Psy 423. Community Psychology

Instructors: Art Warmoth & Larry Davis
Tu-Th 3:00-4:50 in Stev 3030

Course Description

Community structure and processes in relation to human needs. Organizing community action, and the role of the individual in social change. theories and strategies of organizing, building alliances, and affecting legislation and policy.

The course will approach these issues from a human systems perspective, and the following systems will be studied:

Class participants will work together as a field research team to acquire a wide variety of social, cultural, economic, and environmental data relevant to understanding the village of Glen Ellen. Research will produce a local community database comprised of historical, demographic and environmental data available from public and private sources. Examples of public sources include federal, state, and county government data such as postal routes, public safety districts, water and sewer districts, school districts, census reports, electoral precinct records, land parcel and taxation records; examples of private sources include private libraries and collections, local financial institutions and businesses, real estate offices, and market research firms. The research team will be responsible for acquiring the data, documenting the sources and procedures used, publishing both the data and the documentation on the web, and convening a town meeting in Glen Ellen to inform Glen Ellen residents of the availability of this local community database. 

Readings will consist of Richard Bolles' What Color is Your ParachuteWorkbook (available in the bookstore) and a Reader (available in class) with articles on various aspects of community systems.



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