Extra Credit Opportunity

You can earn extra credit in this class by listening to certain episodes of my Shrink Rap Radio podcast and writing a 1 - 2 page reaction paper about the episode, detailing how specific points in the interview relate to your own dreams or life. You should hand in the paper during the week for which you wish extra credit and you can only hand in one such paper per week. These papers will be graded on a Credit/No Credit basis, which is to say, they need to pass muster in my judgment of showing evidence that you really listened to the interview and thoughtfully applied it to your dreams/life.

Each paper that is given a Credit will earn you a 1% bonus on your final grade. Even 1% can mean the difference between one grade and another, if you are on the border. The maximum number of extra credit points you can earn in this way is 10. Episodes are about an hour long, more or less, and can be listened to right on the site or downloaded to an mp3 player. The episodes you listen to for extra credit must be chosen from the list below and can be found at Shrink Rap Radio:

#220 - Healing and Transformation Through Imagery with Leslie Davenport

#219 - More Archetypal Dreamwork with Rodger Kamenetz

#216 - The Light Inside Dark Times with Michael Meade

#215 - Archetypal Work with Inner-City Youth with Kwame Scruggs

#212 - Archetypal Dreamwork with Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster

#207 - Life Changing Lessons from Hard Core Cons with Dana Houck

#204 - Nightmares As A Tool for Personal Growth with Anne Hill

#203 - The Feminine Face of God with Sherry Ruth Anderson

#199 - The Secret History of Dreaming with Robert Moss

#189 –Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner

#173 – Prison Dreams and Fairy Tales with Dana Houck

#170 - From Dreambody to Worldwork with Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell

#166 – A Jungian View of The Feminine in Film with John Beebe

#140 - Adventures in Jungian Typology with John Beebe

#135 - Jungian Sandplay Therapy with Liza Ravitz

#109 - War and The Soul with Edward Tick

#103 - The Dream Interview Method with Gayle Delaney

#97 - The Freud/Jung Letters with Douglas Davis

#95 - Dr. Stanley Krippner on Dreams

#94 - Dream Wisdom with Alan Siegel

#93 - Dreaming as a Bridge Between Religion and Science with Kelly Bulkeley

#92 - Recent Scientific Studies on Dreaming with Mark Blagrove

#91 - A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Dreams with Curtis Hoffman

#90 - The Language of Dreams with Robert Hoss

#85 - The Heroine’s Journey with Maureen Murdock

#83 - The Archetype of the Wise Fool with Clare Morris

#70 - Tarot As Psychological Tool with Art Rosengarten

#51 - Group Projective Dream Work with Jeremy Taylor

#42 - Happy Birthday, Dr. Freud with Douglas Davis

#34 - Forty Years of Consciousness Research with Charles Tart

#27 - Computer-Assisted Dream Interpretation with Glenn Livingston

#8 - Depth Psychology with Stuart Kohler - attorney, private eye, and grad student

#2 - Dreams & The Hero’s Journey with David Gordon

#1 - Intuition: An Interview with Dr. David Sowerby