as Artists-in-Residence, Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, on Hallowe'en for an All Saints/All Souls Sing-a-Long of FAURE’s REQUIEM interposed with readings of remembrance for the dead.  San Francisco Renaissance Voices Assistant Music Director, Katherine McKee conducts. This is no trick!  Entrance to the event is free, however a free-will offering will be taken; and we hope you will treat us with a donation at this moving and uplifting event that benefits San Francisco Renaissance Voices and the music programs at Seventh Avenue.  No tickets or reservations are required.  7:30pm. Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1329 Seventh Ave. (between Irving & Judah), SF.  http://www.sfrvoices.org/

Through November 23, 2014.  GRAND GUIGNOL AT THE HYPNODROME presents SHOCKTOBERFEST 14:  JACK THE RIPPER.  Thrillpeddlers presents their 14th annual Grand Guignol show, "a evening of horror, madness, spanking, and song."  Hypnodrome, 575 10th St, SF; www.thrillpeddlers.com. $25-35.

SEE ALSO:  LE BLOG de l’Ile de France   http://ilefr.wordpress.com/

SILICONFRENCH EVENTS. For an on-going list of events offered by SiliconFrench, see http://www.siliconfrench.com/eventsnews_events.shtml


You will find here below details on special screenings.
All titles are listed in alphabetical order, with special dates given in red.
 . .
Check local listings for show times!

THE FAMILY, directed by LUC BESSON, with Robert De Niro, an action drama about a Mafia family in witness relocation that moves to France. SF Center, SF.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Julian, 1925)Tannery, 708 Gilman, Berk; www.berkeleyundergroundfilms.blogspot.com.  Donations accepted. "Berkeley Underground Film Society:" Sun, 7:30.

THE RED BALLOON (Lamorisse, 1956).  Balboa Theatre, 3630 Balboa, SF; www.cinemasf.com/balboa. $10. "Popcorn Palace:" Sat, 10am. Matinee for kids.

ALSO NOTE: ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE.  Tuesday evenings, 18h45pm.   Chaque mardi soir à 18h45 nous avons un diffèrent film sur le thème du mois. Enjoy the latest releases from France sur le grand ecran with AFSF ciné-philes and discussion en français.  Straight from the AFSF Médiathèque. http://alliance-francaise-sf.weebly.com. Suggested donation of $5.

FARTHER AFIELD: CINE CLUB of the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE SACRAMENTO. Join other cinephiles at the monthly movie presentations of the Cine Club at the Alliance Francaise in Midtown Sacramento (1721 25th Street). Films are shown at 7pm on the second Friday of each month except in June. To learn more : http://cl.exct.net/?ffcb10-fe2a15707d620379761478-fdf21775756d02787c157674-fefe167170640d-fe9915707467017872-fdef15777d61057a72177874


SOON! Fall 2013.  OPENING OF THE NEWLY REFURBISHED SALON DORÉ at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, SF.  www.famsf.org for details.

October 2013-June 2014.  ALBERT  CAMUS, TRAVELLING EXHIBIT.  For the 100th anniversary of Albert Camus' birth, the Institut Français and the Alliance Française bring you a travelling exhibit on paper and QR. Travelling through the Silicon Valley's Universities and private institutions, the display will allow the public, using their smart phones to scan and view exclusive videos.  Camus was awarded the 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature "for his important literary production, which with clear-sighted earnestness illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times   Novels The Stranger (L'Étranger, often translated as The Outsider) (1942) The Plague (La Peste) (1947) The Fall (La Chute) (1956) A Happy Death (La Mort heureuse) (written 1936-1938, published posthumously 1971) The First Man (Le premier homme) (incomplete, published posthumously 1995)  For more information, visit our website www.afscv.org from time to time or email us at alliance@afscv.org. Thanks!

October 10-November 22, 2013.  BRIDGE SIGHTINGS.  Exhibit by ANNE SUBERCASEAUX.  In celebration of the new Bay Bridge and in memory of the “old bridge”, EBMUD is pleased to feature the work of local artist Anne Subercaseaux in its Administration Building Lobby Art Gallery. Structural imagery holds sway in her powerful abstract paintings of the Bay Bridge accompanied by drawings of sections of the Golden Gate Bridge and paintings of the Carquinez Bridge in this exhibit.  Ms. Subercaseaux’s oil paintings and drawings explore the interplay of light, shadows and forms which the artist enjoyed seeing in her daily commute to Oakland. The realistic, yet abstract quality of these paintings attests to her past professional experience as a structural draftsperson and her artistic enthrallment with composition, light, and color.    Reception for the artist: October 24, 11:30 am to 1 pm.    EBMUD Administration Building, 375 11th Street, 2nd Floor,  (between Franklin and Webster Sts.), Oakland, California  EBMUD is accessible by BART at the Oakland 12th St. Station.    510.287.1540 for more information.

Through October 13, 2013.  IMPRESSIONISTS ON THE WATER.  Legion of Honor Special Exhibition Gallery.  Exhibition will explore the significant role sailing played in the lives of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionists.  With works by MONET, RENOIR, CAILLEBOTTE, PISSARRO, SISLEY, SEURAT, SIGNAC, VAN RYSSELBERGHE, BONNARD and others.    Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, SF.  www.famsf.org for details.

Through October 13, 2013. SHIFTING SANDS: THE BEACH AND THE DESERT IN 20TH-CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHS. Many American and European modernists chose to photograph beaches and deserts as an antidote to urban or industrialized landscapes. Artists Manuel Alvarez Bravo (1902-2002) and Edward Weston (1886-1958), among others, approached these different and yet strangely similar landscapes in many ways: they could be evocative settings with distinct historic and symbolic associations, or backdrops defined by their pure and stark visual textures. Approximately 20 photographs on display. Marie Stauffer Sigall Gallery http://museum.stanford.edu/

October 19 & 20, 2013.  BAY PRINTMAKERS OPEN STUDIO with new work by MARTINE JARDEL and her late husband THIERRY. New work on paper and beautiful linocuts.

Through October 20, 2013. INSPIRED BY TEMPTATION: ODILON REDON AND SAINT ANTHONY. Ruth Levison Halperin Gallery The great French symbolist artist Odilon Redon (1840–1916) often paired his art with literature to create an art the imagination. Three of Redon’s most famous lithographic albums were inspired by Gustave Flaubert’s novel The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1874). Based on the legend of a third century monk who retreated to the desert to contemplate God, Flaubert’s story describes the fantastical events that transpire over the course of one night in which Anthony is assaulted by erotic visions and demonic apparitions. This exhibition presents all three of Redon’s albums, two from the Cantor’s collection and the third on loan—a total of 42 lithographs. http://museum.stanford.edu/

Through October 31, 2013.  BLOCKHAUS ET GRAFFITI.  Photography by CHANTAL CARAMATIE at the New Art Gallery@ Alliance Francaise of San Francisco.  Artist’s statement:  I have dedicated myself to photographing the works of contemporary artists who drape with tags and graffiti the remains of "blockhaus." These are located on the Cap Ferret peninsula in the South West of France between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arcachon Bassin. There is a strange contrast between these austere blocs of concrete, symbols of a war that still scars the coast, and the colorful works the artists create. On these would be canvases they score their protests, their love, their cries of revolt. As months go by, I photograph these beaches exposed to storms and unrelenting erosion, and there, on this narrow stretch of sand, I feel the oppressive weight of history dissolve bit by bit in the ocean .  More than a subject, it is a passion inscribed in the dissonance of time that I love to share through my exhibits. I am extremely moved by my visit to San Francisco. It is from your nation that young men were cast upon the French beaches to free my nation from the nazi occupation. The ephemeral works of art that cover the "blockhaus" resuscitate from the oblivion of our memory the traces of history. www.afsf.com or chantalcaramatie.net   

Through November 2, 2013.  BURKINA FASO.  Photographs by DAVID PACE.  Corden | Potts Gallery, 49 Geary Street, Suite 410, SF.  415.781.0110 or www.cordenpottsgallery.com for details.

November 9, 2013-September 7, 2014.  SPECIAL EXHIBITION:  MATISSE at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  The Legion of  Honor is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with SFMOMA (the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) that will bring 23 paintings and sculptures from their outstanding collection of the work of Henri Matisse to the Legion of Honor in the special exhibition Matisse from SFMOMA! This long-term, single-gallery presentation will also include four important multimedia works by Matisse from our collection, and will run from November 9, 2013 to September 7, 2014.  http://legionofhonor.famsf.org for details. 

Through November 17, 2013. MANET AND THE GRAPHIC ARTS IN FRANCE. The death and destruction that occurred in the streets of Paris during the Commune of 1871 affected artists of the Manetgeneration who lived through it or even fought in it, as did Edouard Manet (1832-1883). June 12–November 17, 2013 Robert Mondavi Family Gallery The death and destruction that occurred in the streets of Paris during the Commune of 1871 affected artists of the generation who lived through it or even fought in it, as did Edouard Manet (1832-1883). This exhibition examines how printmakers, draftsmen, and photographers depicted the factors that led to this traumatic event as well as the conflict itself and the changes it brought to Paris. The central image, Manet's powerful lithograph Civil War, is shown with 13 works on paper by Felix Bracquemond (1833-1914), Maximilien Luce (1858-1941), Charles Marville (1813-1979), Félix Buhot (1847-1898), and others. IMAGE: Félix Hilaire Buhot, Winter, Paris (detail), 1879. Etching and aquatint. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Burton Richter, 1984.436. Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University http://museum.stanford.edu/view/exhibition_sched_new.html

Through November 17, 2013. FAITH EMBODIED: SAINTS FROM THE RENAISSANCE TO THE ENLIGHTENMENT. Gallery for Early European Art The 16 prints in this exhibition explore the different strategies artists employed to represent the deeds, miraculous visions, and martyrdoms of the Christian saints. The works also demonstrate how the depiction of saints varied, from images focused closely on the body to others that tell an engrossing story, as art and daily life became increasingly secular. The works included in this installation range from a rough woodcut published in the late 15th century to the delicate and visually complex etchings characteristic of the 17th and 18th centuries. http://museum.stanford.edu/view/exhibition_sched_new.html

January 14-October 12, 2014.  MATISSE AND THE ARTIST BOOK.  Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details.

Opening March 29, 2014.  INTIMATE IMPRESSIONISM FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART.    Showcasing approximately 70 Impressionist and Post-Impressionist landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, interiors and portraits.  Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details. 

On-going.  WORKS BY JEAN-MARC BRUGEILLES.  The French artist Jean-Marc Brugeilles is now being represented in San Francisco by Mishin Fine Art on Sutter St. in downtown San Francisco . The Gallery will be hosting a opening reception that is open to the public to present his collection of magnificent paintings.  The opening is Friday May 17th from 5PM  to 9 PM in the gallery. Jean-Marc will be in attendance and he has created special pastels for all who purchase paintings.  Mishin Fine Arts 445a Sutter St.   (btw Powell & Stockton) San Francisco, CA. 94108 415 391-6100 www.mishingallery.com . For more information:  415 637-3145  or www.brugeilles.com    Youtube: http://youtu.be/_4cTu2k79f4 

On-going?  MONIKA STEINER, beloved Bay Area-based Swiss painter is currently exhibiting paintings and small-format sculpture at the new, second location of the Geras-Tousignant Gallery in San Francisco.   Geras-Tousignant Gallery 437 Pacific Ave  San Francisco 415.986.1647.  geratousignant@gmail.com 

On-going. WHY NOT MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL? FRENCH TRAVEL POSTERS, 1945-1949, presented by the Nevada State Museum. French travel posters given to Nevada in 1949 in gratitude for American support following World War II will make their debut at the Nevada State Museum beginning May 23. Commissioned and printed by the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français, the French National Railways, the 21 posters depict stunning French landscapes, historical provinces and cultural regions. Why Not Make it Beautiful? French Travel Posters 1945-1949 features artwork carried aboard the Merci Boxcar, or Gratitude Train, in February of 1949. Research indicates that all states received a set of posters, yet only three appear to have retained possession of their collection, and Nevada will be the only state to exhibit them. Staff from the Nevada State Museum and Nevada State Archives restored the posters for the exhibit generously sponsored by Hazel Woodgate and the John and Grace Naumann Foundation. In 1947 the American people collected 700 boxcars loaded with food, clothing and fuel to help the people of France who were struggling desperately to recover from World War II. This "Friendship Train" stopped in Reno to collect the food gathered from all across the state of Nevada. In 1949 the French people collected a trainload of gifts for the Americans, filling 49 boxcars with tokens and treasures from the French provinces, one for each state and one to be shared between Hawaii and Washington D.C. The existence of these trains, and a time when international friendship was on a citizen-to-citizen scale is nearly forgotten. Most Nevadans have little knowledge of this chapter in our history. The notes and the significance of the gifts represent the best of humanity; the kindness that humans can give and share in the face of great suffering, the deep connection possible across cultural and spatial boundaries. Nevada State Museum/Bretzlaff History Resource Center Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 Wed. - Sat. by appointment 775/687-4810, x240 or SueAnn.Monteleone@nevadaculture.org or http://museums.nevadaculture.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=431

On-going.  MUSIC OF THE DIASPORA.  Museum of the African Diaspora, 685 Mission St., SF.  415.358.7200 or www.moadsf.org

On-going.  EXPANDING VIEWS OF AFRICA.  Cantor Arts Center, Lomita Drive, Stanford University.  650.723.4177 or www.museum.stanford.edu for details.

On-going.  SURREALISM:  SELECTIONS FROM THE REVA AND DAVID LOGAN COLLECTION OF ILLUSTRATED BOOKS.  Found or random objects, textures, and imagery were central to Surrealism, as was the acceptance of dreams as worthy subject matter. Surrealism was as much a literary movement as an artistic one, and it involved an extraordinary number of the leading writers and poets of the day at one time or another. This exhibition brings together the works of some of the finest Surrealist poets and artists, whose collaborations produced both luxurious and outrageous artist’s books.  California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, 34th & Clement, San Francisco http://legionofhonor.famsf.org/

On-going. AUGUSTE RODIN COLLECTION. Bronze sculptures, Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, Lomita Dr. & Museum Way, Stanford University, Palo Alto. 650.723.4177 or http://www.museum.stanford.edu for details.

On-going. A NEW 19TH CENTURY : THE MONDAVI FAMILY GALLERY REINSTALLED. Reconfigured 19th century European and American collections. Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. Lomita Drive and Museum Way, Stanford University, Palo Alto. 650.723.4177 or http://museum.stanford.edu for details.

On-going. MODERN EUROPEAN MASTERS, including MATISSE, PICASSO, CHAGALL and more. Meyerovich Gallery, 251 Post, SF. 415.421.7171 or http://meyerovich.com for details.

On-going. FOLK ART by French Canadian artists PATRICK AMIOT & BRIGITTE LAURENT. Outdoor exhibits on-going on Florence St. in Sebastopol. http://www.patrickamiot-brigittelaurent.com/ for details.

On-going. MATISSE AND BEYOND: THE PAINTING AND SCULPTURE COLLECTION. SF Museum of Modern Art. Magnificent works of painting and sculpture culled from SFMOMA's own collections provide a quick tour of modern art from Fauvism to Minimalism. Daily. Exhibition tells the story of modern and contemporary art including landmark works by MATISSE, BOURGEOIS and others. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 151 Third St., San Francisco. 415.357.4000 or www.sfmoma.org

DOMINIQUE AMENDOLA.  New art website of note (fun to browse): Dominique Amendola is a French born painter who focuses primarily on   landscapes and figures using gorgeously vibrant colors to create scenes of amazing clarity. Her art is figurative yet remains contemporary and spur of the moment. Her paintings depict ordinary day-to-day life of people in snapshots, either in nature or life in a bustling city. http://dominiqueamendola.com

ARTS OF FASHION. Yearly competition brings guest designers from PARIS and BRUXELLES to work with and select prizes for United States fashion students. The grand prizes offered to the US fashion students are internships in high profile fashion design houses as Castelbajac or Anne Valerie Hash or the school of the Chambre syndicale in Paris... Or Brussels for La Cambre or Antwerp for Veronique Branquinho or Vienna for Wendy&Jim... Contact: Nathalie Doucet, President Arts of Fashion Foundation, 635 Tennessee Street Suite # 402, San Francisco CA 94107. Tel 415 252 0734 http://www.af-competition.com or http://www.myspace.com/artsoffashion

FLORENCE DE BRETAGNE. Florence de Bretagne is a French painter and photographer. Her work is full of joy and very colorful. It has always something to do with new life : imaginary plants that are flourishing, blossoms, seeds. It seems that nature is new and beautiful like new-born babies. She took abstract pictures of fruits and vegetables (a very poetic book, "Semence", is still available), she made paintings on trees and imaginary plants, and many others. You can see her work either in the SFMOMA gallery at Fort Mason, or in her atelier (756 Garland Drive in Palo Alto), or else on her website : http://www.florencedebretagne.com

CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPES OF SOUTHERN FRANCE, by ANDREA WEDELL.  Expat Andrea Wedell, originally from the Bay Area and living in France for the past 24 years, would love for you to visit her painting : contemporary landscapes of Southern France. She works with texture and vibrant, bold color that is built up in multiple layers and glazed on. Her landscapes are semi-abstract to abstract poetic interpretations of her environment in Cassis, or bits  and pieces of it as she sees and feels it– from lively, magical gardens with their sweet smells , to turquoise and deep orange underwater scenes, pink and bright white cliffs built up over millions of years, villages that have retained their authentic charm, sparkling ocean and wide expanses of sky. You can see her work virtually on her website :   www.gallerywedell.com If you sign up on the blog, you will receive monthly posts, a journal of art and life in the South of France. www.gallerywedell.com/blog


SOCIAL STUDIES IN FRENCH.  This Fall, in addition to French classes, EFBA (French Education in the Bay Area) is opening a new social studies class in French at Kensington Hilltop Elementary for students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, every Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00. The goal of this program is to give the children the opportunity to discover the richness of France through its history, while giving them a critical, objective and spatial look on contemporary events. We will address transverse themes in the students' knowledge acquired in the California curriculum that we could put in perspective to expose the children to another knowledge about France and Europe (XVIII-XX centuries) We want to deal with the great history (characters, events, paintings, etc.) but also with the small one (people: children, women, colors, animals, comics etc.). For more information, please visit our website:  http://www.efba.us/social-studies-presentation

MASTER'S DEGREE IN FRENCH at San José State University. Apply by September 30th and start in SPRING 2014.  The application deadline for Spring 2014 is September 30th. For information on how to apply, see http://www.sjsu.edu/gape/prospective_students/ For information on the French M.A. program, scholarships and teaching opportunities, please contact Professor Jean-Luc Desalvo : jean-luc.desalvo@sjsu.edu  

Fall 2013. FALL FRENCH CLASSES at AFBLearn grammar without even knowing it, with classes that present real media in relatable context at all levels of learning; Role Play – put on a role and use meaningful vocabulary and gain confidence!  Explore French short stories and improve your writing and analytical skills;?Exam prep for SATII, TCF, DELF B1 &B2;?Advanced conversation practice at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels…  Register at 510 548 7481 or www.afberkley.org

October 23-December 11, 2013.  RENEE MOREL presents "LES PILIERS DE LA CULTURE FRANÇAISE" at The French Class.   Venez visiter les coulisses de trois temples parisiens de la culture française! Tout d'abord, la prestigieuse Bibliothèque nationale de France (la "BNF", plaisamment surnommée la "TGB" ou "Très Grande Bibliothèque"), qui conjugue -- parfois difficilement -- patrimoine et haute technologie, puis les Archives nationales, qui contiennent aussi bien des lettres de Jeanne d'Arc que la Constitution de 1791 dans un magnifique édifice du Marais, et enfin l'Institut de France, qui, de temps à autre, rassemble sous sa vénérable coupole les non moins vénérables membres de l'Académie française.   Vous suivrez le parcours vertigineux d'un wagonnet dans les sous-sol de la BNF, apprendrez que la conservation des parchemins mérovingiens pose bien moins de problèmes que celle des cédéroms et autres supports numériques ou encore que l'habit d'un académicien coûte 30 000 euros (entièrement à ses frais!  8 weeks (October 23-December 11, 2013). Wednesday mornings (10:30 AM-12:00 NOON). In French.   $255 (discounts available for members and early birds). No book to purchase: you will receive articles, along with assorted relevant documents.   IMPORTANT: SVP, register ahead of time to save a seat.   THE FRENCH CLASS 500 Sutter Street (at Powell) Suite 310 San Francisco, CA 94102 TEL: (415) 362-3666 FAX: (415) 362-4334.

December 16-20, 2013.  FIVE-DAY INTENSIVE COURSE offered by THE FRENCH CLASS.  All levels are offered (separately), 3 hours per day. Elementary Levels use one of our books from the series "Devour French." Intermediate or advanced levels receive hand-outs for each topic: 1. Vocabulary. 2. Grammar. 3. Conversation. The material is different every time, so you can repeat the intensive as often as you'd like. Each level is offered either in the morning (9 to 12), afternoon (1 to 4) or evening (6 to 9). 15 hours of instruction for $295. Save $60 and pay $255 and you pay in full before deadline. Registration per day ($51) or per hour ($18) may be accepted if space available. Please sign up early and call us at 415.362.3666.  www.frenchclass.com

Every Thursday evening.  WINE TASTING CLASS at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO. $50 per class/$270 for all six classes.  415.775.7755 or www.afsf.com for details.

THE FRENCH CLASS.  French classes in SF or at your home - www.frenchclass.com - 500 Sutter Street - Suite 310 - San Francisco CA 94102 - (415) 362-3666. French classes from complete beginners to very advanced. Small group classes or private lessons. Check our great rates on our web site: www.frenchclass.com - We also feature:
- French classes on Skype (great rates and a wonderful way to study at home)
- pronunciation workshops
- seminars and conferences on cultural differences, art, history ...
- intensive courses
- "My French 2 Cents": your own French tutor for 2 cents per day Testimonial: "My French 2 Cents is an amazing resource to help explain anything missed or misunderstood in class and with our homework assignments. I can ask a question and receive not only answers, but explanations and the opportunity to explore further for a more precise understanding of the language. The response time to my questions can range from a few minutes to just hours." Joni H.  "My French 2 Cents" is only 2 cents per day x 365 days = $7.30 per year! Get a quick answer when you ask for a language tip or a question arising as you are studying French. How it works: 1) you subscribe 2) you receive an email address 3) you send your questions to this email address 4) you receive a prompt answer. It is that easy! Please note that "My French 2 cents" is not a translation service. To subscribe, call us at 415.362.3666 or e-mail info@frenchclass.com

ELYCEE SUMMER PROGRAMS. You are a student, an adult, a French teacher…You have a project in French.  Sign up for an eLycee Summer program :  -French teacher training (attached) -AP French Language and Culture - French III (attached) -French IV - Intensive French for beginners - Advanced students : o Atelier d’écriture (OuLiPO) o Atelier “Les fautes d’orthographe ne sont pas une fatalité” -Discovering France for travelers. Log in and learn with our experts A uniquely French environment with French native teachers. We have the world's first fully interactive virtual classroom, with full audio/video and a range of collaborative (shared) tools and applications. You can sign in from wherever you are to join teachers and colleagues online. www.elycee.com  

SUMMER PROGRAMS AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SANTA ROSA.  Our summer program is all set and ready to go. Our schedule is posted online now, and will appear in the bulletin in June. We will be offering many wonderful classes. As in years past, classes stand on their own in the summer, and students may choose three individual classes anywhere on our calendar. In other words, each date is an individual class. By popular demand, we are making an exception to this for TOTAL beginners. For them, we offer a 5-day summer camp (August 5th to August 9th) where students improve incrementally from day to day. We will also have two CHILDREN’S CAMPS. The first for students continuing with their French studies (level 2) (10:00AM to 12:00), and another for students new to French (level 1) 3:00 to 5:00PM. Both these camps will take place on the same week (August 5th to August 9th). You may reserve a seat in those camps as soon as you are ready. We have a maximum of 10 students in our children's camps.  For immediate information, please consult our webpage: www.afsantarosa.org

FRENCH AS YOU LIKE IT.  French As You Like It offers private French lessons and cultural coaching in Paris for professionals, expats, tourists, students, and children. We believe in giving the highest standard of customer service and our values are:  Quality - Experienced French teachers who are fluent in English, are from Paris and have university degrees in teaching French as a second language.  Flexibility-  Our teachers are available between 8am and 8pm at clients homes, at unique cultural places in Paris, at client offices or at our classroom facility in the Marais.   Innovation - Highly customized private French lessons that are proven to speed French speaking and written abilities during stays in Paris.  Our founder, Marguerite Monnier started French As You Like It in 2006 after returning to France from San Francisco. She wanted to use her experience of moving to the U.S. and then back to France to help Anglophones settling and visiting Paris. French As You Like It now has seven teachers and has worked with over 500 students here in Paris.  At French As You Like It, we consider Paris our classroom. We believe people learn faster and easier if they are engaging the language through topics and locations that interest them. Each of our students has a personalized program based on their needs and level. For working professionals, we also come to offices, but again design a program around the student’s interests. For a history buff, the teacher might review irregular verbs while discussing the French revolution.  While we do use grammar books and give homework, our students have fun learning French because they are engaged by an activity or subject that interests them.  Our fees range from 45 euros to 75 euros per hour depending on your requirement, situation and program and more information about us can be found on our website www.frenchasyoulikeit.com and on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/French-As-You-Like-It/115835031825132 

CHILDREN’S FRENCH CLASSES AT BAY LANGUAGE ACADEMY.  Bay Language Academy learning is designed around a carefully designed curriculum.  http://www.baylanguages.com The classes are offered in a small group setting, all week in our beautiful academy facing the San Francisco Bay (East Bay). Children from preschool level and up are welcome. Parents are informed after each class of what was covered and what is expected from the young students for the next session. Classes will start again on January 7th. Call us: 510-306-4229 to visit our academy and learn about the philosophy behind the program.

CLASSES FOR ADULTS AT BAY LANGUAGE ACADEMY.  Whether you want to communicate with colleagues/ friends or just want to be involved in our rich and diverse community in a more effective manner or even plan to learn French for your next vacation (travel-specific classes), we will try our best to accommodate your language needs.  Classes for professionals are designed around the specialized language needs in the legal, medical or real estate fields. Our French language program is implemented within a cultural context, so by providing an in-depth, linguistic and cultural instruction, we create a unique blend of stimulating environment and dynamic learning experience. We encourage students to be enriched by new cultures and to discover hidden opportunities. Students of all age (preschool to retirees) come to learn—or enhance existing skills.  French adult classes will start again in January for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Call us: 510-306-4229 and visit:  http://www.baylanguages.com  

FRENCH LESSONS.  Learn French with an acclaimed and experienced native teacher, in person or remotely via Skype. Whether it is for school, work or pleasure, Sandrine's lessons are tailored to every student's needs and goals. From basic conversation to fluency, from simple sentences to academic levels, Sandrine provides quality teaching to students with high standards. Visit Sandrine’s French lessons blog: http://sandrinedeparis.blogspot.com Contact:   sandrine@sandrinedeparis.com      

AFTER SCHOOL FRENCH CLASSES FOR CHILDREN IN THE BAY AREA (K - 12). Do you want to offer your child the opportunity to grow and learn? Do you dream of offering your child the chance to be bilingual? You can give your child this opportunity with affordable, local French classes starting in September 2012.  Education Francaise Bay Area (EFBA) is a non-profit organization focused on high quality, affordable French courses and serves families through nearly 20 public school locations in the San Francisco Bay Area (including Oakland, Mountain View, San Jose, Walnut Creek and more). The EFBA is supported by the French government.  Course registrations open in September 2012 (and will remain open as space permits). Enroll your child today so you can secure a spot!  www.efba.us or contact us at info@efba.us.

POUR LES ENFANTS FRANCOPHONES:  CNED offert par PAFEAPAFEA (Palo Alto French Education Association) donne des cours de français aux enfants francophones ayant comme base pédagogique les cours du  CNED (Organisme français de cours à distance). Les enfants bénéficiant de cet enseignement, avec seulement 4 heures par semaine, suivent le même niveau que les enfants scolarisés en France. Les cours de toutes les classes PAFEA sont enseignés par des instructeurs qualifiés de langue française., Représentante locale: Ghislaine Géry, guilou@pacbell.net .

FRENCH PRIMARY CLASS AT THE RENAISSANCE SCHOOL IN OAKLAND. The Renaissance School (TRS), a private Montessori school in Oakland, California for ages 2 years old through middle school, announces it has openings in its French Primary class for children ages four and five years old, born between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2008.  Students in the French Primary class are introduced to conversational French and are conversed with and instructed at all times in both English and French. Because they are taught by native speakers, children acquire the correct accent and language patterns. The written form of the language is introduced in both languages at this level allowing the children to learn to write and read by the end of that level.  At the Elementary level, students continue to develop their linguistic skills by adding Spanish, bringing to bear a genuine tri-language immersion program. The Renaissance School is believed to be the only Montessori school in the United States that offers a genuine three-language immersion program.  Tours of the school are available by appointment. To schedule a tour of the school, email info@therenaisanceschool.org or call 510-531-8566. Visit:  http://www.therenaissanceschool.org    

ECOLE MATERNELLE PETIT PETON.  "Ecole Maternelle Petit Peton" French School is a new French Immersion Pre-kindergarten option for families seeking a progressive education for their pre-school aged child. Run by a French Tutor and artgallery director from Paris, the preschool provides a customized program that brings each child to the focus of a traditional French curriculum in a small group setting five students. Petit Peton French Immersion Preschool follows the Official French Education Curriculum for preschoolers and kindergarteners in SAN FRANCISCO since 2010.Petit Peton welcomes little students aged from 2 1/2 years old  to 6  years old. (Petite, Moyenne Section les mâtinées et Programme du CNED pour les Grande Section les après midi). Cahier de Vie, Cahier d’Écriture, techniques de peinture des artistes modernes et contemporains pour tous les élèves.  Petit Peton offers a Summer Camp from 4 to 6 years old (programme féerique autour des classiques français comme Peau d’Âne, Bécassine, les Barbapapas, Emilie Jolie ... Ambiance théâtraleà ne pas manquer !)  and Private Piano Class in French. Petit Peton French Immersion PreSchool has a structured curriculum in place to ensure our children are prepared for Kindergarten and 1st Grade,French CP.  Website : www.frenchschoolpp.com   Contact : Delphine Pilarski at 415 867 8418A Bientôt !

FRENCH CLASSES TAUGHT BY NATIVE SPEAKER NICOLE COLLINS AT THE ORINDA COMMUNITY CENTER (EAST BAY).  Through the Community Center in Orinda, I teach French conversation classes for adults. I offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes four quarters a year. Fall, winter, and spring quarters are 10 to 12 weeks long, and summer quarters are 5 to 6 weeks long.  I have been teaching French conversation classes since 1997.My mission is to create a friendly and relaxed experience for people to learn or brush-up, the way French is spoken today.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nicole-language/184446598303358 or  http://www.nicolelanguage.com for details.

CHOUCHOU ~ FRENCH PLAY GROUP.  Kids play smarter, make friends and learn French! Chouchou is a fun structured language-immersion play group geared for children 1-4 years of age. This interactive class presents material multi-modally through picture books, stories, art, songs and movement. French beginners are welcome.  www.seesawsf.com for details.

ATELIERS DE BANDE DESSINEE POUR ENFANTS ET POUR ADULTES! Horaire hiver 2012. Aucune formation artistique ou talent spécial en dessin nécessaire! Formation dans la tradition franco-belge, du scénario à la mise en couleur. Pour enfants: 25 janvier au 22 février 2012. Mercredis, 15h30 à 17h30 (10 ans et plus). Coût: $150. Pour adultes, des ateliers de BD auto-biographique. Du 24 janvier au 28 février, 2012. Mardis, de 10h à 12h00. Coût: $150. Les cours ont lieu à Palo Alto, en petits groupes. Information: Danièle Archambault. Daniele@DanieleBD.com. www.DanieleBD.com

SANTA ROSA FRENCH-AMERICAN CHARTER SCHOOL. For more information about the Charter School or if you are interested in sending your children there, please contact:  info@srfacs.org.

"CHOUCHOU" ~ FRENCH FOR TODDLERS AT SEESAW CAFÉ.  French for toddlers (weekly classes)Parents come connect while your kids play, make new friends and learn in French! Chouchou is a fun and structured language-immersion play group for children 1 - 5 years of age. This playful and interactive class is led by Vanessa Portois-Wermter. Material is presented multi-modally through picture books, stories, art, songs and dancing. French language fluency is not required but French will be spoken 90% of the time. Let the little ones explore and laugh as they learn about animals, instruments, food, feelings, body parts and more!  Wednesdays 10.30am to 11.30am - WeeklyPre-registration required.Tuition for 4 sessions is $100 | 1 session is $30.  To learn more email vanessa at vanessa.portois@gmail.com and to register, visit seesawsf.com.  Seesaw Cafe (? 1.415.553.8070 - 600A Octavia St.)  http://seesawsf.com/workshops.php

PETITS CONFETTIS, A NEW FRENCH IMMERSION PRESCHOOL IN MOUNTAIN VIEW, from HELENE GSELL.  Petits Confettis est une nouvelle Preschool tout en Francais sur Mountain View qui recherche des volontaires pour la rentree de Septembre. Le poste est flexible: Lundi, Mardi, Jeudi et/ou Vendredi (ferme le Mercredi). De 9am a 4pm ou de 9am a midi et/ou de 1pm a 4pm. Une compensation sera offerte pour tout volontariat. Les enfants ont entre 3 ans et 5 ans et une maitresse de Francais assurera les cours. Pour toute information, visitez le site: www.petitsconfettis.com  Contactez-nous a: info@petitsconfettis.com  

PAINTING COURSES AND HOLIDAYS IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE.     Join English painter and teacher Nicola on one of her fun creative courses in the Languedoc area in the south of France. Learn or improve your drawing and painting skills, how to work in watercolours ‘plein air’, or for something quite different, how to paint furniture and accessories with that French ‘Shabby Chic’ style while staying in a Château on the banks of Le Canal du Midi.  Every year Nicola hosts a variety of courses and holidays in both the Languedoc and Provence and can be booked by private groups.  www.painting-holidays-france.com 

FRENCH FOR FUN  - Lafayette, California We have been teaching in the San Francisco East Bay for over 30 years, and we attribute our success to our unique teaching style. Madame Catherine Jolivet, a native of France, is the visionary founder, educator, and leader of the program. The curriculum is a synthesis of the best educational methods - from Montessori to the Project Approach! Academics and the Arts are woven together, and the result is a program that prepares children with skills that lay a foundation for elementary school success. By fostering a sense of fun and adventure our students will discover and develop language and cultural communication skills to empower them as responsible global citizens. Our Early Childhood Program is licensed through the California Department of Social Services, and our After School Program was recently awarded Heritage School status. Early Childhood Classes and most Elementary School Classes take place in a Total Immersion Environment.  To reach French For Fun, please phone 925-283-9822 or stop by 3468 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite B100, Lafayette CA 94549 (in the Corporate Terrace Office Complex).

WORKING IN FRANCE.  Online presentation on the topic of working in France, presented by Laurence Raybois, a consultant specialized in assisting Americans wishing to work/live in France.  The presentation costs $20 and lasts about one hour.  It comes complete with handouts and a free 15-minute follow-up consultation with Laurence Raybois.  It covers visas/cartes de séjour, regulated professions, how EU regulations may be used to work in France and the rights of accompanying family members, among many topics. http://www.americansmovingtofrance.com 

FRENCH CLASSES FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS.  Taught by a native French instructor, highly qualified, ith an MA in French Language Education, and experienced. CLASSES: Help with homework, AP French Language Exam, conversation, playgroup for toddler, etc.  Programme spécial offert pour enfants francophones du CP à la terminale. LOCATION: East Bay Area.  For more information, or to contact me, go to:  http://privatefrenchtutoring.webs.com/

LE PETIT JARDIN of San Anselmo.  COME AND PLAY… LATER IN THE DAY.  Le Petit Jardin of San Anselmo (Lic # 214005102) is expanding its class offerings! After nearly 3 years of wonderful success offering Toddler French every morning, we are now pleased to announce the addition of afternoon immersion sessions!! Little ones can come and play, plant in our garden, sing, dance and enjoy story time and art projects ALL IN FRENCH! Class size will be kept at a 4:1 ratio, so don't delay in reserving your child's place.   WHO: Kiddies ages 18 months and older   WHAT: French Immersion through contextual play and art!   WHEN: Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 5:30pm   WHERE: Le Petit Jardin of San Anselmo   COST: $364/month  (*Price includes nutritious afternoon snack and all needed course materials. As with all new enrollments, there is a one-time $50 registration fee.)  Visit www.LPJkids.com for more information on Language Immersion for your child amber@LPJkids.com or tel. 415.459.3978 for details.

LA TOULZANIE. A very beautiful, historic,14th century mill in La Toulzanie (Lot,near Cahors in southwest France) is available as a  very special place to offer short courses, seminars, or workshops. The price, per week (Saturday to Saturday) depends on the time of year. Nearby is a new, lovely hotel looking directly at St. Cirq Lapopie, one of France's most beautiful villages. The mill is located on (and in) the river Lot. It sleeps 5 and features the original huge hearth, circular stone staircase, and footbridge. The grand salon is a lovely room with a long, wooden table suitable for seminars. A swimming pool, 2 minutes on foot from the mill, and a rowboat and fishing gear at the mill, are included. Photos at www.latitude.org . For availability, please contact Neil Buffée at gemeaux3@wanadoo.fr.

MA PETITE ECOLE.  Ma Petite École is a Family Child Care Home offering a French preschool curriculum in Santa Rosa. Emmanuelle Benefield, a native of France, directs an “école maternelle” program (petite, moyenne et grande sections) for children from the age of two through kindergarten. The friendly, supportive environment allows children to have fun learning and thrive as individuals. For details, please contact Emmanuelle at (707) 579-2669. www.ma-petite-ecole.com

ATELIER D'ECRITURE.  Quelques places sont disponibles à partir de cet automne dans le   seul atelier francophone de la Baie, qui entame en septembre   (première date à déterminer) sa 6e année.  Nos séances ont lieu sur   la Péninsule, le lundi de 11h à 14h, tous les 15 jours. Un second   atelier pourrait être donné à un horaire différent.  Après la   première séance d'introduction, l'atelier est fermé à de nouveaux   venus, et on s'engage à toute la série (de 6 à 8 sessions, à $60 la   session) si on souhaite continuer.  Aucune expérience d'écriture est   nécessaire, et le partage de nos écrits est facultatif. Le nombre de   participants est limité.   L'atelier est conduit par PHILIPPE BERTHOUD, professeur à   l'Université John F. Kennedy, où il enseigne "Writing as a   Psychospiritual Tool", un cours qu'il a donné en Irlande et en France.  Inscriptions/Info:pberthoud@jfku.eduou 510 - 234 4799. "Dans cet atelier, on se laisse guider par notre plume et on est   surpris par la beauté de ce qu'elle nous révèle".  Anne Dumontier

FRENCH LANGUAGE WITH JOY.  Private lessons and group-based language instruction serving Marin & San Francisco since 1975.  Taught by BARBARA ZEIDMAN, M.A.   California State Licensed Community College French Instructor.  415.479.2100 for details.

TUTORING FOR MATH & SCIENCE – IN FRENCH!  I graduated from La Perouse in 2007 with a Scientific Baccalaureat. I'm a Junior student in SRJC in organic chemistry, and have completed a summer internship in the Buck Institute. I give math, chemistry and physics tutoring for every level. Have 3 years of experience, good connections with students and satisfied results. Can meet at the students home or at your convenience. For more information, please feel free to contact me at awad.pierre@gmail.com or tel 415 408 1041.

CLASSES DE CUISINE. L'alimentation saine, c'est delicieuse! Venez tous chez Janet, infirmière et chef de cuisine, pour des classes de cuisine. Mes classes, à San Rafael, sont petites et vous travaillez dans ma grande cuisine professionelle pour apprendre les recettes qui sont bien pour maigrir et prévenir les maladies. Après, nous dinons en famille. Et bien sur, nous parlons français! Janet Dresser 415.455.8939 ou http://www.cookingforyourlife.com

COOKING CLASSES IN FRANCE OFFERED BY FORMER BAY AREA RESIDENT Philippe Gion. http://www.ArtandCookingClassesinFrance.com Philippe Gion was a resident of San Francisco from 1986 to 2001, then time shared between the US and Provence. Owner & chef of the restaurant "Café Landais" (1986-1990) then, manager of the restaurant of the "Alliance Fançaise,” he was also Executive Chef at Stanford University ("East House Residency", 1997- 2000). He was a member of the Board of Director at the "Lycée Français Lapérouse" (1988-1991) and creator of the first French Ciné-Club in San Francisco ("Alliance Française Ciné-Club" with the partnership of the Lycée Français). In 1996, Philippe Gion founded "Art and Cooking Classes in France" dedicated to bringing to our Anglo-Saxons friends and gourmets the best of the joie de vivre in France and, most of all, an attractive approach of the traditional French gastronomy in Provence.

PARIS VERSION A LA FRANCAISE. Week-long French Culture and Language Seminar in Paris, various dates available. Enjoy speaking French in unknown and new Parisian surroundings : French classes in the morning, cultural and gourmet workshops or strolls through the real Paris in the afternoon. Paris Version à la Française ; http://www.parisvf.com for more details.

FRENCH CLASSES FOR LITTLE ONES IN SAN FRANCISCO. Contact: Jean et Marie store & Maisonette Playroom : Coordonnées: 510.759.1224 - ingrid@maisonettesf.com. Jean et Marie is proud to announce to offer its French immersion program for kids in its playroom, Maisonette. Language study is best started when very young, and that's why we decided to offer this opportunity to little ones as young as 2. Activities for each hour-and-a-half class include games, singing and dancing, puppets, drawing, and storytelling, all in French. For more information, come by the store, at 100 Clement Street, see: www.maisonettesf.com or call 510.759.1224.

FRENCH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE. Learn French at your own pace. French for children, adults and corporate in private or small classes. French Language Institut offers flexibility, fun, customized programs, library, newest educative material, CNED, craft sessions, trip to France and much more! Visit us @ http://www.FL-Institut.com or write to frenchteachers@siliconfrench.com.

LANGUAGES INSTITUTE INC. Languages Institute Inc. is comprised of a team of 8 experienced teachers. All our teachers are native French speakers, passionate about the language and earned a Bachelor or Master's degree. They have much experience to make your learning fun, pleasant and efficient! 1100 East Hamilton Avenue, #3, Campbell, CA. 408.377.1113 or 408.833.9620 or Info@Frenchin.Org or http://www.frenchin.org

LIVELY LANGUAGE LEARNING™. French classes for children ages 7-12. Based on famous accelerated learning method. Small classes. Fun and easy. Email info@optimalearning.com or call 415.898.0013. The OptimaLearning Center of Novato, http://www.optimalearning.com or http://www.optimalearningcenter.org

Other courses available. For courses at Sonoma State University, go to http://www.sonoma.edu/modlang/ . For classes in Santa Rosa, see http://www.afsantarosa.org or contact info@afsantarosa.org. See http://www.afsf.com for Alliance Francaise classes in San Francisco and /http://www.berlitz.com for Berlitz Language Centers. The French Class in San Francisco offers upper level classes in literature and business language, as well as study in various regions of France. See http://www.frenchclass.com. In the East Bay, visit http://www.afberkeley.org/ or write to afberkeley@sbcglobal.net for more class opportunities. For the monthly newsletter of the Alliance Francaise de Napa and a list of French classes offered, go to http://www.afnapa.com.


Sometime in 2013. FESTIVAL THEATRE ENSEMBLE presents THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE THREE MUSKETEERS, an all new story involving the traditional heroes of the beloved original book in all the swashbuckling glory of the 1600s!  www.fteshakes.org for details.

November 1 & 3, 2013. ANDRE GREGORY: BEFORE AND AFTER DINNER. "It's really wonderful work. Enlightening, moving, and very much a love story." - Martin Scorsese This portrait of groundbreaking director, actor, and artist André Gregory by Cindy Kleine (who is also his wife) is a delightful, ruminative appreciation of one man’s life and work. A brilliant and often hilariously funny raconteur, Gregory discusses the making of MY DINNER WITH ANDRÉ (1981), written by and starring Gregory and Wallace Shawn and directed by Louis Malle. He speaks warmly of his lifelong friendship with Shawn, and his problematic relationship with his European parents, described as “Jews who forgot to tell their children they were Jews.” André Gregory is a master storyteller, whose own life encompasses compelling passions, fears, and mysteries worthy of his theatrical mentors. “An indelible, gripping documentary portrait.…During the film’s scenes of Mr. Gregory at work, his theatrical direction suggests hocus-pocus conjuring...(Gregory) is a spellbinding raconteur….(with) a dry, slightly sinister cackle.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times (2012, 108 min. ) Friday, November 1 at 7:00 and November 3 at 4:00 http://www.sonoma.edu/sfi/schedule/

November 3, 2013.  FRENCH LITERATURE MEETUP GROUP.  Sélection de lecture :  L’AFRICAIN, par J. M. G. LE CLEZIO. Place: Crepes on Cole, 100 Carl St., San Francisco.  Récit personnel par le gagneur du Prix Nobel 2008. « J'ai longtemps rêvé que ma mère était noire. Je m'étais inventé une histoire, un passé pour fuir la réalité à mon retour d'Afrique, dans ce pays, dans cette ville où je ne connaissais personne, où j'étais devenu un étranger. Puis j'ai découvert, lorsque mon père, à l'âge de la retraite, est revenu vivre avec nous en France, que c'était lui l'africain. Cela a été difficile à admettre. Il m'a fallu retourner en arrière, recommencer, essayer de comprendre. »  Tous ceux qui aiment lire et discuter en français sont les bienvenus.  3-5pm.  For more information, contact : Charlie Klein, chassac@sbcglobal.net, tel. (510) 530-5078, or go to www.meetup.com/The-French-Literature-Meetup-Group .

November 5, 2013.  SUZANNE GOIN presents THE A.O.C. COOKBOOK at COOKS WITH BOOKS, Left Bank in Larkspur.  Includes meal inspired by the chef, who will discuss her cookbook with guests throughout the dining experience. Two hours, in all.  $120 single; $185 couple (one book).  6:30pm.  415.927.0960 or www.bookpassage.com for details.

November 6, 2013.  HOLIDAY CHAMPAGNES!  Wine Appreciation Class.  Classes listed above will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM for approximately 2  hours, and are limited to 16 participants.  The cost of classes including 8 wines or Champagnes for tasting is $60 per person, except for Deluxe and Champagne classes, which are $90 per person. A selection of French cheeses will be served buffet-style for your enjoyment and to relate the wine to food during our tasting. Reservations should be booked in advance with a credit card and cancellations must be made within 24 hours of each class for a refund.  We look forward to you joining us in discovering our great wine finds and values from France!  Please note that classes will not be held during the month of August.  The French Cellar, Regional Wine & Objects from France, 32 East Main St., Los Gatos, CA  95030.  408.354.0993 or www.thefrenchcellar.com or thefrenchcellar@me.com for details.

November 7, 2013.  MATISSE:  NOT JUST A WILD BEAST.  Lecture by JULIE CHARLES, associate curator of education, SFMOMA.  Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details.    10am.

November 7-10, 2013.  SIXTH ANNUAL FRENCH CINEMA NOW IN SAN FRANCISCO.  Four-Day Festival Celebrates the Best in Contemporary French Language Cinema with Recent Work from Gallic Masters and Exciting New Talent.  The San Francisco Film Society presents the sixth annual French Cinema Now, November 7 - 10 at Landmark's Clay Theatre, in association with the French American Cultural Society, the Consulate General of France in San Francisco and Unifrance. The four-day festival brings the most significant new work from international francophone cinema to discerning Bay Area audiences. Covering a broad spectrum of subject matter and genres, FCN offers a comprehensive snapshot of the current moment in French-language cinema.  "This year's edition highlights the virtuosity of French-language cinema in dealing with dark and complicated subject matter but it also demonstrates the breadth of current filmmaking and includes plenty of humor and delight," said Rachel Rosen, Film Society director of programming. "It's a pleasure to be able to both share the most recent work of SFIFF and FCN alumni and to introduce new French filmmaking talent to San Francisco audiences."  From the established talents of such notable filmmakers as Claire Denis, Nicolas Philibert and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi to new, emerging talent like Sébastien Betbeder, Katell Quillévéré and Axelle Ropert, French Cinema Now 2013 has something for cinephiles of all tastes. Romantic triangles, unusual familial conflicts and examinations of sexuality -- subjects French filmmakers are known for handling with particular skill -- feature prominently, and Europe's biggest stars such as Louis Garrel (A Castle in Italy), Vincent Lindon and Chiara Mastroianni (Bastards) appear with the region's up-and-coming actors like Sara Forestier (Suzanne) and Vincent Macaigne (2 Autumns, 3 Winters).  For complete program information visit www.sffs.org/Exhibition/Fall-Season 

November 8, 2013. JANINE JOHNSON, harpsichord, performs FRENCH PASSION – SUITES BY D’ANGLEBERT & RAMEAU. By November, you’ll be gasping for some French music; here it is! Janine Johnson, in an emotional and stormy mood, dishes up two demanding and volatile suites by composers who in many ways bookend the golden age of French harpsichord music, D’Anglebert and Rameau. They were born 50 years apart, but, as you will hear, share a taste for grand drama and elegant gestures. This program is not for those who need to remain calm and centered. Friday, November 8, 2013, 6 p.m St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley Tickets $15 general, $13 seniors/sudents/SFEMS members 18 and under admitted free and welcome. Tickets at the door or order online (cheaper) at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/436403 http://barefootchamberconcerts.com/2013-2014-season/janin/

November 13, 2013.  FESTIVAL JEROME BEL.  The internationally acclaimed French choreographer and conceptual artist Jérôme Bel, enjoys a reputation as one of the coolest conceptual dance-makers working today. His ironic, anti-theatrical productions question the nature of dance and the dividing line between audience and performer. The Show Must Go On features a mix of the finest Bay Area professional dancers with untrained Stanford “civilians” (students, faculty and staff), each performing to their own classic pop soundtrack via headset.  Includes THE SHOW MUCH GO ON; CEDRIC ANDRIUX; PICHET KLUNCHUN AND MYSELF-A FILM.  7:30pm, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University.  $10-$50.  http://live.stanford.edu/event.php?code=SMGO

November 13-December 1, 2013.  SAN FRANCISCO OPERA presents THE BARBER OF SEVILLE.  With the help of a wily barber, a strong-willed young woman outwits a lecherous old man in this eternally fresh comic masterpiece featuring Rossini’s wittiest, most charming score and two charismatic casts. One features Isabel Leonard, "a lively stage presence and a radiant lyric voice" (The New York Times); Lucas Meachem, who displayed "vocal brilliance" and "theatrical panache" in the title role of San Francisco Opera’s Don Giovanni (2011) (San Francisco Chronicle); and rising tenor Javier Camarena, praised by Opera News for his "exquisite finesse." The other equally stunning cast features Daniela Mack, who sings Rossini "with technical command and expressive ease" (Opera News); the "smooth-voiced" Audun Iversen (The New York Times); and Alek Shrader, whose "bright singing" is matched with "matinee-idol good looks" (New York Times). Resident Conductor Giuseppe Finzi, who leads the San Francisco Opera Orchestra with "vigor and clarity" (San Francisco Chronicle), returns to the podium.  www.sfopera.com for details.

November 13-December 2, 2013.  FESTIVAL JÉRÔME BEL.  Renowned French conceptualist-choreographer at Stanford University.  Includes THE SHOW MUST GO ON, a performance piece that unites students, professionals, faculty and general audience members, all dancing to their own beat.  Stanford Memorial Auditorium, 551 Sierra Mall, Stanford.  650.725.2787 or www.live.stanford.edu for details.

November 14, 2013.  SPECIAL EVENT:  THE ART OF THE PHOTOGRAPH, A PRESENTATION BY LUCIENNE BLOCH. Lucienne Allen will share her impressions and understanding of the photographs of her great-grandfather, Ernest Bloch, and her grandmother and namesake, Lucienne Bloch.  6:00pm: Reception sponsored by the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco; 7:00pm: Program with Lucienne Allen and Sita Milchey.  For more information: http://www.jewishlearningworks.org/library/adult-events

November 15, 2013.  FRENCH THEATRICAL FOUNDATION presents MARIE ANTOINETTE IN HER OWN WORDS.  World premiere starring leading French actress, BARBARA SCHULZ. The play, based on Marie-Antoinette’s actual letters (Correspondance 1770-1793, ed. Evelyne Lever, 2005), will be presented in French with English supertitles.  To find out more and purchase tickets, just click on this link:   https://frenchtheatre.org/show/1.

November 17, 2013.  DUTCH MONEY, GERMAN KNOW-HOW, FRENCH TASTE:  SIXTY YEARS OF DUTCH PORCELAIN (1759-1814), a lecture by JAN DANIEL VAN DAM, European ceramics specialistPalace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details.  2pm.

November 17, 2013.  FRENCH-ARGENTINIAN ENSEMBLE UNION TANGUERA presents NUIT BLANCHE.  7pm.  Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley.  510.642.9988 or http://calperformances.org for details.

November 19, 2013.  THE FRENCH AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE presents HOW CLEAN IS YOUR DATA CENTER?  Join our panel of distinguished experts who will share their experience and insights into Data Centers and their energy consumption.  Meet also the French CleanTech Open winners, and future Cleantech Open forum finalists, at this event!  www.faccsf.com for details.


November 22 & 23, 2013.  SAN FRANCISCO WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL presents THE WAR PROJECT:  PROPAGANDA, PROTEST & PRAYER.  Including Bask txalaparta. Registration is required at 415.292.1233 or arts@jccsf.org

November 22 & 24, 2013.  YUM, YUM, YUM!  A TASTE OF CAJUN & CREOLE COOKING and SPEND IT ALL.  Zydeco and Cajun music provide the background for this passionate celebration of cooking and eating in Louisiana. Locals and well-known chefs such as Paul Prudhomme demonstrate how to cook their dishes, based on the Cajun and Creole cultures of the Gulf Coast. (1990, 31 min.) and  “SPEND IT ALL,” A lively and beautiful celebration of the food and music of the French-speaking Cajuns of Louisiana. With the music of Dewey Balfa and Nathan Abshire. (1971, 41 min.).  Friday at 7pm, Sunday at 4pm in Warren Auditorium, Ives Hall 101.  See Sonoma Film Institute http://www.sonoma.edu/sfi/ for more information. Admission is $7.00 general, $6.00 for seniors and non-SSU students, $5.00 for SFI members and kids, and FREE for SSU students.  http://www.sonoma.edu/sfi/schedule/  

November 22, 2013-January 6, 2014.  TRISTAN & ISEULT.  Grounded in medieval French tales.  Kneehigh is back! Britain’s beloved theatre company returns to the Bay Area with a glorious story of love. King Mark rules with his head, until he falls head over heels for his enemy’s sister. Based on an ancient tale from Cornwall, Tristan & Yseult revels in forbidden desires, broken hearts, grand passions and tender truths. It’s another marriage of gorgeous music and ingenious staging from the acclaimed creators of Brief Encounter and The Wild Bride. Embrace comedy and spontaneity in this West Coast premiere for an irresistible night of love!  Berkeley Rep, Roda Theatre, 2015 Addison St., Berkeley.  510.647.2949 or http://www.berkeleyrep.org/season/1314/7245.asp for details.

December 1, 2013.  MATISSE IN SAN FRANCISCO, lecture by JANET BISHOP, curator of painting and sculpture, SFMOMA.  Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details.  2pm.

December 3, 2013.  THE ART AND SPIRIT OF THE CRECHE, a docent lecture given by KATE SCULTI. Palace of the Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, San Francisco.  www.famsf.org for details.  2:15pm.

December 7, 14, & 21, 2013.  DUE ZIGHI BACI perform with Santa Claus, 9am to 11am at Costeaux French Bakery with holiday music.  www.EuroCafeMusic.com for details.

December 31, 2013-January 19, 2014.  CINNABAR presents JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS.  Music by Jacques BrelFour talented performers bring Brel’s legendary songbook to life in a vivid cabaret.  www.cinnabartheater.org

January 11, 2014.  SAN FRANCISCO SILENT FILM FESTIVAL presents THE LITTLE TRAMP AT 100:  A CHARLIE CHAPLIN CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION.  Castro Theatre.  Tickets and passes on sale October 21.   www.silentfilm.org

January 19, 2014.  RICHARD GOODE, piano, performs DEBUSSY’s PRELUDES, BOOK 1, and more.  3pm.  Zellerbach Hall, UC-Berkeley.  510.642.9988 or http://calperformances.org for details.

February 9, 2014.  PHILIPPE JAROUSSKY performs with the VENICE BAROQUE ORCHESTRA.  Weill Hall, Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center.  3pm.  866.955.6040 or http://gmc.sonoma.edu for details. 

February 12, 2014.  BASSEKOU KOUYATE & NGONI BA at the SF Jazz Center.  866.920.5299 or http://sfjazz.org for details. 

February 12-16, 2014.  NEW CENTURY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA performs MASSENET’s MEDITATION FROM THAIS and more.  Concert locations in the East Bay, the Peninsula, San Francisco and Marin.  s415.357.1111x4 or info@ncco.org or www.ncco.org for details.

February 26, 2014.  EMANUEL AX (with YO-YO MA) performs BRAHMS AND BEYOND at Cal Performances.  8pm.  Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley.  510.642.9988 or http://calperformances.org for details.

February 28, 2014. MITZI MEYERSON, harpsichord Mitzi Meyerson is one of the world's leading harpsichordists with a huge international following. Based in Germany, she continues to perform in solo recital and with the world's leading musicians. MusicSources audiences are fortunate to hear her in an exclusive BayArea appearance, featuring music from 18th century France. St. Mary Magdalen Church 2005 Berryman Street, Berkeley CA http://www.musicsources.org/events_schedule.html#sep15

Through March 2, 2014.  A SHARED EYE:  PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERNEST AND LUCIENNE BLOCH.  Swiss-American Ernest Bloch is revered for his musical compositions: few know that both he and his daughter, painter Lucienne Bloch, also shared a passion and a talent for photography. Drawn from the personal collection of Lucienne Allen, granddaughter of Lucienne Bloch, the Jewish Community Library of San Francisco presents the first exhibition of photography by both Ernest and Lucienne Bloch in the Bay Area. More than twenty photographs Illustrate their shared vision of the 1920s through 1940s, from urban American labor demonstrations to serene Swiss landscapes and iconic images of Rivera and Kahlo. Also on display are personal memorabilia including the Blochs' camera  and printing equipment.  1835 Ellis Street, San Francisco.  For more information:  http://www.jewishlearningworks.org/library/adult-events

April 4, 2014. HALLIFAX & JEFFREY, viols, with guest JOHN LENTI, theorbo, perform FRENCH FRIDAY: MARAIS, DOLLÉ , BOISMORTIER, CAIX D’HERVELOIS AND MORE. Violists Peter Hallifax and Julie Jeffrey (the Barefoot house band), return this year with fabulous guest theorbo player John Lenti and a program of drippingly elegant French music. As always in this music, gesture is everything, and “little gorgeous things” are everywhere. Marais wrote that one could play his music in a variety of instrumentations, but that two viols and a theorbo would always sound best. We agree. Composers will include but by no means be limited to Marais, Dollé, Boismortier, and Caix D’Hervelois (including the infamous programmatic romp, “Cors de Chasse”). Friday, April 4, 2014, 6 p.m. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley Tickets $15 general, $13 seniors/students/SFEMS members 18 and under admitted free and welcome. Tickets at the door or order online (much cheaper) at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/436525 or http://barefootchamberconcerts.com/2013-2014-season/h-j/

April 11, 2014. AN 18th CENTURY FRENCH MUSICAL PORTRAIT. The artwork on the cover of our season brochure is a newly discovered painting of French origin. It was recently purchased in auction at Sotheby's. The musical instrument depicted in the painting is a vielle àroue. Shockingly, the specific instrument depicted is also under the same ownership as the painting. Curtis Berak, owner of the painting and instrument, will give MusicSources audiences an exclusive, in person viewing of both works, together for the first time and never before displayed publicly. Music of the French Baroque will be heard, and guests will enjoy complimentary wine and refreshments. Northbrae Community Church, Haver Hall 941 The Alameda, Berkeley http://www.musicsources.org/events_schedule.html#sep15

April 13, 2014.  CHRISTIANNE STOTIJN, mezzo-soprano, performs works by RAVEL and more.  3pm, Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley.  510.642.9988 or http://calperformances.org for details.

April 15, 2014.  PARIS COMBO at the SF Jazz Center.  866.920.5299 or http://sfjazz.org for details. 

April 24-May 8, 2014.  57TH SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.  www.sffs.org for details.

May 3, 2014.  DAVID FINCKEL, cello, and WU HAN, piano, present THE UNFOLDING OF MUSIC, including DEBUSSY’s SONATA FOR CELLO AND PIANO.  8pm, First Congregational Church, Berkeley.  510.642.9988 or http://calperformances.org for details.

May 30-June 15, 2014.  CINNABAR presents THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO.  Music by W.A. Mozart, Libretto by Lorenzo DaPonte  Music director Mary Chun and stage director Elly Lichenstein return from their triumphant production of Carmen to tell this luscious tale of seduction, deception, and forgiveness.  www.cinnabartheater.org

June 20-29, 2013.   SACRAMENTO FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL.  Crest Theatre.  www.SacramentoFrenchFilmFestival.org

Always call ahead to confirm dates and times!

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