Something I am very passionate about right now is my new psychology podcast, Shrink Rap Radio. I hope you will check it out by going to

This is a half-hour podcast (internet radio) show in which I will interview fascinating people in and around the broad world of psychology. I think the show will have particular appeal to college students majoring in psychology. I'm hoping, though, that the appeal will be even broader and that it will appeal to most people. It will be good for people taking this course in Myth, Dream, and Symbol, because I intend to interview a number of psychologists/therapists who are involved in dream work.

You can listen to it as streaming audio right on your computer, or there is a link that will take you into iTunes, if you have it on your computer, and from there you can subscribe to the show so that the new episodes will come to you automatically.

I hope you will not only listen to the show but help spread the word to friends and family!

I'd be very interested in your feedback after you have listened to some episodes.