Bay Area
Francophile List

Published by Suzanne Toczyski, Sonoma State University


(August 2018) THE FRENCH CONNECTION.  Fourth Friday of every month on, 2pm-4pm.  Classical music from either French composers or French musicians. 

(October 2017) FRENCH-AMERICAN TV.  1st and 3rd Saturday of the month on channel 29 sf, and simultaneously on the internet  You can also sponsor french american tv for 2018, paypal: or  p.o. box 15354, san francisco ca 94115  You’ll get your image on the website with a link to your website or with your contact information. 

L'émission FRANCOFUN est une émission de radio francophone diffusée maintenant à l'antenne de SFCR (San Francisco Community Radio, ) tous les samedis de 11h à midi, à San Francisco. Pour plus de détails ou pour nous contacter visitez notre blog au . Musique, interview, chroniques, histoires pour enfants, etc. l'émission est animée en français par Dj Fari.

MONDAYS 1PM TO 2PM.  FRENCH TOUCH, the French music spot in Sonoma, is on Sun FM 91.3.  To listen live on your computer, go to and click on “Listen Now” (Flash required).

FRANCE 24, the French international news channel, launches its French language programs in the United States on Bastille Day  FRANCE 24 will link up with the American platform DISH Network and its 15 million subscribers across the United States on July 14th. The channel will be available 24/7 to subscribers of the French bouquet on Channel 660.     FRANCE 24 was launched in 2006 and currently broadcasts in French, English and Arabic throughout 160 countries reaching 125 millions TV households. It offers a unique blend of international news coverage combining French appeal and an unbiased opinion on world events.

SONOMA RADIO IN FRENCH!  Listen to FRENCH TOUCH, Monday, 1pm-2pm, on SUN FM 91.3.  You can listen all the programs on your computer also at, Every monday 1.00pm - 2.00pm, French Touch :) A french wink from Sonoma;) Cheers !! Michel Saga

FRENCH AMERICAN TV.  TV 28 Berkeley and 24/7 on, P.O. Box 15354, San Francisco CA 94115.  Aline.  415 377 0245,


  • 1. Allez sur GOOGLE:
  • 2. Tapez "radiofrance"
  • 3. Puis choisissez entre: france inter, france culture ou france musique
  • 4. Cliquez sur: "ecouter " ou "ecouter en direct".

TV5 NOW AVAILABLE ON CABLE! Watch the best in French programming on TV5, now available on Cable TV with Comcast in many cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. TV5 is only $10.99 a month in addition to your Comcast cable subscription. For complete details about service, prices and availability or to subscribe call toll free 1-888-824-8058.

MILLION DOLLAR DINNER TELEVISION SEASON TWO DEBUTS ON JANUARY 15TH and will include a variety of FRENCH RESTAURANTS.  Happy New Year and Bon Appétit! Season 2 restaurants on Million Dollar Dinner Television include top spots like Absinthe, Jack Falstaff, Shanghai 1930, Citron, COPIA, Paragon, the Park Chalet, Jardiniere, and Farallon. Food, wine, chefs, recipes, Putumayo music and more, it's almost like you were there -- and since this is Million Dollar Dinner Television, maybe you were!!! TWO broadcasts a week, plus Video on Demand (VOD) on Comcast Cable.  http://www.MillionDollarDinner.comfor more details.

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