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Professor of Psychology

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Sonoma State University
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Community-Based Learning Founders Award/Acceptance Remarks



See the OLD SAYBROOK 2 PROJECT WEBSITE for additional essays and related materials on the future of humanistic-existential-transpersonal psychology.

Old Saybrook 2 Report and the Outlook for the Future. In K. Schneider, J. Bugental & F. Pierson, eds. Handbook of Humanistic Psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage (2001)


SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY ECONOMICS Web Site Triple Bottom Line: The Economic Systems Infrastructure for a Sustainable and Abundant Service Economy

Introduction to Complementary Economics (2005).

The Four Big Stories In Complementary Economics (2005).

Issues in Postmodern Economics (2005).

I.  A Theory of Knowledge Value Evolution Over Time
II.  Investing in Third World Economies
III.  A Modest Proposal for a Regional Network of Complementary Economic Institutions
Governing the Commons (2003).

The Economics of Health Care and the Economics of the Commons (2003).

Some Possible Tax Reform Options (2003).

Advantages of a Complementary Currency System in the Current Fiscal Crisis (2003).

Commentary(on Jeff Gates. Globalization's Challenge: Attuning the Global to the Local.) Reflections/ The SoL [Society for Organizational Learning] Journal, Summer 2002, vol. 3 (No. 4), pp. 35-37.

The Economic Crisis of the Commons (2002).

The Economic Metacrisis in Sonoma County (2001).

Bernard Lietaer & Arthur Warmoth. Designing Bioregional Economies in the Context of Globalization in Andrew Cohill, Ph.D. and Joseph Kruth, Editors, Pathways to Sustainability: The Age of Transformation (published on-line by the Tahoe Center for a Sustainable Future, 1999).

The Metropolitan Bioregion as a Political and Economic Unit [Reprinted from the AHP Perspective, Sept-Oct 1995].


The Perfect Storm: Globalization Meets Political Gridlock in California (2004).

Technology and the Postmodern University (1997).

Reflections on "Consilience" (2003). Comments on reviews of E. O. Wilson, Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge (New York: Knopf, 1998).

SFR and Academic Planning (2002).

Mary Halavais & Arthur Warmoth.Liberal Arts as Pedagogy (2001).

Barry Godolphin & Arthur Warmoth. On Grades and Grading (1997).

Carl Rogers' Values and the Native American M.A. Program. Carl Rogers Symposium 2002, UC San Diego, July 25-28, 2002. (Also assisted with the construction & presentation of the Carl Rogers Peace Altar.)

Report of the Joint EPC-APC Task Force on Large Enrollment Classes. [Task Force members:  Art Warmoth (chair), Nicholas R. Geist, Elaine Leeder, Linda Nowak, Greta Vollmer.]

Working Draft: Education and the Collaborative Construction of Social Reality (1999, a review of Kenneth A. Bruffee's Collaborative Learning. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993)


Phenomenology: The Study of Consciousness (2006)

José Ortega y Gasset and Human Systems Science (2005).

An Introduction to Mexican Politics in the Context of NAFTA (2001). Essay prepared for a class on The Politics of the NAFTA Region (Canada, Mexico & the U.S.) to be taught at the University of British Columbia by Gerald & Kathleen Hill.
Culture , Somas, and Human Development [Reprinted from Somatics Magazine-Journal, vol. XIII (no. 1), Fall-Winter 2000-01]
How to Construct a Postmodern Career: A Note to My Students (& My Children & Grandchildren) [Reprinted from the AHP Perspective (Aug.-Sept. 2000)]
Humanistic Psychology and Humanistic Social Science [Reprinted from Humanity and Society, August 1998]

Social Constructionist Epistemology (2000)

Driving Forces in Postmodern Social Evolution (1999)

Community Learning: What the 60s Have to Say to the 90s. (1994) An invited address presented to Division 32, Humanistic Psychology, of the American Psychological Association at the 102nd Annual Convention, Los Angeles, CA, August 14, 1994.  The occasion was the presentation to the Psychology Department of Sonoma State University and the author of the Charlotte and Karl Bühler Award for pioneering work in graduate education in humanistic psychology.

Papers on Humanities-Based Psychologies:

Psychology: Career or Calling? (Remarks on the occasion of the Psi Chi Induction Ceremony at Sonoma State University, May 12, 2001)

Working Draft:Intersubjectivity and Humanities-Based Psychology

Working Draft:The Three Pillars of Licensed Psychotherapy: Science, Law, and Empathy


Current (Fall '05):

Psy 306. History of Modern Psychology

Psy 423. Community Psychology


Psy 490.  (Spring 05) Person-Centered Education

Psy 303. (Fall '04). The Person in Society: Constructing a Multicultural Society in the United States

Psy 490 (Fall '04).  Seminar in Psychology: Person-Centered Education or "Teaching Folks How to Fish"

Psy 303 (Fall '03). Person in Society

Psy 490 (Fall 02). The Future of Humanistic Psychology

Psy 307 (Fall '01). Humanistic, Existential & Transpersonal Psych

Psy 490 (Fall 01). Radical Psychology

Psy 306 (Spring '01. History of Modern Psychology

Psy 490 (Spring '01).The Field of Psychology

Psy 423 (Spring 04). Community Psychology
Psy 423 (Fall 00). Community Psychology

Psy 490 (Fall '96).Social Technologies, Personal/Community Development, and Artistic Expression in the Preservation of The Commons (with Skip Robinson--an experiment in international learning community)