February 28, 2020.  PRONUNCIATION COURSE FOR INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED LEVELS.  A unique approach to French pronunciation. It will change your understanding of French sounds forever and will definitely improve your pronunciation and subsequently, your comprehension. Levels 2 to 3 may take the first 2 hours of the course for $55 if space is available. Levels 4 and 5 may take the entire course upon level assessment. This intensive gets full very quickly. This is a great seminar to repeat if you have previously attended. Please call us at 415.362.3666 with a credit card number to reserve a seat.  12:30 to 4:30 p.m.  $109 includes book, wine and cheese.  Presented by DOMINIQUE BREMOND.  REGISTER AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Call (415) 362-3666.

March 2020.  NOTRE DAME DE PARIS ET VICTOR HUGO.  MONUMENT, LITTERATURE, SOCIETE avec HELENE LAROCHE DAVIS, PhD.  Atelier Discussion.  Nous discuterons des extraits du roman monument de Victor Hugo “Notre Dame de Paris”, ainsi que “Les Misérables” au regard de la situation en 2019, de la réaction de la France et du monde. Le rôle de la cathédrale dans la société, du Moyen Âge à nos jours, celui de Hugo. Ensemble nous lirons aussi ses poèmes et discuterons.  Rejoignez-nous pour débattre et développer ensemble une réflexion critique sur le rôle de Notre Dame de Paris et Victor Hugo, dans l’art, la littérature, la société et même au cinéma.In March - 5 Mondays.  7PM - 8:30PM.  $200 non-members - $150 AFSCV members.  Menlo Park.

March 1-April 19, 2020.  FRENCH WINE SCHOLAR – SAN FRANCISCO.  Master the wines of France.  Sunday class schedule.  An in depth program designed by the Wine Scholar Guild and endorsed by the French National Wine Office and the French Ministry of Agriculture.  The French Wine Scholar program provides students with a deep level of information on each wine region of France, helping students achieve a professional level of proficiency in French wine. The impact of history, the significance of geological events, the importance of topographical markers and the influence of climatic factors will be discussed.  San Francisco Wine School is the exclusive provider of the French Wine Scholar program in Northern California. 

Starting March 2, 2020.  8-WEEK COURSES start at THE FRENCH CLASS.  We're looking forward to speaking French with you in 2020! Register now! Call us at 415-362-3666.  See our class schedule at

Beginning March 2, 2020.  NEW SESSION AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE.  For classes & times, see our schedule for Session 2.  Placement Test: Take our placement test to see what class is right for you. Click here for the test. for details

March 2-April 21, 2020.  ANNE MARIE LEBAS teaches BEGINNING FRENCH and SAY IT IN FRENCH:  INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED at Book Passage.  Eight Mondays (Intermediate/Advanced) or Tuesdays (Beginning).  $280.  Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera.  415.927.0960 or for details.

March 5-26, 2020.  SPEAK UP WITHOUT FEAR.  A 4-week seminar in English by DEBORAH BIRON. $100.  Do you get nervous when put on the spot?  Do you feel anxious when delivering a presentation or making a comment at a meeting?  Are you afraid to speak because you don’t want to “make a mistake?”  This 4-week class will help you explore the situations that can cause anxiety and stress when speaking. You will learn skills in a supportive, fun environment using exercises and practical techniques to quell the “anxiety devil.” Four Thursdays: March 5 to 26, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Please REGISTER AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Call (415) 362-3666.  Go to our Conferences & Workshops page for details of this and other events.

Through March 17, 2020.  GENEVIEVE BLAISE-SULLIVAN teaches ADVANCED FRENCH LEVEL I ($285) and ADVANCED FRENCH LEVEL 2 ($275) at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 415.926.0960 or for details.

March 21, 2020.  FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS WORKSHOP at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  Would you like to learn some essential French before  traveling to France or a French-speaking country?  In a relaxed, informal setting, using maps, menus, and other authentic materials, this workshop will help you communicate in situations commonly encountered abroad. 10am-1pm.  No previous French needed.

March 23 & 30 & April 6, 13, & 20, 2020. VICTOR HUGO – ATELIER DISCUSSION à l’ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE LA SILICON VALLEY.  Nous discuterons des extraits du roman monument de Victor Hugo “Notre Dame de Paris”, ainsi que “Les Misérables” au regard de la situation en 2019, de la réaction de la France et du monde. Le rôle de la cathédrale dans la société, du Moyen Age à nos jours, celui de Hugo. Ensemble nous lirons aussi ses poèmes et discuterons.  Pourquoi cette œuvre est-elle si pertinente ?  Rejoignez-nous pour débattre et développer ensemble une réflexion critique sur le rôle de Notre Dame de Paris et Victor Hugo, dans l’art, la littérature, la société et même au cinéma.  March 23, 30 + April 6, 13, 20 2020 - 5 Mondays.  From 7 :00pm to 8 :30pm.  $200 non-members Enroll here - $150 AFSCV members.  Menlo Park Site.  475 Pope Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025.  Info: 408-445-2095,

Through May 21, 2020.  KIDS PROGRAMS AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  Includes Saturday classes for kids from 3 to 5 years old (with parents) and kids 6 to 12 years old; after-school classes for kids. for details.

Through June 22, 2020.  CAROL BENET teaches POTPOURRI OF LITERARY PRIZES; the February class is centered on TAHAR BEN JELLOUN’s book THIS BLINDING ABSENCE OF LIGHT.  1pm-3pm.  $130 for 5-session class.  415.926.0960 or Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. for details.

Through June 24, 2020.  PROUST SEMINAR led by DR. MARK CALKINS at MECHANICS’ INSTITUTE.  Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time (also known in English as Remembrance of Things Past) is a monumental, seven-volume novel that Edmund White calls, "the most respected novel of the twentieth century." SFSU Professor of Comparative & World Literature, Mark Calkins has led the Proust Seminar at the Mechanics' Institute Library since 2001. In February 2020, the Seminar continues with the last volume of the novel, Time Regained.  The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Mechanics' Institute.  This semester will begin on February 12, 2020, and end June 24, 2020.  Registration is open to all.  Mechanics' Institute members pay $70 for each 5-month session;vvMembers of the public pay $100.vvThis cycle, Dr. Calkins will use the Modern Library edition of Time Regained. However, any translation is acceptable.  For questions about registration, contact Myles at or 415-857-6721. For questions about curriculum please contact Dr. Calkins at  Register now by using the form on the website or calling 415-393-0102. for details.

Wednesdays:  ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION FOR FRANCOPHONES at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO.  À destination des Francophones qui souhaitent améliorer leur prononciation en anglais américain.  Avec Kia, travaillez votre prononciation et gagnez en assurance, tout en discutant en petits groupes!  Chaque mercredi, vous apprenez à atténuer votre accent français lorsque vous vous exprimez en anglais aux USA. Vous apprenez aussi à isoler certains sons et à prononcer les voyelles et consonnes qui peuvent être difficiles pour un natif français ou francophone. Vous lisez des dialogues et faites des jeux de rôles sur des situations courantes, tout en vous concentrant sur la bonne prononciation.Bring your friends and join us, for a trial class or more, on Wednesday evenings to learn to say words like thirty-threethorough, and squirrel with perfect American pronunciation.  6:30pm-8pm. for details.

NADINE GOODBAN offers FRENCH CLASSES FOR ADULTS in small groups or individuals, Vallejo and Napa.  She also leads tours to Morocco.  All details at 707.644.3421 or

FRENCH CONVERSATIONAL CLASSES for Adults : all levels, for individuals, small groups or via telephone.  Please Call : 707.644.3421.

Online classes at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO, including INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH, private online classes, and more.

LEARN FRENCH AND HAVE FUN!  Hi, my name is Charlotte. I speak French, English and Spanish. I love to interact with kids/youth and hold the BAFA (French certificate of counselor). I hold a MSc in Engineering. I am cooking savvy. I grew up in Bordeaux, France.  I am eager to share the French language and culture with you!  I offer the following services:  Make a meal at home: 3h session where I bring all natural ingredients (and specific cookware) and cook with the student(s) a French dish and dessert. The student(s) gets to: practice French, learn French recipes, share with family/friends a meal they made. Perfect for a Sunday evening. Also for adults.  Cook a healthy snack: 2h session similar to the above, cooking a sweet or savory recipe. Make jewelry in French: at home or local library, 1h 1/2 session where I bring the material and tutor the making of jewelry from scratch, all in French.  Help for homework: at home or local library, by the hour. I have a speciality in Math/Physics.  All the services can be scheduled for a single student or a group of students to share costs.  I am happy to give you more details on the phone: 510.200.8287.

LEARN TO READ AND WRITE IN FRENCH.  For children 6-7 years old.  Saturdays, 10:30am-12pm. Alliance Française de San Francisco, 1345 Bush St., SF. for details.

FRENCHTASTIC KIDS, a full-day, French immersion preschool led by a native French speaker in Berkeley. For children 3 to 5 years old, no French necessary. Home-based preschool is located in South Berkeley, 1 block off Shattuck Ave, between Downtown Bart and Ashy Bart. Hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday (option to choose between 3 or 5 days a week). French immersion setting with lots of books, songs and learning activities in French. Emergent curriculum using Montessori philosophy and materials. More details and pictures on our website; Email: Tel: 510 550 5807.

NOW OFFERED AT eLYCEE:  Students sign in from anywhere to work with native French teachers, using shared applications and resources, in a unique 'virtual classroom' developed by eLycée.  For French speaking students “Maintien de la Langue” (8 to 18 year old).  Tutoring for students in French lycées (Français et histoire / géographie – Brevet des collèges, Baccalauréat de français.  For high schools students:  AP French language and culture preparation. French III. French IV.  SAT French preparation.  Back to school for school-age students, with classes resuming September 10.  For adults:  Beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Offering to help those with specific needs for written or oral expression.  Also, French Teachers workshops.  We created a continuing training program. If you are interested, please contact:

L’ALLIANCE DES ENFANTS.  An after school program in public schools, organized by the Alliance Française de San Francisco, Jefferson, & Sherman.  Incorporates games, songs, videos, arts & crafts so kids will have fun while learning French. for details.


EDUCATION FRANÇAISE BAY AREA will continue to offer French after-school programs at Neil Cummins elementary in Corte Madera, and Hall middle school in Larkspur. Please note that classes will no longer be held in Mill Valley (however we are always happy to connect carpoolers…)  Registration for next year's classes will open on June 15th (the webpage will be updated by then...).  Anglophone classes (beginner / intermediate students) will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Francophone classes, for advanced / native students, will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Age groups are K-1st, 2nd-5th and 6th-8th.   Please join us for more information:  -At Hall middle school on June 6th, 6pm (parents info night for middle schoolers. At Neil Cummins Elementary (blacktop) for coffee and playdate on Sunday June 11th, 10am to 12pm  Or contact .   Also, there are still a few spots in EFBA’s summer camp offered at Hall middle school starting June 20th. For info and registration, please visit:

eLYCEE.  Students sign in from anywhere to work with native French teachers, using shared applications and resources, in a unique 'virtual classroom' developed by eLycée. .For French speaking students Maintien de la Langue” (8 to 18 year old).  Tutoring for students in French lycées (Français et histoire / géographie - Brevet des collèges, Baccalauréat de français).  For high schools students:  AP French language and culture preparation.  French III.  French IV.  SAT French preparation.  For Adults:  Beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Offering to help those with specific needs for written or oral expression.  French Teachers workshops   We created a continuing training program. If you are interested, please contact:  Back to school for school-age students.  eLycée’s classes will resume the week of September 10 so that they have time to face back to school at their regular schools.  Evaluation in August.  We will stay available for an evaluation online. It is a 45 minutes course in order to provide information on the best program for you.  Do not hesitate to contact me at

FRANCOPHONE CHARTER SCHOOL OF OAKLAND. in a tuition-free French immersion elementary education for your child?  The Francophone Charter School of Oakland is a French immersion public elementary school. Transitional Kindergarten through 4th grade in 2016-2017 (the school will add a grade level each subsequent year all the way through to  8th grade).   The school's goal is to use the French language and the many interwoven cultures associated with it to develop bilingual and bi-literate global citizens who are open-minded and value intellectual curiosity, personal integrity and creativity.  For more information, go to or or email or call 510.394.4110.

VIVE LA FRANCE/FRENCH TUTOR.  French native offers French lessons one-on-one, a class sitting, or in your house with SKYPE..  My name is Paule-Dominique.  I am originally from Marseille, France and I have been living in San Francisco since 1996.   I have a massage degree for hospitals and I love everything having to do with the body and the mind.   I am also very interested in the history of my home area, Marseille, part of what was formerly known as Massalia, the land of the ancient Greeks and Romans.  My classes are natural, fun, creative and I make sure to provide the needs of my students.  Everyone is unique , and I accommodate each student in their path.  I like to teach French in a comfortable and a positive energy.  You will know new/old French songs, watch French movies, go on field trips to enjoy French arts, French cheese & wine and more....  With Dominique, you'll improve your grammar, vocabulary and/or conversation.  Patient, friendly and professional, I'll cater my class to what works best for you.  $45/hour private teaching my office Adults/Children; $200/hour 30 minutes private teaching included field trips (Music, cooking, restaurant, Museum); $45/hour on Skype. Contact ID Paule-Dominique Anneheim; Package of 10 private teachings my office for $399.  $25/hour class sitting for 5 or 10 students Adults/Children $120 for the day for 5 to 10 students included field trips ( Cheese, Wine, Restaurant, and Museum).  Package of 10 class sittings in my office for $225.  $100/hour  in your house Adults/Children. The next field trip Feb 6-May 15, 2016 to visit the Pierre Bonnard exhibition in San Francisco. or 415-309-5105. 

BAY AREA FRENCH LESSONS.   My true reward as a teacher is to witness how my students gain confidence and succeed at communicating their thoughts and insights in French. My teaching style is interactive, engaging, effective, and works very well at all levels. One of my students says “One of my favorite hours of the week is spent learning French with Claude. With humor, curiosity, patience and kindness she has made learning a new language an absolute pleasure, even the dreaded French Grammar!”  I offer private lessons, tutoring and small-group classes in Oakland and through Skype. For more information or to find out if I am the right teacher for you or for your child (ages 10 and up) visit my website (below). I look forward to helping you avec votre français.  Merci beaucoup et à bientôt, Claude. or 510.467.2618 for details.

NEW!! MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS.  L'ESCRIME / FENCING at North Bay Fencing Academy, Santa Rosa.  UNE TECHNIQUE, UNE SCIENCE, UN ART, ET (OU) UN MOYEN D'EDUCATION.  Fencing is a sport where good sportsmanship, self-discipline and quick reflexes are developed. Students that fence learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast on their feet. These ideals help children reach their potential in many areas other than fencing. Educators are discovering that fencing can enhance mathematical performance. Taught in French and English, Maître d’escrime, Peter Burchard from the North Bay Fencing Academy has been a great supporter of SRFACS from its inception.  With years of experience and judging competitions around the world, we are lucky to have Mr. Burchard’s club in our town.  Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Try for free.  For more information please contact:  Peter Burchard,  1813 Empire Industrial Ct or 707.321.3692.

eLYCEE is very proud of the success of its students who achieved 4 and 5’s at the 2015 AP French language and Culture tests.  Students sign in from anywhere to work with native French teachers, using shared applications and resources, in a unique 'virtual classroom' developed by eLycée. eLycée is the only program of fully interactive French education online.   Back to school for school-age students. eLycée’s classes will resume the week of September 10 so that they have time to face back to school at their regular schools.   For French speaking students : “Maintien de la Langue” (8 to 18 year old) fro French speaking students Tutoring for students in French lycées (Français et histoire / géographie - Primaire /       college - Brevet des colleges, Baccalauréat de français)   For high schools students: French III French IV SAT French preparation Turoring for students in French II, III and IV. AP French language and culture preparation.   Ask for programs and schedules   Adults Adults will continue their ongoing classes: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. We intend to enlarge our offering to help those with specific needs for written or oral expression. Contact us for specific needs or further details.   French Teachers workshops We created a continuing training program, once a month on Saturdays. If you are interested, please contact:   Evaluation in August We will stay available for an evaluation online. It is a 45 minutes course in order to provide information on the best program for you.

CLASSES AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE LA SILICON VALLEY.  Detailed program published online.  Contact us at (Campbell) or (Palo Alto).  Please register and pay for classes, books & manuals online.

LEARN FRENCH AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SAN FRANCISCO. Study French at one of the largest and oldest French cultural centers in the United States. The Alliance Française of San Francisco offers beginning, intermediate and advanced courses for adults and children; private lessons are available as well. We also periodically have classes and one-day workshops on a wide range of topics, such as French for Travelers, film studies, and the history and geography of France. Our Alliance maintains a large multimedia library and offers cultural events throughout the year. See our current class schedule at or email for more information. 

FRANTASTIQUE.COM provides French courses online.  Learn French daily with an e-mail, a story, and a personalized correction. In each lesson, follow the adventures of Victor Hugo as he explores the Francophone universe. The courses are humorous, practical and include a wide variety of accents. Our lessons are adapted for post-beginners (from 15 years old).


SOCIAL STUDIES IN FRENCH.  This Fall, in addition to French classes, EFBA (French Education in the Bay Area) is opening a new social studies class in French at Kensington Hilltop Elementary for students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, every Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00. The goal of this program is to give the children the opportunity to discover the richness of France through its history, while giving them a critical, objective and spatial look on contemporary events. We will address transverse themes in the students' knowledge acquired in the California curriculum that we could put in perspective to expose the children to another knowledge about France and Europe (XVIII-XX centuries) We want to deal with the great history (characters, events, paintings, etc.) but also with the small one (people: children, women, colors, animals, comics etc.). For more information, please visit our website:

MASTER'S DEGREE IN FRENCH at San José State University. Apply by September 30th and start in SPRING 2014.  The application deadline for Spring 2014 is September 30th. For information on how to apply, see For information on the French M.A. program, scholarships and teaching opportunities, please contact Professor Jean-Luc Desalvo :  

THE FRENCH CLASS.  French classes in SF or at your home - - 500 Sutter Street - Suite 310 - San Francisco CA 94102 - (415) 362-3666. French classes from complete beginners to very advanced. Small group classes or private lessons. Check our great rates on our web site: - We also feature:
- French classes on Skype (great rates and a wonderful way to study at home)
- pronunciation workshops
- seminars and conferences on cultural differences, art, history ...
- intensive courses
- "My French 2 Cents": your own French tutor for 2 cents per day Testimonial: "My French 2 Cents is an amazing resource to help explain anything missed or misunderstood in class and with our homework assignments. I can ask a question and receive not only answers, but explanations and the opportunity to explore further for a more precise understanding of the language. The response time to my questions can range from a few minutes to just hours." Joni H.  "My French 2 Cents" is only 2 cents per day x 365 days = $7.30 per year! Get a quick answer when you ask for a language tip or a question arising as you are studying French. How it works: 1) you subscribe 2) you receive an email address 3) you send your questions to this email address 4) you receive a prompt answer. It is that easy! Please note that "My French 2 cents" is not a translation service. To subscribe, call us at 415.362.3666 or e-mail

FRENCH AS YOU LIKE IT.  French As You Like It offers private French lessons and cultural coaching in Paris for professionals, expats, tourists, students, and children. We believe in giving the highest standard of customer service and our values are:  Quality - Experienced French teachers who are fluent in English, are from Paris and have university degrees in teaching French as a second language.  Flexibility-  Our teachers are available between 8am and 8pm at clients homes, at unique cultural places in Paris, at client offices or at our classroom facility in the Marais.   Innovation - Highly customized private French lessons that are proven to speed French speaking and written abilities during stays in Paris.  Our founder, Marguerite Monnier started French As You Like It in 2006 after returning to France from San Francisco. She wanted to use her experience of moving to the U.S. and then back to France to help Anglophones settling and visiting Paris. French As You Like It now has seven teachers and has worked with over 500 students here in Paris.  At French As You Like It, we consider Paris our classroom. We believe people learn faster and easier if they are engaging the language through topics and locations that interest them. Each of our students has a personalized program based on their needs and level. For working professionals, we also come to offices, but again design a program around the student’s interests. For a history buff, the teacher might review irregular verbs while discussing the French revolution.  While we do use grammar books and give homework, our students have fun learning French because they are engaged by an activity or subject that interests them.  Our fees range from 45 euros to 75 euros per hour depending on your requirement, situation and program and more information about us can be found on our website and on our facebook page 

CHILDREN’S FRENCH CLASSES AT BAY LANGUAGE ACADEMY.  Bay Language Academy learning is designed around a carefully designed curriculum. The classes are offered in a small group setting, all week in our beautiful academy facing the San Francisco Bay (East Bay). Children from preschool level and up are welcome. Parents are informed after each class of what was covered and what is expected from the young students for the next session. Classes will start again on January 7th. Call us: 510-306-4229 to visit our academy and learn about the philosophy behind the program.

CLASSES FOR ADULTS AT BAY LANGUAGE ACADEMY.  Whether you want to communicate with colleagues/ friends or just want to be involved in our rich and diverse community in a more effective manner or even plan to learn French for your next vacation (travel-specific classes), we will try our best to accommodate your language needs.  Classes for professionals are designed around the specialized language needs in the legal, medical or real estate fields. Our French language program is implemented within a cultural context, so by providing an in-depth, linguistic and cultural instruction, we create a unique blend of stimulating environment and dynamic learning experience. We encourage students to be enriched by new cultures and to discover hidden opportunities. Students of all age (preschool to retirees) come to learn—or enhance existing skills.  French adult classes will start again in January for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Call us: 510-306-4229 and visit:  

FRENCH LESSONS.  Learn French with an acclaimed and experienced native teacher, in person or remotely via Skype. Whether it is for school, work or pleasure, Sandrine's lessons are tailored to every student's needs and goals. From basic conversation to fluency, from simple sentences to academic levels, Sandrine provides quality teaching to students with high standards. Visit Sandrine’s French lessons blog: Contact:      

AFTER SCHOOL FRENCH CLASSES FOR CHILDREN IN THE BAY AREA (K - 12). Do you want to offer your child the opportunity to grow and learn? Do you dream of offering your child the chance to be bilingual? You can give your child this opportunity with affordable, local French classes starting in September 2012.  Education Francaise Bay Area (EFBA) is a non-profit organization focused on high quality, affordable French courses and serves families through nearly 20 public school locations in the San Francisco Bay Area (including Oakland, Mountain View, San Jose, Walnut Creek and more). The EFBA is supported by the French government.  Course registrations open in September 2012 (and will remain open as space permits). Enroll your child today so you can secure a spot! or contact us at

POUR LES ENFANTS FRANCOPHONES:  CNED offert par PAFEAPAFEA (Palo Alto French Education Association) donne des cours de français aux enfants francophones ayant comme base pédagogique les cours du  CNED (Organisme français de cours à distance). Les enfants bénéficiant de cet enseignement, avec seulement 4 heures par semaine, suivent le même niveau que les enfants scolarisés en France. Les cours de toutes les classes PAFEA sont enseignés par des instructeurs qualifiés de langue française., Représentante locale: Ghislaine Géry, .

FRENCH PRIMARY CLASS AT THE RENAISSANCE SCHOOL IN OAKLAND. The Renaissance School (TRS), a private Montessori school in Oakland, California for ages 2 years old through middle school, announces it has openings in its French Primary class for children ages four and five years old, born between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2008.  Students in the French Primary class are introduced to conversational French and are conversed with and instructed at all times in both English and French. Because they are taught by native speakers, children acquire the correct accent and language patterns. The written form of the language is introduced in both languages at this level allowing the children to learn to write and read by the end of that level.  At the Elementary level, students continue to develop their linguistic skills by adding Spanish, bringing to bear a genuine tri-language immersion program. The Renaissance School is believed to be the only Montessori school in the United States that offers a genuine three-language immersion program.  Tours of the school are available by appointment. To schedule a tour of the school, email or call 510-531-8566. Visit:    

FRENCH CLASSES TAUGHT BY NATIVE SPEAKER NICOLE COLLINS AT THE ORINDA COMMUNITY CENTER (EAST BAY).  Through the Community Center in Orinda, I teach French conversation classes for adults. I offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes four quarters a year. Fall, winter, and spring quarters are 10 to 12 weeks long, and summer quarters are 5 to 6 weeks long.  I have been teaching French conversation classes since 1997.My mission is to create a friendly and relaxed experience for people to learn or brush-up, the way French is spoken today. or for details.

CHOUCHOU ~ FRENCH PLAY GROUP.  Kids play smarter, make friends and learn French! Chouchou is a fun structured language-immersion play group geared for children 1-4 years of age. This interactive class presents material multi-modally through picture books, stories, art, songs and movement. French beginners are welcome. for details.

ATELIERS DE BANDE DESSINEE POUR ENFANTS ET POUR ADULTES! Horaire hiver 2012. Aucune formation artistique ou talent spécial en dessin nécessaire! Formation dans la tradition franco-belge, du scénario à la mise en couleur. Pour enfants: 25 janvier au 22 février 2012. Mercredis, 15h30 à 17h30 (10 ans et plus). Coût: $150. Pour adultes, des ateliers de BD auto-biographique. Du 24 janvier au 28 février, 2012. Mardis, de 10h à 12h00. Coût: $150. Les cours ont lieu à Palo Alto, en petits groupes. Information: Danièle Archambault.

SANTA ROSA FRENCH-AMERICAN CHARTER SCHOOL. For more information about the Charter School or if you are interested in sending your children there, please contact:

"CHOUCHOU" ~ FRENCH FOR TODDLERS AT SEESAW CAFÉ.  French for toddlers (weekly classes)Parents come connect while your kids play, make new friends and learn in French! Chouchou is a fun and structured language-immersion play group for children 1 - 5 years of age. This playful and interactive class is led by Vanessa Portois-Wermter. Material is presented multi-modally through picture books, stories, art, songs and dancing. French language fluency is not required but French will be spoken 90% of the time. Let the little ones explore and laugh as they learn about animals, instruments, food, feelings, body parts and more!  Wednesdays 10.30am to 11.30am - WeeklyPre-registration required.Tuition for 4 sessions is $100 | 1 session is $30.  To learn more email vanessa at and to register, visit  Seesaw Cafe (? 1.415.553.8070 - 600A Octavia St.)

PAINTING COURSES AND HOLIDAYS IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE.     Join English painter and teacher Nicola on one of her fun creative courses in the Languedoc area in the south of France. Learn or improve your drawing and painting skills, how to work in watercolours ‘plein air’, or for something quite different, how to paint furniture and accessories with that French ‘Shabby Chic’ style while staying in a Château on the banks of Le Canal du Midi.  Every year Nicola hosts a variety of courses and holidays in both the Languedoc and Provence and can be booked by private groups. 

FRENCH FOR FUN  - Lafayette, California We have been teaching in the San Francisco East Bay for over 30 years, and we attribute our success to our unique teaching style. Madame Catherine Jolivet, a native of France, is the visionary founder, educator, and leader of the program. The curriculum is a synthesis of the best educational methods - from Montessori to the Project Approach! Academics and the Arts are woven together, and the result is a program that prepares children with skills that lay a foundation for elementary school success. By fostering a sense of fun and adventure our students will discover and develop language and cultural communication skills to empower them as responsible global citizens. Our Early Childhood Program is licensed through the California Department of Social Services, and our After School Program was recently awarded Heritage School status. Early Childhood Classes and most Elementary School Classes take place in a Total Immersion Environment.  To reach French For Fun, please phone 925-283-9822 or stop by 3468 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite B100, Lafayette CA 94549 (in the Corporate Terrace Office Complex).

WORKING IN FRANCE.  Online presentation on the topic of working in France, presented by Laurence Raybois, a consultant specialized in assisting Americans wishing to work/live in France.  The presentation costs $20 and lasts about one hour.  It comes complete with handouts and a free 15-minute follow-up consultation with Laurence Raybois.  It covers visas/cartes de séjour, regulated professions, how EU regulations may be used to work in France and the rights of accompanying family members, among many topics.

FRENCH CLASSES FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS.  Taught by a native French instructor, highly qualified, ith an MA in French Language Education, and experienced. CLASSES: Help with homework, AP French Language Exam, conversation, playgroup for toddler, etc.  Programme spécial offert pour enfants francophones du CP à la terminale. LOCATION: East Bay Area.  For more information, or to contact me, go to:

LE PETIT JARDIN of San Anselmo.  COME AND PLAY… LATER IN THE DAY.  Le Petit Jardin of San Anselmo (Lic # 214005102) is expanding its class offerings! After nearly 3 years of wonderful success offering Toddler French every morning, we are now pleased to announce the addition of afternoon immersion sessions!! Little ones can come and play, plant in our garden, sing, dance and enjoy story time and art projects ALL IN FRENCH! Class size will be kept at a 4:1 ratio, so don't delay in reserving your child's place.   WHO: Kiddies ages 18 months and older   WHAT: French Immersion through contextual play and art!   WHEN: Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 5:30pm   WHERE: Le Petit Jardin of San Anselmo   COST: $364/month  (*Price includes nutritious afternoon snack and all needed course materials. As with all new enrollments, there is a one-time $50 registration fee.)  Visit for more information on Language Immersion for your child or tel. 415.459.3978 for details.

MA PETITE ECOLE.  Ma Petite École is a Family Child Care Home offering a French preschool curriculum in Santa Rosa. Emmanuelle Benefield, a native of France, directs an “école maternelle” program (petite, moyenne et grande sections) for children from the age of two through kindergarten. The friendly, supportive environment allows children to have fun learning and thrive as individuals. For details, please contact Emmanuelle at (707) 579-2669.

ATELIER D'ECRITURE.  Quelques places sont disponibles à partir de cet automne dans le   seul atelier francophone de la Baie, qui entame en septembre   (première date à déterminer) sa 6e année.  Nos séances ont lieu sur   la Péninsule, le lundi de 11h à 14h, tous les 15 jours. Un second   atelier pourrait être donné à un horaire différent.  Après la   première séance d'introduction, l'atelier est fermé à de nouveaux   venus, et on s'engage à toute la série (de 6 à 8 sessions, à $60 la   session) si on souhaite continuer.  Aucune expérience d'écriture est   nécessaire, et le partage de nos écrits est facultatif. Le nombre de   participants est limité.   L'atelier est conduit par PHILIPPE BERTHOUD, professeur à   l'Université John F. Kennedy, où il enseigne "Writing as a   Psychospiritual Tool", un cours qu'il a donné en Irlande et en France.  Inscriptions/Info:pberthoud@jfku.eduou 510 - 234 4799. "Dans cet atelier, on se laisse guider par notre plume et on est   surpris par la beauté de ce qu'elle nous révèle".  Anne Dumontier

FRENCH LANGUAGE WITH JOY.  Private lessons and group-based language instruction serving Marin & San Francisco since 1975.  Taught by BARBARA ZEIDMAN, M.A.   California State Licensed Community College French Instructor.  415.479.2100 for details.

TUTORING FOR MATH & SCIENCE – IN FRENCH!  I graduated from La Perouse in 2007 with a Scientific Baccalaureat. I'm a Junior student in SRJC in organic chemistry, and have completed a summer internship in the Buck Institute. I give math, chemistry and physics tutoring for every level. Have 3 years of experience, good connections with students and satisfied results. Can meet at the students home or at your convenience. For more information, please feel free to contact me at or tel 415 408 1041.

CLASSES DE CUISINE. L'alimentation saine, c'est delicieuse! Venez tous chez Janet, infirmière et chef de cuisine, pour des classes de cuisine. Mes classes, à San Rafael, sont petites et vous travaillez dans ma grande cuisine professionelle pour apprendre les recettes qui sont bien pour maigrir et prévenir les maladies. Après, nous dinons en famille. Et bien sur, nous parlons français! Janet Dresser 415.455.8939 ou

COOKING CLASSES IN FRANCE OFFERED BY FORMER BAY AREA RESIDENT Philippe Gion. Philippe Gion was a resident of San Francisco from 1986 to 2001, then time shared between the US and Provence. Owner & chef of the restaurant "Café Landais" (1986-1990) then, manager of the restaurant of the "Alliance Fançaise,” he was also Executive Chef at Stanford University ("East House Residency", 1997- 2000). He was a member of the Board of Director at the "Lycée Français Lapérouse" (1988-1991) and creator of the first French Ciné-Club in San Francisco ("Alliance Française Ciné-Club" with the partnership of the Lycée Français). In 1996, Philippe Gion founded "Art and Cooking Classes in France" dedicated to bringing to our Anglo-Saxons friends and gourmets the best of the joie de vivre in France and, most of all, an attractive approach of the traditional French gastronomy in Provence.

PARIS VERSION A LA FRANCAISE. Week-long French Culture and Language Seminar in Paris, various dates available. Enjoy speaking French in unknown and new Parisian surroundings : French classes in the morning, cultural and gourmet workshops or strolls through the real Paris in the afternoon. Paris Version à la Française ; for more details.

FRENCH CLASSES FOR LITTLE ONES IN SAN FRANCISCO. Contact: Jean et Marie store & Maisonette Playroom : Coordonnées: 510.759.1224 - Jean et Marie is proud to announce to offer its French immersion program for kids in its playroom, Maisonette. Language study is best started when very young, and that's why we decided to offer this opportunity to little ones as young as 2. Activities for each hour-and-a-half class include games, singing and dancing, puppets, drawing, and storytelling, all in French. For more information, come by the store, at 100 Clement Street, see: or call 510.759.1224.

FRENCH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE. Learn French at your own pace. French for children, adults and corporate in private or small classes. French Language Institut offers flexibility, fun, customized programs, library, newest educative material, CNED, craft sessions, trip to France and much more! Visit us @ or write to

LANGUAGES INSTITUTE INC. Languages Institute Inc. is comprised of a team of 8 experienced teachers. All our teachers are native French speakers, passionate about the language and earned a Bachelor or Master's degree. They have much experience to make your learning fun, pleasant and efficient! 1100 East Hamilton Avenue, #3, Campbell, CA. 408.377.1113 or 408.833.9620 or Info@Frenchin.Org or

LIVELY LANGUAGE LEARNING™. French classes for children ages 7-12. Based on famous accelerated learning method. Small classes. Fun and easy. Email or call 415.898.0013. The OptimaLearning Center of Novato, or

Other courses available. For courses at Sonoma State University, go to . For classes in Santa Rosa, see or contact See for Alliance Francaise classes in San Francisco and / for Berlitz Language Centers. The French Class in San Francisco offers upper level classes in literature and business language, as well as study in various regions of France. See In the East Bay, visit or write to for more class opportunities. For the monthly newsletter of the Alliance Francaise de Napa and a list of French classes offered, go to