June 21-29, 2018

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June Events

June 20, 2018.  AYAKA ISONO, piano, performs works by DEBUSSY and others.  Noon.  Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley.  www.throckmortontheatre.org for details.

June 21, 2018.  FRANCE-PEROU.  Enjoy the game before heading to work – it will be on the screen at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO!  8am!  www.afsf.com for details.

June 21, 2018.  THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO presents FETE DE LA MUSIQUE.  1345 Bush St., SF.  www.afsf.com for details.

June 21, 2018.  FETE DE LA MUSIQUE at MAISON BLEUE with the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BERKELEY.  5pm-10pm.  All are welcome to enjoy live music at a lovely venue inside and on the patio!  Free event.  Crêpes, croque-monsieur, merguez... and drinks available for purchase.  All welcome. Kids Friendly.  2020 Kittredge St., Berkeley.  www.afberkeley.org for details.

June 21, 2018.  LE CLUB DE LECTURE DE MENLO PARK lit L’ETE MEURTRIER de SEBASTIEN JAPRISOT.  Nous nous réunirons le jeudi 21 juin à Alto International School, 475 Pope Street, Menlo Park, soit le premier jour d'été, à 19h.  Le livre choisi tombe bien, L'Été Meurtrier, de Sébastien Japrisot. Prix Deux Magots en 1978. Roman policier plein de suspens et de sensualité.  Vous pouvez trouver le film, avec Isabelle Adjani et Alain Souchon sur Youtube.

June 21, 2018.  RUPERT THOMSON presents NEVER ANYONE BUT YOU, a novel about two women who meet in France between the wars and find themselves on the Isle of Jersey just as the Nazis invade the island.  Book Passage, Ferry Building, SF.  www.bookpassage.com for details. 

June 22, 2018.  VISITE GUIDEE PAR GILLES:  CHINATOWN & NORTH BEACH.  A pied, en français.  2pm-5:30pm.  https://www.facebook.com/events/182032119084083/

June 22, 2018.  KARAMO SUSSO at Ashkenaz!  International kora star Karamo Susso celebrates Malian music. One of the best-known African performers to grace our stage, he has appeared in the past few years in numerous settings, contributing his unique spirit, from solo to such world fusions as the World Blues Band, Symphony of Koras, Soul Union, and the Manding Band. Susso was born in Gambia, raised in Mali, and is a singer and kora master. He grew up in a compound of griots, next door to Toumani Diabate. His uncle was Ballake Cissoko. Susso was playing kora and performing before he was big enough to hold the instrument. He has since gone on to perform with many of Africa’s top stars and American musicians including Taj Mahal.  The kora, the 21-stringed harp lute of West Africa, originated in the ancient Kingdom of Mali more than a thousand years ago. Tradition tells that djinns brought it into this world and gave it to the griots: families whose place in the culture was to sing the epics of heroes and relate histories. The griots played kora and sang in court to praise the kings, and in the villages to carry news and to celebrate traditional ceremonies. The music is intricate, elegant, and potent. It is sweet while strong, percussive while lyrical, active while calm. Centuries of complex tradition are heard in it, as are simple truths.  $15 – $18.  www.karamosussomusic.com  or www.ashkenaz.com or
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/karamo-susso-tickets-46786460563 for tickets.

June 23, 2018.  RENEE MOREL presents PATRICK MODIANO (1935-) AND ?THE PUZZLE OF IDENTITY at THE FRENCH CLASS.  Obsessed with the dark and shameful period of the Occupation during which his father engaged in shady dealings, French author Patrick Modiano (1945-) has returned to this theme book after book, building a remarkably homogeneous work recently honored by a Nobel Prize in literature. His dream-like novels read like a never-ending search for identity in a world where “the sand holds the traces of our footsteps but a few moments.” Who are the various—and numerous—“ghosts” that haunt his stories? The people and places that most memorably embody his obsessions and elegiac prose.  The same Modiano conference will be offered on these two dates: 6/19, 6pm-7:30pm, or 6/23, 10:30am-12 noon. Cette conférence, abondamment illustrée, sera présentée deux fois par Renée Morel, en français, bien sûr. Une heure et demie, $25 (niveau intermédiaire et avancé). Please, please, reserve a seat as conferences will be cancelled if less than 4 people enroll.  reneemorel@gmail.com or www.frenchclass.com for details.

June 23, 2018.  REBECCA MAKKAI presents THE GREAT BELIEVERS, set in 1980s Paris and Chicago.  3pm.  Book Passage, Ferry Building, SF.  www.bookpassage.com for details.

Through June 24, 2018.  FRAMELINE42:  42ND SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL LGBTQ FILM FESTIVAL.  French or French-related movies include:  MARCEL GISLER's MARIO, Sat., June 16, 6:30 PM at the Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco or Sat., June 23, 3:30 PM, Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco; Tickets: $12/members, $14/general.  Also, see REINVENTING MARTINA French coming-of-age drama about a young gay man who endures a difficult childhood in the country, movies to Paris, and struggles to write a theatrical piece about his experience, and KISS ME, A romantic comedy set in the midst of a Parisian summer, this film follows Océanerosemarie and Cecile -- along with Océanerosemarie’s numerous exes and meddling family -- through their courtship.  www.frameline.org for details. 

Through June 24, 2017.  17TH SACRAMENTO FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL.  Crest Theatre & Esquire Imax Theatre, Sacramento.  www.SacramentoFrenchFilmFestival.org

June 24, 2018.  SAMUEL BLASER, trombone, and MARC DUCRET, guitar. In concert.  A rare and exciting opportunity to see two masters of European Jazz improvising together in a duo situation! Sure to be a transcendent and beautifully challenging exploration of the outer limits of instrumental expression, this duo features two of Europe’s most idiosyncratic musical talents. While Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser extends his instrument into impressionist territory, the website All About Jazz claims that French guitarist Marc Ducret has “a penchant for exploring bewildering musical vistas”.  8:00 PM; Center for New Music ; 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco.  Tickets: $15/General, $10/Members.  Tickets also available at the door.This event is supported by the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco.

June 24, 2018.  L’ODYSSEE (APERO ET FILM).  French natives and francophiles will be mingling on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 5:00pm for the traditional apéro,  followed by the screening of the French Classic movie L’ODYSSEE at the Napa Valley Yacht Club. Join the fun!  The film tells the story of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French explorer and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water with great passion.  French film with English subtitles.  For more information and to RSVP:  www.afnapa.org for details.

June 24, 2018. FRIENDS OF EUROPE MINGLE (SF). Meet and mingle with European expats and other internationally-minded people over drinks. These convivial social gatherings are relaxed, intimate, and fun. A wide range of people attend: singles, couples, and all age groups. They’re a great way to make interesting new Euro friends. Visit www.bafoe.org for more details and to RSVP.

June 26, 2018.  THE CAJUN COUNTRY REVIVAL:  JESSE LEGE, JOEL SAVOY & THE FOGHORN STRING BAND, with dance lessons by CHERYL MCBRIDE.  Ashkenaz, Berkeley.  www.ashkenaz.com for details.

June 26 or 30, 2018.  RENEE MOREL presents INGRES (1780-1867): CLASSICISM WITH A TWIST at the FRENCH CLASS.  6/26, 6pm-7:30pm; 6/30, 10:30am-12 noon. reneemorel@gmail.com or www.frenchclass.com for details.

June 28, 2018.  LE CERCLE DE LECTURE DE LOS GATOS lira EQUATORIA.  Nous nous réunirons le jeudi 28 juin å 15 heures au Boulanger de Los Gatos pour discuter le roman de Patrick Deville : Equatoria.  Points- 345 pages - 2009. Nous avons déjà discuté un livre de cet auteur, qui est un grand voyageur et esprit cosmopolite : Peste et choléra". (Prix Fémina 2012).  Cette fois-ci il nous emmène en Afrique sur les traces du légendaire explorateur Savorgan de Brazza. Nous rencontrerons également le célebre docteur Albert Schweitzer au Gabon.  Pour tout renseignement, prière de contacter la responsable:  Bernadette Theisen.  www.afscv.org for details.

June 28, 2018.  THE FRENCH-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE presents MEET THE EXPERTS:  CREDIT SCORE & MORTGAGE PLANNING.  The banking system can be quite a challenge to the newcomer to the US. Understanding how it works and how it will impact your everyday life is an important step of your settling in to your new life in the US. During this session, the speakers will discuss the credit score and credit history. They will also explore how those two factors determine your mortgage application.  www.faccsf.com for details.

June 30, 2018. DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR SWISSNEX SAN FRANCISCO STARTUP CAMP. www.swissnexsanfrancisco.org for details.

June 30, 2018  IKO YAYA plays CAJUN-ZYDECO at Ashkenaz, Berkeley.  Dance lesson with DANA DESIMONEwww.ashkenaz.com for details.

June 30, 2018.  DANCING SPIRITS:  FEMALE LWA IN HAITIAN VODOU.  Dancing Spirits: Female Lwa Embodied through Movement, Song, Writing & Ritual, is a Wellness Workshop Series exploring Female Lwa in Haitian Vodou.  Facilitated by Portsha T. Jefferson, Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer and Vodou Practitioner, participants will have the opportunity to retreat inward, channel, write, affirm, learn traditional healing practices, inquire about Lwa + Vodou, sing and of course DANCE!  Sacred space will be created to provide an intimate setting. Participants who are interested in honoring spiritual growth, self-care, learning and healing are encouraged to attend.  June 30 | Session 4 - "Racine" - ROOTS: reNEWal & reBIRTH!Lwa: Manbo Ayizan (The Healer).  Ellen Webb Studio.  7pm-10pm | Workshop Offering: $25.  * Please arrive 15 minutes early to register. Drop-In are welcome.  7pm.  Ellen Webb Studios, Emeryville.  https://www.facebook.com/events/204871413673333/

Through August 11, 2018.  THEMED FRENCH SUMMER CAMPS at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  June 11-15: Fun in French Discovery CampJune 18-22: 20000 lieues sous les mers / Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea; June 25-29: Les aventuriers de Fort Boyard / Fort Boyard Adventurers; July 02-03: Mini camp artistique / Mini art Camp; July 9-13: Le Petit Prince / Little Prince; July 23-27 : Le Chat Botté / Puss in boots; July 16-20: Le Moyen-Age: Princesses et Chevaliers / Middle Ages : Princesses and Knights; July 30- August 03: Cromagnon; August 06-10:  Le petit Chaperon Rouge / Little Red Riding Hood.  http://afsf.com/cultural-center/camps-2018/?utm_source=Copy+of+Newsletter+March+9&utm_campaign=NL+June+&utm_medium=email 

SEE ALSO:  LE BLOG de l’Ile de France   http://ilefr.wordpress.com/


You will find here below details on special screenings and films playing locally.
All titles are listed in alphabetical order.

Check local listings for show times!    

17TH SACRAMENTO FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL.  Crest Theatre & Esquire Imax Theatre, Sacramento.  www.SacramentoFrenchFilmFestival.org June 15-24, 2017. 

LET THE SUNSHINE IN.  With JULIETTE BINOCHE.  Now playing in local theaters.

ALSO NOTE: TUESDAY FILMS AT THE AFSF: Join us as we show contemporary films from France and the French-speaking world every Tuesday at 7pm (holidays excepted). Screenings are at the Alliance Française of San Francisco, 1345 Bush Street, between Larkin and Polk, and are free (donation suggested). For upcoming movie titles and more details, visit http://afsf.com or call 415.775.7755.

FARTHER AFIELD: CINE CLUB of the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE SACRAMENTO. Join other cinephiles at the monthly movie presentations of the Cine Club at the Alliance Francaise in Midtown Sacramento (1721 25th Street). Films are shown at 7pm on the second Friday of each month except in June. To learn more : http://www.afdesacramento.org/calendar


June 20, 2018-February 25, 2019.  ALPHABÉTÉ:  THE WORLD THROUGH THE EYES OF FREDERIC BRULY BOUABRE.  Amongst the first generation in his native Ivory Coast to be formally taught how to write, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré was inspired to translate the Bété oral language into written form. This artist, poet, researcher, and inventor created an original pictographic alphabet as a way to borrow from, yet subvert, the medium of his French colonizers. From the 1970s until his death in 2014, he also created hundreds of brightly colored postcard-size illustrations that incorporate African writing systems, popular culture, scientific theories, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Cantor Arts Center, Lomita Drive, Stanford University.  650.723.4177 or www.museum.stanford.edu for details.

Through June 22, 2018.  FROM BRITTANY TO CALIFORNIA.  Photographs on exhibit at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  1345 Bush St., SF.  www.afsf.com for details.

Through July 7, 2018.  EDWIGE FOUVRY presents her paintings in ENTREVOIR at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery.  210 Post St., Suite 205, SF.  415.956.3560 or www.dolbychadwickgallery.com for details.

Through August 2018.  AFTER TOMORROW at the Résidence of the Consul General.  In collaboration with the Cultural and Scientific Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the French Consulate in San Francisco, the French Tech San Franciscon, l’Institut Français and the French American Cultural Society, re.riddle is pleased to present After Tomorrowan exhibition exploring the intersections between art, technology and science. The exhibition will look at the ways in which these interrelationshipsshape, augment and/or modify our existence and the human experience.  Installed in the private residence of the Consul General, the exhibition showcases the work of Hongtao Zhou, Boris Labbé, Summer Lee, Mark Baugh-Sasaki, and Angelique Cheronnet. Opening night will feature a performance art piece by Summer Lee with Laura Boles Faw and the US premiere of Boris Labbé’s animated video Kyrielle.  The exhibition runs from March 14, 2018 to August, 2018. For more information about the artists and to make an appointment for visiting the exhibition (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm), please contact Alex Penn at aedwards@reriddle.com or visit http://frenchculture.org/events/7645-after-tomorrow-curated-reriddle

Through August 12, 2018.  PARIS 1913:  LA PROSE DU TRANSSIBERIEN AND THE FLOWERING OF THE AVANT GARDE.  Museo Italo Americano, 99 Marina Blvd., Ft. Mason Center.  415.673.2200 or www.museoitaloamericano.org for details.

Through August 12, 2018.  LA PROSE DU TRANSSIBERIEN AND THE FLOWERING OF THE AVANT-GARDE.  Legion of Honor.  www.famsf.org for details.

Through September 4, 2018.  LOUISE BOURGEOIS SPIDERS.. French-Canadian artists Bourgeois left behind an extended series of sculptures and drawings of spiders.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 151 Third St., SF.  415.357.4000 or www.sfmoma.org for details. 

Through October 28, 2018.  RENE MAGRITTE.  THE FIFTH SEASON.  René Magritte (1898–1967) was one of the most intriguing painters associated with Surrealism, but he did not fully find his voice until after breaking ties with the movement. This exhibition, the first to look exclusively at Magritte’s late career, examines his most important bodies of work from the 1940s through the 1960s, and shows how they marked a fundamental shift in painting from Modernism to our own time.  Featuring more than 70 artworks in nine immersive, thematic galleries, René Magritte: The Fifth Season explores how Magritte balanced irony and conviction, philosophy and fantasy, to illuminate the gaps between what we see and what we know. Together, the works reveal Magritte as an artist acutely attuned to the paradoxes at work within reality, and an enduring champion of the role of mystery in life and art.  SFMOMA, https://www.sfmoma.org/exhibition/rene-magritte/ for details.

November 17, 2018-April 7, 2019.  GAUGUIN:  A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  Upper-level exhibition gallery, De Young Museum.  www.famsf.org for details. 

February 16-May 27, 2019.  MONET:  THE LATE YEARS.  Herbst Exhibition Galleries, De Young Museum.  www.famsf.org for details. 

March 2019.  MUMMIES TO MONET:  WESTERN ART AT THE LEGION.  Legion of Honor, 34th & Clement, SF.  www.famsf.org for details. 

Ongoing. JEAN-MICHEL OTHONIEL has installed LA ROSE DES VENTS at San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers.  http://conservatoryofflowers.org/ for details.   He has also installed PEONY, THE KNOT OF SHAME at 836M Gallery in San Francisco.  http://www.7x7.com/jean-michel-othoniel-installs-la-rose-des-vents-sculpture-at-sfs-conse-1787239407.html for more information.

Ongoing.  FRENCH ARTIST JEAN-MICHEL OTHONIEL has installed two major works.  La Rose des Vents at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, and  Peony, The Knot of Shame at 836M Gallery.  Conservatory of Flowers; 836M Gallery, San Francisco, CA.  http://www.836m.org/artists/jean-michel-othoniel/

On-going.  WORKS BY JEAN-MARC BRUGEILLES.  The French artist Jean-Marc Brugeilles is now being represented in San Francisco by Mishin Fine Art on Sutter St. in downtown San Francisco . The Gallery will be hosting a opening reception that is open to the public to present his collection of magnificent paintings.  The opening is Friday May 17th from 5PM  to 9 PM in the gallery. Jean-Marc will be in attendance and he has created special pastels for all who purchase paintings.  Mishin Fine Arts 445a Sutter St.   (btw Powell & Stockton) San Francisco, CA. 94108 415 391-6100 www.mishingallery.com . For more information:  415 637-3145  or www.brugeilles.com    Youtube: http://youtu.be/_4cTu2k79f4 

On-going.  MONIKA STEINER, beloved Bay Area-based Swiss painter is currently exhibiting paintings and small-format sculpture at the new, second location of the Geras-Tousignant Gallery in San Francisco.   Geras-Tousignant Gallery 437 Pacific Ave  San Francisco 415.986.1647.  geratousignant@gmail.com 

On-going. WHY NOT MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL? FRENCH TRAVEL POSTERS, 1945-1949, presented by the Nevada State Museum. French travel posters given to Nevada in 1949 in gratitude for American support following World War II will make their debut at the Nevada State Museum beginning May 23. Commissioned and printed by the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français, the French National Railways, the 21 posters depict stunning French landscapes, historical provinces and cultural regions. Why Not Make it Beautiful? French Travel Posters 1945-1949 features artwork carried aboard the Merci Boxcar, or Gratitude Train, in February of 1949. Research indicates that all states received a set of posters, yet only three appear to have retained possession of their collection, and Nevada will be the only state to exhibit them. Staff from the Nevada State Museum and Nevada State Archives restored the posters for the exhibit generously sponsored by Hazel Woodgate and the John and Grace Naumann Foundation. In 1947 the American people collected 700 boxcars loaded with food, clothing and fuel to help the people of France who were struggling desperately to recover from World War II. This "Friendship Train" stopped in Reno to collect the food gathered from all across the state of Nevada. In 1949 the French people collected a trainload of gifts for the Americans, filling 49 boxcars with tokens and treasures from the French provinces, one for each state and one to be shared between Hawaii and Washington D.C. The existence of these trains, and a time when international friendship was on a citizen-to-citizen scale is nearly forgotten. Most Nevadans have little knowledge of this chapter in our history. The notes and the significance of the gifts represent the best of humanity; the kindness that humans can give and share in the face of great suffering, the deep connection possible across cultural and spatial boundaries. Nevada State Museum/Bretzlaff History Resource Center Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 Wed. - Sat. by appointment 775/687-4810, x240 or SueAnn.Monteleone@nevadaculture.org or http://museums.nevadaculture.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=431

On-going.  MUSIC OF THE DIASPORA.  Museum of the African Diaspora, 685 Mission St., SF.  415.358.7200 or www.moadsf.org

On-going.  EXPANDING VIEWS OF AFRICA.  Cantor Arts Center, Lomita Drive, Stanford University.  650.723.4177 or www.museum.stanford.edu for details.

On-going.  SURREALISM:  SELECTIONS FROM THE REVA AND DAVID LOGAN COLLECTION OF ILLUSTRATED BOOKS.  Found or random objects, textures, and imagery were central to Surrealism, as was the acceptance of dreams as worthy subject matter. Surrealism was as much a literary movement as an artistic one, and it involved an extraordinary number of the leading writers and poets of the day at one time or another. This exhibition brings together the works of some of the finest Surrealist poets and artists, whose collaborations produced both luxurious and outrageous artist’s books.  California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, 34th & Clement, San Francisco http://legionofhonor.famsf.org/

On-going. AUGUSTE RODIN COLLECTION. Bronze sculptures, Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, Lomita Dr. & Museum Way, Stanford University, Palo Alto. 650.723.4177 or http://www.museum.stanford.edu for details.

On-going. A NEW 19TH CENTURY : THE MONDAVI FAMILY GALLERY REINSTALLED. Reconfigured 19th century European and American collections. Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. Lomita Drive and Museum Way, Stanford University, Palo Alto. 650.723.4177 or http://museum.stanford.edu for details.

On-going. MODERN EUROPEAN MASTERS, including MATISSE, PICASSO, CHAGALL and more. Meyerovich Gallery, 251 Post, SF. 415.421.7171 or http://meyerovich.com for details.

On-going. FOLK ART by French Canadian artists PATRICK AMIOT & BRIGITTE LAURENT. Outdoor exhibits on-going on Florence St. in Sebastopol. http://www.patrickamiot-brigittelaurent.com/ for details.

On-going. MATISSE AND BEYOND: THE PAINTING AND SCULPTURE COLLECTION. SF Museum of Modern Art. Magnificent works of painting and sculpture culled from SFMOMA's own collections provide a quick tour of modern art from Fauvism to Minimalism. Daily. Exhibition tells the story of modern and contemporary art including landmark works by MATISSE, BOURGEOIS and others. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 151 Third St., San Francisco. 415.357.4000 or www.sfmoma.org

DOMINIQUE AMENDOLA.  New art website of note (fun to browse): Dominique Amendola is a French born painter who focuses primarily on   landscapes and figures using gorgeously vibrant colors to create scenes of amazing clarity. Her art is figurative yet remains contemporary and spur of the moment. Her paintings depict ordinary day-to-day life of people in snapshots, either in nature or life in a bustling city. http://dominiqueamendola.com

ARTS OF FASHION. Yearly competition brings guest designers from PARIS and BRUXELLES to work with and select prizes for United States fashion students. The grand prizes offered to the US fashion students are internships in high profile fashion design houses as Castelbajac or Anne Valerie Hash or the school of the Chambre syndicale in Paris... Or Brussels for La Cambre or Antwerp for Veronique Branquinho or Vienna for Wendy&Jim... Contact: Nathalie Doucet, President Arts of Fashion Foundation, 635 Tennessee Street Suite # 402, San Francisco CA 94107. Tel 415 252 0734 http://www.af-competition.com or http://www.myspace.com/artsoffashion

FLORENCE DE BRETAGNE. Florence de Bretagne is a French painter and photographer. Her work is full of joy and very colorful. It has always something to do with new life : imaginary plants that are flourishing, blossoms, seeds. It seems that nature is new and beautiful like new-born babies. She took abstract pictures of fruits and vegetables (a very poetic book, "Semence", is still available), she made paintings on trees and imaginary plants, and many others. You can see her work either in the SFMOMA gallery at Fort Mason, or in her atelier (756 Garland Drive in Palo Alto), or else on her website : http://www.florencedebretagne.com

CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPES OF SOUTHERN FRANCE, by ANDREA WEDELL.  Expat Andrea Wedell, originally from the Bay Area and living in France for the past 24 years, would love for you to visit her painting : contemporary landscapes of Southern France. She works with texture and vibrant, bold color that is built up in multiple layers and glazed on. Her landscapes are semi-abstract to abstract poetic interpretations of her environment in Cassis, or bits  and pieces of it as she sees and feels it– from lively, magical gardens with their sweet smells , to turquoise and deep orange underwater scenes, pink and bright white cliffs built up over millions of years, villages that have retained their authentic charm, sparkling ocean and wide expanses of sky. You can see her work virtually on her website :   www.gallerywedell.com If you sign up on the blog, you will receive monthly posts, a journal of art and life in the South of France. www.gallerywedell.com/blog


The "Classes" section has been moved (for manageability reasons) to its own separate page. You can access it by going to http://www.sonoma.edu/users/t/toczyski/baflclasses.shtml


July 5-September 8, 2018.  SAN FRANCISCO PLAYHOUSE presents SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE.  Tony- and Pulitzer-winning musical examines the life of GEORGES SEURAThttp://sfplayhouse.org/sfph/

July 6, 2018.  TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at Brisbane Community Park, Brisbane.  The City of Brisbane’s Summer Concert Series.  11 Old County Road, Brisbane.  6pm-8pm.  Free.  www.rigomania.com

July 6-22, 2018.  SAN FRANCISCO ETHNIC DANCE FESTIVAL, including performances by SANDOR DIABANKOUEZI (Congolese traditional) and TE PURA O TE RAHURA’A (Tahitian dance).  http://worldartswest.org/main/edf_index.asp for details.

July 7-August 4, 2018.  THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, a new musical.  Bay Area Musicals will close its’ season with the luscious musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Based on the Victor Hugo novel and songs from the Disney animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame showcases the film’s Academy Award-nominated score, as well as new songs by Menken and Schwartz.  The musical begins as the bells of Notre Dame sound through the famed cathedral in fifteenth-century Paris. Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer who longs to be "Out There," observes all of Paris reveling in the Feast of Fools. Held captive by his devious caretaker, the archdeacon Dom Claude Frollo, he escapes for the day and joins the boisterous crowd, only to be treated cruelly by all but the beautiful gypsy, Esmeralda. Quasimodo isn’t the only one captivated by her free spirit, though – the handsome Captain Phoebus and Frollo are equally enthralled. As the three vie for her attention, Frollo embarks on a mission to destroy the gypsies – and it’s up to Quasimodo to save them all.  An angelic score and powerful story make The Hunchback of Notre Dame an instant classic. Bring the entire family and be swept away by the magic of Bay Area Musicals’ production of this truly unforgettable musical.  Alcazar Theatre, San Francisco.  415.340.2207 or www.bamsf.org for details.

July 10, 2018.  CAFÉ PSYCHOLOGIE at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BERKELEY.  5pm-6pm.  Thème du mois: "le passage à l'acte et l'accès au symbolique". Une discussion intellectuelle où on débat de concepts psychologiques.  Small group discussion in French (advanced level B2-C1-C2), with a different subject every month, facilitated by Yvette Chalom.  Free event for members$10 for non members.  Please RSVP.  www.afberkeley.org 

July 10, 2018.  CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at   Books Inc. Campbell, CA With Susan Shea and Wendy Hornsby 7PM. 

July 12, 2018.  THE FRENCH-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE presents a YOUNG PROFESSIONALS EUROPEAN NETWORKING MIXER (Palo Alto).  The French-American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco and its partner:  British American Business Council Northern California, and German American Business Association, invite you to join our Young Professionals European Networking Mixer!  Come and enjoy some drinks and nibbles in the company of young professionals from different countries, businesses and industries. This event will provide you with a chance to meet and talk about your careers and businesses, and share tips on life in the Bay Area.  Thank you to our host WilmerHale for having us!  6pm-8pm.  950 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304.  $10 for Members; $15 Non-Members;  $20 on the Door.  www.faccsf.com for details.

July 12, 2018. CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at A Great Good Place for Books, Montclair Village (Oakland), CA.  7 PM.

July 13, 2018. CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at  Copperfield’s Books.  Pre-Bastille party, Novato, CA.  7 PM.

July 14, 2018.  SAN FRANCISCO BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATION.  The very first San Francisco Bastille Day celebration took place in 1880, and this year - 138 years later - the Official Committee of French-American Organizations of Northern California is planning a grand Bastille Day celebration with a Kermesse (outdoor festival) followed by a Bal Populaire (firemen’s ball) a la Française. The event opens at 10 am and runs till 7 pm on Saturday July 14 th at Embarcadero Plaza, across from the Ferry Building. The free admission event organized under the patronage of the Consul General of France in San Francisco, Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens, is open to all French and American residents and visitors of the Bay Area to enjoy a multitude of French establishments, food, wine and beer booths, a Citroen vintage car show, games of “Pétanque”, a kid’s garden, tours of the San Francisco’s French Quarter, French musicians, and all kinds of fun for the entire family! And for the first time ever in San Francisco, there will be a “Course de Serveuses et Garçons de Café” (waiters race)! The day’s activities will culminate at 5 pm with the enjoyment of a “Bal Populaire” featuring local French bands, including Rue’66, San Francisco’s only authentic 60s French “yé yé” band, and Virginie Marine, dubbed “La nouvelle voix de la Chanson Française”. The Bastille Day celebration is expected to draw-up thousands of visitors throughout the day! We invite you to discover the amazing French companies, culinary delights, wines, Kronenbourg beer, and other beverage providers that will partake in this wonderful celebration by going to our website: www.bastilledaysf.org.

July 14, 2018.  BASTILLE DAY AT RAYMOND VINEYARDS with the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE NAPA.  4pm-8pm.  Details to follow. 

July 14, 2018.  CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at  Orinda Books  Bastille Day reading and celebration with Susan Shea, Orinda, CA, 3-5 PM.

July 14, 2018.  THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE NAPA celebrate BASTILLE DAY.  Raymond Vineyards.  Buffet feast in beautiful outdoor setting.  Delicious amuse-bouches, cheese & charcuterie platters, and more… French music.  Wine from the Boisset Collection.  Concert by DUO GADJO.  4PM-8PM.  $85 per person, 21 years and older only.  849 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena. www.afnapa.com for details.

July 14, 2018.  CABARET D’AMOUR WITH MOANA DIAMOND.  Bastille Day Celebration!  You’ll think you’re in Paris, city of love, when Mademoiselle Kiki , Moana’s alter ego, presents her sensuous European Cabaret. She interprets the music of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Josephine Baker, Dietrich and other greats along with the Chez Kiki Orchestra - and Moulin Rouge style dancers!   Wine will be available with Intimate Cabaret style seating.  $25/$55. First set 8pm; second set 9pm.  Doors open at 7pm.   More info about the Cabaret at  www.moanadiamond.comBUY TICKETS-  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bastille-day-celebration-vive-la-france-tickets-45393673700

July 14, 2018.  A TABLE CHEZ NOUS will be showing FRENCH LINENS at the SAN FRANCISCO BASTILLE DAY FAIR.  www.atablecheznous.com for details.

July 15, 2018.  BASTILLE DAY AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BERKELEY.  12pm-3pm.  Déjeuner (potluck) dans le jardin de l'AF. Live music.  Craft for kids .  POTLUCK Bring a dish, or dessert to share, and food to grill.  Free event - no rsvp required.  www.afberkeley.org for details.

July 17, 2018.  CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at  San Francisco Public Library – Noe Valley Branch, San Francisco, CA, 6:30 PM.

July 17, 2018.  TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at Ashkenaz, in Berkeley.  1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley. 8:30 pm (dance lesson at 8:00).  www.ashkenaz.com

July 20, 2018.  SOIREE CONVERSATION avec LAURENCE at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BERKELEY.  6:30pm-8:30pm.  A great opportunity to practice speaking French in a friendly atmosphere, meet Francophones, and have fun with new friends. This large and convivial group meets the third Friday of each month at the Alliance. Each participant is invited to bring a dish and/or a bottle of wine to share. Everybody is welcome, but you will have to leave your English at the door ;o)!  Free potluck event; no rsvp required.  www.afberkeley.org for details.

July 22, 2018.  ERIC JOHN KAISER chante des CHANSONS FRANÇAISES.  Hotel Utah Saloon.  18h.   https://www.patreon.com/posts/je-laime-mourir-14852808 for details.

July 22, 2018.  TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at Twin Pines Park, Belmont.  A lovely concert in the park on the Peninsula. Tom has been playing this concert series for forty years (!!).  Ralston Ave., Belmont. 1:00-4:00 pm. Free admission.  www.rigomania.com

July 24, 2018. CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at  San Francisco Public Library – Civic Center, San Francisco, CA.  6:30 PM.

July 26, 2018. CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at Book & Brews Reading Series, Sponsored By Bookshop Santa Cruz Discretion Brewery, Soquel, CA, 7 PM.

July 26-29, 2018.  PARIS COMBO performs at SFJAZZ.  7:30pm (7pm on Sunday).  $35-$95.  http://sfjazz.org for details.

August 8-26, 2018.  LES MISERABLES at SHN Orpheum Theatre.  http://shnsf.com for details.

August 3, 2018.  TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at Burton Park, San Carlos.  City of San Carlos’ Summer Concert Series, Burton Park, 1017 Cedar St., San Carlos.  6pm-8pm.  Free.  www.rigomania.com

August 4-25, 2018.  CINEMA CONVERSATION at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  Come share your passion for French cinema through film clips and discussions. Various themes will be discussed.  www.afsf.com for details.

August 9, 2018  DEUX BISOUS GITANS plays at Napa Valley Airport.  6:30 dinner (on your own and/or cocktils etc)  Concert 7:15P  $5 donation/cover charge.  OPEN TO EVERYONE regardless!!  This concert is given on behalf of the Golden State Accordion Club (Napa Valley Chapter). Thank you for inviting us to perform!  Napa Valley Airport:  "The Runway" 2044 Airport Rd. Napa. Michael and I will present a sneak peek of our Cotati Accordion Festival set list and more!  http://www.therunwaybypatrick.com/

August 10, 2018.  TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at The Lakeport Summer Concert Series.  6:30-8:30 pm. Free admission.  www.rigomania.com

August 12, 2018.  TOM RIGNEY & FLAMBEAU play at the San Jose Summer Jazz Festival.    Our first appearance at this fabulous music festival.  Blues/Big Easy Stage, Downtown San Jose. 2:00 pm.  Information and tickets: www.summerfest.sanjosejazz.org

August 18, 2018.  DEUX BISOUS GITANS performs at the COTATI ACCORDION FESTIVAL.   Cotati Downtown Plaza.  10:20am-11:00am.  Our 2018 theme is "Kaleidscopic Love" We're kicking off the festival so don't be late!!  We'd love to see you at the stage!  http://cotatifest.com/index.php/schedule-performers/2018-schedule-of-events/31-two-gypsy-kisses-2018  General Admission: $19 one day ($17 when bought in advance).    Kids 15 and under FREE when accompanied by a paying adult.     Senior Tickets: $17      

August 19, 2018.  CARA BLACK, presents MURDER ON THE LEFT BANK,  the 18th entry in the NYTimes bestselling Paris investigations at The Bindery, San Francisco, CA.  With David Corbett.  4 PM.

August 27-30, 2018.  FOUR-DAY INTENSIVE COURSE at THE FRENCH CLASS.  www.frenchclass.com for details.

September 5-30, 2018.  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  SHN Orpheum Theatre.  http://shnsf.com for details.

September 6-9, 2018.  CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT performs at SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

September 8, 2018.  FRENCH BAND PHOENIX performs at the GREEK THEATRE in Berkeley.  Thomas Mars, Deck d'Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai have been performing here and there and everywhere since they released Ti Amo last year.  Phoenix is coming to Berkeley September 8, 2018 for a unique concert. Phoenix @ the Greek Theatre - UC Berkeley.To buy your tickets, click here.  Pre-sale starts May 31, 2018.

September 28, 2018.  ORELSAN plays at The Independent.  http://lostinsf.com/tout-va-bien-orelsan-a-san-francisco-en-septembre for details.

October 2018.  THE CHAMPS-ELYSEES FILM FESTIVAL comes to the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  www.afsf.com for details.

October 2, 2018.  THE CERCLE LITTERAIRE of the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SANTA ROSA discusses LA VERITE SUR L’AFFAIRE HARRY (Québec; French edition) de JOEL DICKER.  614 pages – à lire pendant l’été! 3:30pm.   www.afsantarosa.org for details.

October 10, 2018.  JAIN, chanteuse française, performs at the Mezzanine.  It took about a minute for the audience at this year’s French Grammys, Les Victoires de la Musique, to anoint Jain pop’s most compelling new star. Performing her song Come at the televised ceremony, surrounded by dancing doppelgangers, backed by masked drummers and blaring brass, Jain stole the show as the crowd leapt from their seats in disbelief. The following day, Come was at No.1, helping to propel Zanaka to platinum sales in France within a couple of months of its release.  Seats on sale now.  https://mezzaninesf.com/events/jain/

October 14, 2018.  PACIFIC FILM ARCHIVE presents THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT.  Catherine Deneuve and sister Françoise Dorléac are twins lifted out of their small-town reveries by a troupe of wandering entertainers led by Mr. American in Paris himself, Gene Kelly. "Not merely charming or amusing, but profoundly moving" (Sight and Sound).  4pm.  https://bampfa.org/ for details.

October 14-20, 2018.  A WEEK IN PARIS WITH CARA BLACK.  For details, go to http://bookpassage.com/paris

October 31, 2018.  THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1923), with DOROTHY PAPADAKOS, organ.  Grace Cathedral.  SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

November 2018.  LA MAIN DE LEILA.  Théâtre de Lycée Français.  Details to follow.

November 6, 2018.  THE CERCLE LITTERAIRE of the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SANTA ROSA discusses LE MEDECIN MALGRE LUI de MOLIERE.  3:30pm. www.afsantarosa.org for details.

November 23-25, 2018.  DORADO SCHMIDT AND THE DJANGO ALL-STARS perform at SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

December 4, 2018.  THE CERCLE LITTERAIRE of the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SANTA ROSA discusses SOUMISSION de MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ.  3:30pm. www.afsantarosa.org for details.

February 2-23, 2019.  SAN FRANCISCO BALLET performs APPASSIONATA by French choreographer BENJAMIN MILLEPIED, set to Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.23.  https://www.sfballet.org/season/2019-repertory/2019-Program-02 for details.

February 9 & 10, 2019.  HAITIAN-AMERICAN VIRTUOSO LEYLA MCCALLA performs at SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

February 24, 2019.  HABIB KOITE & BASSEKOU KOUYATE perform at SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

March 24, 2019. FATOUMATA DIAWARA / ROBERTO FONSECA perform at SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

March 24, 2019.  MARIN CHAMBER PERFORMANCES presents FAURE QUARTET.  Program TBA.  http://ChamberMusicMillValley.org for details.

March 30, 2019.  PIAF!  THE SHOW! at SFJAZZ.  866.920.5299 or www.sfjazz.org for details.

May 29-June 23, 2019.  AMERICAN CONTEMPORARY THEATER (A.C.T.) presents  RHINOCEROS by EUGENE IONESCO.  The final production in our 2018–19 season will be a new adaptation of Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, a wickedly entertaining comedy about power, conformism, and mass culture directed by two-time Tony Award winner Frank Galati (1776 at A.C.T.).  In the opening moments of Ionesco’s masterpiece of absurdist satire, a rhinoceros rampages through a village square.  At the local café, people argue over what they saw. Was it really a rhino, or just fake news?  As the eccentric villagers shed refined façades for hides and horns—smashing windows and crushing flowerbeds—rumpled everyman Berenger faces a desperate choice: take a stand against the armored brutes or join the mindless herd?  Hailed as “masterful . . . and downright hilarious,” this outrageous, comedic story of a civilized community shifting from defiance to compliance is chillingly resonant and riotously funny. From Tony Award–winning director Frank Galati (1776 at A.C.T.) comes an all-new adaptation of this wickedly entertaining comedy about power, conformism, and mass culture.  Geary Theater, http://www.act-sf.org/

June 7-23, 2019.  CINNABAR THEATER  presents THE BARBER OF SEVILLE, based on the play by PIERRE CARON DE BEAUMARCHAIS.  Rossini’s classic opera is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy of antics and vocal acrobatics.  http://www.cinnabartheater.org/our-46th-season/ for details.

Always call ahead to confirm dates and times!

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