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1...Archeological Data

Document: Glen Ellen Historical materials written by Anthropological Studies Center, Cultural Resources Facility, Sonoma State University, 1980. Includes inflrmation on environment, prehistory, archaeological survey inform-ation, ethnography forSouthern Wappo, Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo, linguistics, resource management, acorns and basketry. Given by Kathy Flynn, Archeological Resource Service, (undated).

Appendix B and D include letter from Sonoma State Anthropological Study Center from Pat Mikkelsen, 1980, includes maps and bibliography (may need attribution).

2...Beltane Ranch

Story by James and Maureen Hawkins about Mary Ellen Pleasant (no date). from Judy Williams.

Article by Susheel Bibbs about Mary Ellen Pleasant, by Cal. Legislative Black Caucus. (from 1817-1904), Article 1996.

Article by Barbara Gallo (unpublished) on history of Beltane Ranch, 11-18-83.

Post card showing Beltane Ranch given to Calolyne Weasner

3...Berkland File

Photo of Jim Berkland and Ron Davis, each with a large salmon out of the bay at Sausalito, standing next to Fritz' Grocery Store with glimpses of the Rustic Inn in background. Printed on page 2 of Syzygy, Jim's newsletter. Picture taken around 1955.

Paper: "Tribute to George Barsi," (1926-1995)

Paper: "A Really small Business in Sonoma Valley," by Jim

Berkland, 2 pages.

Paper: historical sketch by Jim Berkland from 1941 era, an adventure at Stuart Falls.

4...Birds-eye Views

"Bird's Eye view of Glen Ellen", circa 1900, from Bill Heintz Collection.

5...Bouverie Ranch

Bulletins # 8 and 15: Audubon Canyon Ranch (see Phyliss Ellman about further data)

Article written by David Bouverie in Oct. 1988, "The Land That is the Bouverie Audubon Preserve." 3 pages.

6...Box and White families

Letters, geneaology, articles, etc.

Postcard photo from Frank White to Will White with reference to Box family, showing old bridge downtown


Photo: a Parker Through-Truss steel bridge at Eldridge, CA. 2-lane single span, 140 ft. in length. Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Historic Preservation. Incomplete form but has a picture of the bridge at Arnold Drive over Soonoma Creek (Bridge #20C-213). Built in 1931, designed by E.A. Peugh,

Photo on postcard: Downtown Glen Ellen Bridge, showing CJ Poppe Store and Chauvet Building (now Calabasas Creek Cafe. Single-truss bridge. 2 copies.

Photo of the downtown Glen Ellen Bridge on a 1909 post card sent from Frank White to his brother, Will White, showing part of Marshall's garage or house next door.

Photo, Eldridge Bridge

Historic Resources Inventory, Parks and Recreation Office of Historic Preservation, Eldridge Bridge, Dennis Harris, 1993. (may want complete file on historic resources inventory sheets for Glen Ellen, with picture of bridge)

Old truss bridge in center of Glen Ellen, looking west, showing wooden top of Poppe building in view. Photo from B. Glotzbach/ Vasquez House, and 2 photocopies and 2 negs.

8...Buildings, downtown

Copies of pages from the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, about Sonoma Valley. Includes photos of Leopold Justi, the Hotel Mervyn (Morris Levy, Proprieter), the Henry Chauvet house, the Chauvet Winery, A.E. Gaige's Market and the three-story C.J. Poppe store (date?)

Photo: C.J. Poppe Building, 1905. 2-story stone building (from the Vasquez House).

Newspaper article: The Poppe Building with grocery, post office and pub in 1907, from I-T, about 1989. Article written by Teri Shore with photo showing one wall of the Chauvet Hotel. 2 photos, one showing upper two stories and another

Photo showing inside of the store, Mr. Poppe, Mrs. Poppe and a unknown customer.

Photo reproductions, "The many faces of Poppe Bldg. from late 1800's to early 1900's, from Russ Kingman collection.

Photo of Charles J. Poppe Building taken in 1906, 2-story stone structure. Rebuilt from 1905 fire. Photo from B. Glotzbach/Vasquez House, 2 photos by Dwight Caswell and 2 negatives.

9...Businesses, downtown

Article: Publication date? on GE businesses, featuring C.J. Poppe, A.E. Gaige, Frideger, and Julien (?)

News article and photo from the I-T, Tuesday, April 7, 1992, showing tie-dye business in downtown Glen Ellen. Photo of Wade Temple (now living in Forestville) and tie-dye shirts hanging on white picket fence. Accompanying map and article about plans to develop some of the down-town area (2 pages).


Article by Bill Heintz from I-T, Aug. 1972, "Did Glen Ellen Miss Its Centennial", re date when town was formed-1872.

13..Chauvet Family

Unpublished story of the Grist Mill by Charles Beardsley, 1990.

Story about Joshua Chauvet, Illustrated History of Sonoma County, 1889, attached is a deed from Lazero Pena to Mariano Vallejo, Dec. 4, 1839 (in Spanish). Transfered to Josua Chauvet 6-01-1861 (200 acres).

Story on Chauvet family and notes by R.G.

Story on Joshua Chauvet in History of Sonoma County (pg 328).

Advertisement in S.R. P-D., special edition, includes photo of Grist Mill.

Story about Chauvet Grist Mill (no date)

Advertisement of J.L. Village by Charles Beardsley, 1970.

Brochure of J.l. Village by Charles Beardsley, 1970's

Chauvet,.Henry, House

Photo of Henry Chauvet House built for his Chauvet's son Henry in the 1920's, from B. Glotzbach/Vasquez collection, 2 copies and 2 negs.

Photo Henry Chauvet House from south side about 1900, Bill Heintz collection.

Photo of Henry Chauvet House, taken about 1930 2 copies

Notes about Joshua Chauvet taken from An Illustrated History of Sonoma County, Lewis Publishing C., Chicago, IL, 1889. Attached are records of deeds of Agua Caliente Rancho from Lazaro Pena to Mariano Vallejo from Pio Pico, Mexican governor of Cali-fornia, 1845; another deed from MG Vallejo to J. Chauvet, 1861. Property includes Chauvet's saw mill later known as the Grist Mill.

Article written by Dr. Charles Beardsley about the Grist Mill and the orifinal Glen Ellen Winery and Distillery, published by Amadeo of GE. 8 pages.

Unpublished history of the Chauvet family written about 1995 by Carolyne Weasner

Notes about Chauvet Grist Mill by Alex Moyer, 1994


Face sheet from booklet entitled The Constitution and ByLaws of the Glen Ellen Congregational Church

Copy of important dates and early organization of the Glen Ellen Community Congregational Church, date?

Photo of the dedication plaque on the front of the Glen Ellen Community Church.

Article from the Sonoma Index-Tribune, by Rev. Howard Bull, 1969, "A Church Beginnings." Church history collection.

Photos from the Opal Dean collection, 1953. Opal Dean was the mother of Ruth Campbell. Al's Place (Hotel Chauvet), Ingle's Grocery Store (C.J. Poppe Store), and pictures of the church restoration (1970-1971).

Articles of Incorporation of the Glen Ellen Congregational Church in 1894. 2 pages.

Newspaper article, "Glen Ellen Gleanings" by Mrs. A.L. Bowlsby, December 15, 1938. Mentions names of some Glen Ellen residents of the time.

Photos of the inside of the GE Community Church from 1911, showing back room where the first Sunday School class was taught, photos of Mayflower Hall with door facing out onto Mayflower Ave. (now Henno), inside Mayflower Hall and a Sunday School class posing in front of the Hall.

Document:" Members Recieved" copy of a page from the book and a date of removal.

Photo of a ticket of admission to entertainment at Mayflower Hall (1925).

Instruction to churchwomen for writing to soldiers in World War (I?)

Photo of members of a party for Mrs. Alden Youngman, a charter member of the church, May, 1904. 16 names attached at bottom.

List of pastors of the GE Community Church, 1894-1989. Printed from the Pilgrim Church Register of Record.

List of pastors from 1894-1922, handwritten.

Column from the I-T, "From Our Glen Ellen"Ë by Jean Gray Oellerich, May, 1968.

Article, featuring Rev. William Youngman, May 14, 1970.

Article in I-T (?) about GE Congregational Church uniting with Pioneer Church. Information about Rev. Howard E. Bull, dated December, 1969.

Article from I-T, 1970, about memorial rites for Rev. W.H. Youngman.

Article from I-T, 1970, about Reverend Bull, new pastor at the GE Congregational Church, and his family.

Article I-T, (date?) announcing Rev. Gordon Johnson as the new pastor at the GE Congregational Church.

Article from the I-T (Feb. 24, 1977) with a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tietjen, about the celbration of their 63rd anniversary. Their wedding in 1914 was one of the first performed in the church. Mrs. Tietjen was descended from the Russian nobility.

Photo of church members, Aug. 1965, taken in front of the church. Original is in the church collection.

Photo of Percy Quien, aged 78, and the Rev. Willian Youngman, aged 76. Photo from 1969, showing Angelo PedronceËlli, Rev. Bull and Rev. Youngman burning the church mortgage in the parking lot.

Photo of church being lifted and a new foundation being laid under it. (date?)

Church program commemorating 75 years of service, May 17, 1970. It includes church history and photos of the exterior and interior of the church, photos of teh Mayflower Sunday School class and the Mayflower Ladies Group.

Photos from 1983 of Pastor Gordon Johnson and his wife, Kathy.

Photo of Barbara Ginter teaching an adult class, 1981.

Photo of Sunday School, 1981.

Photo of Sunday School, 1983.

Copy of GE Community Church program, commemporating 90 years of Christian Service, 1984, Gordon Johnson, pastor. Photos show Sandy Zimmerman, Win Smith and Barbara Ginter.

Photo of the church (date?)

Photo of the Congregational Church, circa 1900, from the Vasquez House.

Community Church

Program commemorating 75th year of service in Valley of the Moon.

Program commemorating 90th year in VOM.

Photo reproduction: Community Church Sunday SchooL 1981

Photos from church collection (itemize)

Photos 1961 (itemize)

Photos 1965 (itemize)

List of pastors (incomplete)

List of pastors (complete)

Photo of a party of church members, 5-15-1904

Article by Women's Christian Temperance Union, project to send letters to soldiers overseas in WWI.

Roster of "members received" (no date)

Photos, 1911

Chronology 1890 t0 1901

Program brochure of "Jesus on Trial", by Thomas Anderson, 10-19-95

Article in I-T on Glen Ellen Gleanings, 12-15-38

Photos Church restoration, 1970-1971

Photos, Opal Dean collection

Article by Reverend Bull, 5-07-69

Photo of Wooden placque on Church with date

List of early church events.

Title page of constitution and by-laws of the church

Photo of Community Congregational Church taken in 1911, from B. Glotzbach/Vasquez House, 2 copies and 2 negatives.

Three photos: Congregational Church, commemoration of Pres. McKinley's death; church picnic (?); photo from Gemma Fleitz showing work party (all these were given to Carolyne Weasner (?)

Photos from Dorothy Spratt from Church Collection given 1997.(new acquisitions that needs a list)

Article from Catholic Monitor, July, 8, 1905, dedication of St. Mary's Catholic Church, and a notation from C. M., 8-21-1909, about new window put in church.

St. Mary's Catholic Church, 1905, from B. Glotzbach Collection, from Louise Mangantini. Burned down in 1874.

Residence now occupies the site.

News item, A note from the SF Monitor, 8/21/1909.mentions presentation of a memorial rose window by Mrs. William L. Ashe, to be erected behind the altar. Added to this note is anothger notestating"St. Marys Church ws a part of the SF Catholic Diocese which func-tioned as a mission church and was run by the priests from St. Francis Solano Church in Sonoma. It was aban-doned in the 1960s after St. Leos Church in Agua Caliente was built and it ultimately burned down in the 1970s.

15..Clark Ranch

Letter from Arthur Dutcher to Bill Heintz, information about Louise and Al Clark on Sonoma Mtn.

Letters (four) from 4-18-1906 to 4-28-1906 from Louise Clark to the East about the 1906 earthquake. (original)

letter from Heintz acknowledging receipt of letters

Note from Ellen Schaffer (Clark Ran.), Feb. 14, '97

Correspondence (letters) between Ellen Schaffer and Bob Glotzbach, 1994 and "95, about geneaology of the family.

Photo Clark Ranch, Rose Cottage, home of Louise and Alfred Clark, 1902, from Bill Heintz, 2 copies and 2 negs.

Photo of Louise Clark, self-portrait, circa 1900, from grand niece of Louise Clark.

Photo of Alfred Clark who owned Clark Ranch, 1902, 2 copies and 2 negs., from Bill Heintz donated 1997.


Collection list from Depot Museum (date?) Some we have; some we don't.

Depot Museum, Listing of what they have of Glen Ellen, including their accession numbers.

List from 9 local sources

17..Cowan family

Article in Sonoma I-T "Old Riders Never Die" about Hazen Cowan and Jack London, 6-29-72.

Article by B. Glotzbach on Cowan Family history, 1995.

Copy of letter from Charmian London to Hazen Cowan written 1-15-1919.

Letter from Margery Fisk to Mr. Valentine about the Cowan and Small Families, 6-08-1965.

Letter from Liz Schroeder, Roseville, CA, to B. Glotzbach, 10- 04-1995.

Transcription of interview with Ruth Cowan Hall (daughter of Bill Cowan) by B.Glotzbach, 9-01-95.

Letter to B. Glotzbach from Liz Schroeter, granddaughter of William Cowan, brother to Hazen Cowan, 10/4/95.

Postcard from Hazen Cowan to his sister Eileen from Casper, Wyo., 9-11-20.

Letter to Mr. Valentine, dated 6/8/65, from Marjorie Basher Fisk. The Cowans are related indirectly to the Poppes, Article in the I-T about same time

Article from Cavalier Magazine by Hunter S. Thompson, "nights in the rustic" (date?) Features Hazen Cowan, the bartender Chester Womack and other assorted characters.

Letter from Charmian London to Hazen Cowan in the army in France; about ranch and horses; dated January 13,1919


Photo: showing people bathing in Sonoma Creek near Glen Ellen Rd., circa 1930. Courtesy of the Sonoma League for Historic Preservation. Printed in calendar, 1990. 2 copies.


Index to the Registration Affidavits of Sonoma County, General Election of Nov., 6, 1928


Glen Ellen Cannon

Memorial article about E.Clampus Vitus and cannon dedication and placement of the plaque, 3-18-95.

E Clampus Vitis, Sam Brannan Chapter #1004 announcement of dedication, 18 March, 1995

Letter on plans to reposition cannon from Bob Glotzbach to Bill Meglen, 11-22-93

Letter to Ann O'Neill from B. Glotzbach about restoration of the cannon.

Photos of Cannon Incident, Ann O'Neils' collection. 5 photos mounted on cardboard. Later used as display board for GE Village Fair

Article in S.F. Chronicle, "Glen Ellen Digs In to Keep Cannon, 2-27-92.

Article IT, "Cannon blow-up cools" 1-5-93.

Communication from Ann Bedard about Cannon Incident., Feb. 28, 1992

Glen Ellen Cannon Celebration, placing of new plaque, 1992: 3 photo reproductions

19..Fire District.

Booklet: Glen Ellen Fire District, 1995. By Stacia Derickson, includes list of all fire chiefs to date.

Check from Robinson Fire Apparatus Mfg. Co. to Glen Ellen Volunteer Fire Dept. dated may 11, 1925

Certification of legal existence of local fire district, 2/25/1958.

Local Heroes: A History of the Fire Departments of Glen Ellen, Bob Glotzbach, Editor. 1998.

Maps of the fire district.

Newsletter: Smoke Signals from the Glen Ellen Fire District, October 15, 1992, Vol. 1, Issue i.

20..Frazier family

50th wedding anniversary announcement of Marian and Norman Frazier's marriage (publication date?)

Letter from May Frazier to GE High School (?) correcting items concerning property transfer from J. Frideger in 1903.

21..French Colony

Photo repro., circa 1900, of four families in Glen Ellen, all the people identified by Antoinette Froment. Photo in article by Gaye leBaron, in P-D, Nov., 7, 1993. original in Lounibus Coll.

22..Gaige House

Photo, taken about 1900, B. Glotzbach from Vasquez House, 2 copies and 2 negs.

23..General Elections

Registration list for general election, Glen Ellen West, copy from Barbara Gallo, 11-06-1928

Registration list for general election, (original) for Glen Ellen East, 11-02-1926

General history

Article from book, "History of Glen Ellen from"Historic Legends of Sonoma County, editor Fred Cook

Article, "It's 'Howdy Neighbor' to the Glen Ellen Community" in the P-D by Mike Pardee, 1949.

Article: I-T, lithograph of Glen Ellen, done around 1880, printed in Vintage Festival Program-Supplement of 9-25-1975. Copy of original large lithograph, donated by Bill Heintz to B. Glotzbach in Feb,1997. Does not seem entirely accurate, although most of the essentials are there..

Article: Historical account courtesy of the Depot Musem, based on information collected and distributed by the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sept.2,1958.10 copies.

Article in Valley of the Moon Visitors News, " The charm of Glen Ellen reflects its past", November, 1992.

Article: IT, "Did Glen Ellen miss its centennial?", July 19, 1972.

Unpublished article, "What did Jack London find attractive about Glen Ellen?" by Bob Glotzbach, date?

Unpublished article, Context: "Immigrant's Paradise" by B. Glotzbach? plus notes.

1st Draft: "Context: In the Valley of the Moon", plus notes. RJG

Article: Unpublished: "History of the Glen Ellen District"

Article: Unpublished: Untitled: By Russ Kingman.

Folder: Glen Historical Materials from Kathy Flynn, Archeological Services, Petaluma. "Historic Setting of the North Sonoma Valley", Appendix B.

Glen Ellen Historical Society

Organizational paper for Historical Society, "Glen Ellen Historical Society"

Glen Ellen Historical Society-Update, , 1994.

Walking Tour Announcement, for May 20, 1995

Glen Ellen People (folder)

Article, about Win Smith, September 9, 1997.

Story by Jim Berkland about George Barsi, 1996.

Article, I-T, 100th year Edition on Albert Kahn, July 1979.

Article in VOM Review, Boyes Hot Springs, about Londonside, "Top of The World Ranch, Bill Flynn." 8-16-56.

Article, I-T, about Stella Horne.

Interview of Arthur Wiget by Sandy Zimmermann,7-15-82.

Translation from Italian document about Giuseppe Pancrazio, owner of the Roma Hotel, (no date)

Glen Ellen Schools

Flyer announcing reunion of old Dunbar School, 6-22-1947

Photocopy of picture taken at reunion (orig,. at Depot Museum)

Correspondence between R. Lynch and Bob glotzbach and Betty Stevens about the reunion.

Photo reproduction of class picture of school downtown, 1919, from Eva Schiek Norris

Glen Oaks Ranch

Letter from Bill Heintz to Joan Cochran, 9-11-1973

Article by Joan Cochran about the ranch. Attached to it is a story about the ranch by Roswell Cochran, her father. Originally published in Saga of Sonoma in the Valley of The Moon by the Sonoma Valley Historical Society in 1955.

(need to acquire if possible the detailed description and history of Glen Oaks that was prepared to get the property onto the Nat'l Historical Place.)

Photos (2) of Glen Oaks Ranch, pre-1900, from B.Glotzbach/Joan M. Cochran, 2 copies and 2 negs.

Grist Mill

Photos taken by Carolyne Weasner of the Amadeo dedication 1995

Heintz, Bill

A list of items given to Glen Ellen Historical Society by him, Feb. 1997.

Hill, Robert Patten

Photo: son of William McPherson Hill who gave property to Eldridge for Development Center, early 1900's, from Bill Heintz, 2photos and 2 negs.

Historic Resources Inventory

Calabazas Creek Bridge, Landmark, AP 054-290-08

Letter to Milo Shepherd from Bob Glotzbach, 1/7/95

List of 11 local sites awarded National Register status, as of1/03/95.

Letter to Joan Cochran, 11/9/1994, from Cherilyn Widell, State Historic Preservation Oficer confirming status of Glen Oaks Ranch as historic landmark. and weekly list of actions taken on properties which includes the ranch.

Historic Resources Inventory, Calabasas Bridge, AP 054-290-08, form plus map showing location.

Historic Resources Inventory: Thompson Cemetery, 7301 Sonoma Mountain Rd., Map. Approx. 20 graves. Resource No.?


Childhood Memories of Glen Ellen

Mervyn Hotel and other pictures

Hotels: Chauvet

Application form and narrative by Anne Watson to the National Registry of Historic Places, August 18, 1989. Also information from state dated 1990. 14 pages.

Article in I-T about Sieberts' plans to sell Hotel Chauvet property

Notes on planning materials for Hotel Chauvet restoration from Rick Deringer. Flyer announcing Town Meeting.

Articles from I-T by Elizabeth Bell about Rick Derringer's plans to convert Hotel Chauvet to condominium complex.

Photo of Hotel Chauvet, about 1940, including original Ëfrom B. Glotzbach /Vasquez house, 2 copies and 2 negatives by Dwight Caswell.

Postcard found in drawer at Fire Dep't, picture of Hotel Chauvet taken in 1950's, given by Rick Brown to B. Glotzbach

Newspaper article in PD on Hotel Chauvet renovation, 5-10-'96

Pictures and negatives of Roma Hotel, circa 1900, from William Heintz from Feb.1997.that includes original, 3 copies and 2 negatives.

Photo, Glen Ellen Hotel and Bar, behind NWP tracks, downtown Glen Ellen. B. Glotzbach collection from negative in Joan M. Cochran Col., late 1800's or early 1900. D. Caswell made 2 photos and 2 negatives.

Mervyn Hotel, IT article, 97 years ago, March 22, 199

Index Tribune, picures and articles, 11-16-1990

Index-Tribune "Alphabet Soup" articles with pictures

Johnson, Thomas, Family

Obituary of T. Johnson, Oakland newspaper, Sept, 9, 1930's.

Photo reproduction of T. Johnson. (undated)

Photo repro. of Mildred Johnson Branson, granddaughter of T. Johnson and her sister, cousin and mother, wife of T. Johnson.

Handwritten notes from Thomas Branson, great grandson of T.Johnson.

Justi, Leopold

Archival Arrangement and Description of the Judge Leopold Justi Collection by Laurie Page, submitted for Masters Degree in History to Sonoma State University May 12, 1993.

Newspaper Article, Index-Tribune, 100 Yr. Edition, 7/1979

Dissertation (by whom?) on Justi Collection, history of the family, 5-12-1993. (received from Judy Williams)

Article, visitor's bureau news, "Charles Justi", August, 1996

Article given by Roland Todd about L. Justi and Joaquin Murrietta, (no date).

Lenni Fish Farm

Excerpt from Colburn, "Old Sonoma, circa 1900" Lib, ref. 633.2

London, Jack -- Folder

Supplement to Index-Tribune: poem "Cannibal King of Glen Ellen," 9-23-1981.

State Park Brochure (date?), published by the Valley of The Moon Natural History Ass'n.

Map of Jack London Park, cartography with trails, Dep't of Parks and Recreation, State of California.

Copies of photos from Russ Kingman Collection: (items to be listed).

"Jack London's Beauty Ranch" author unknown and publication unknown.

Article in visitor's Business News, 11-19-92.

Article about Wolf House; undated; publisher not known

Article, Becky London's 79th birthday, circa 1985.

Visitor's Bureau News, "Charles Justi", August, 1996

Article, I-T., Wolfhouse, 5-22-1995. Forensic investigation.

Photo- Neuadd Hillside, Englishshire stallion owned by Jack London, 1913. Picture donated by Milo Shepard. (note from Milo Shepherd, 8-24-96 about the horse). B Glotzbach wrote article.

Photos of Cottage and ruins of the Wolf House

Post card showing Jack London outside the Beauty Cottage, (undated), obtained by Carolyne Weasner.

Thesis: "The Disputed Lands and Abandoned Homesteads of Jack London State Park", written by student at Sonoma State Univ., given by Ann O'Neil to Bob Glotzbach

Article; The charm of Glen Ellen reflects its past; Sam Rivers; The Visitors News; NoËv:1992

Brochure for Jack London State Park; put out by the Department of Parks and Recreation in 1991; Photos

Article in Press-Democrat by Bob Wells; Glen Ellen Still London Country; April 30, 1967: Photos:

Jack London Village

The Chauvet Grist Mill event, Label in exhibit. date? .

Jack London Village, 2 brochures of businesses located there in the 1970s, from the Russ Kingman collection. . .

Johnson, Thomas

Undated obituary article in unknown newspaper.

Label for exhibit, accompanying unknown photos. date?

Los Guilicos/ Kenwood

Letter from Margaret Wilshire to B. Glotzbach, March 30, 1993, enclosing article she wrote at an earlier time about Los Guilicos Rancho and Vineyards.

Article "Kenwood" by ? in what publication. Mentions Judge Justi.


Sonoma Valley Regional Park, 1990's.

Camera ready copy of "Historical Sites of Glen Ellen, with map by Alex Sorokin and drawings by Janet Laursen. Descriptions of historical sites

1914 map of Glen Ellen, freehand drawing by Ralph DeMoro. Certain inaccuracies, but interesting. From Depot Museum Collection.

Map prepared by Bob Glotzbach, from Russ Kingman Coll., circa 1920. Drawn by Janet Laursen-- a list of buildings in town.

County Map, photo, litho by W.B. Walkup, 1896-1899, prepared for 1964 Glen Ellen Village Fair by P. Quien.

1888 map, shows proposed Chauvet Addition (3 copy), original from county surveyor's office, 3 copies.

Portions of 1877 map showing Glen Ellen properties and roads as they existed, 2 copies.

Train map, 1934, showing routes and train schedule NWP.

Wells-Fargo Stage routes in northern California, various counties, also RR routes, 1894 and 1904.

SP and NWP train routes in Sonoma Valley (undated)

Sections of downtown Glen Ellen, Sanborn maps, 1911

plat, Pagani property, April, 1920

plat, survey of Jack London Memorial lot, Jan., 1920

plat. Pagani Ranch on Hwy 12 in Los Guilicos Rancho

plat. London Ranch Rd., showing property of Eliza shepard, Helen Dowd, & William and Lizzie Hartman

Right of way and track map, Schellville Branch, Schelville to Los guilicos, section including Glen Ellen property along railroad, from Southern Pacific Museum in Sacramento.

Map showing survey plats for the JackLondon Memorial Library, Jan,1920. R. Press Smith, Co. Surveyor.

Plat showing Pagani lot in the town, R. Price Smith County surveyor, 1920.

Plat showing a portion of the Pagani lot in Los Guilicos Rancho, 1920.


"Triniti" by Bob Glotzbach; in Glen Ellen Historical Society Newsletter; 1997:


Sonoma Index Tribune, Thurs, July 19, 1979. 1879-1979 edition.

I-T, June 21-24, 1985, Sesquicentennial edition, 1835-1985.

Official program of VOM Vintage Festival, 1971

Historic Old Sonoma in the V.O.M. July 10, 1969

Sonoma I-T. Centennial Edition, 6-07-1946, incl. history of transportation

Salute to the Arts, about G.E. Winery & History Center, July 1996.


Negatives of photos from Dwight Caswell of Glen Ellen, 1997

Unidentified young man and young woman with their male child about one or two years old (Dwight may know)

Article; IT; Doctor; winemaker; historian--life's never dull for Patrick Flynn; by Jackie Kramer: 1980

Article in the IT: Mrs. S. Horne celebrates 90th birthday anniversary:

Dr. C.C. O'Donnell, from Illus. Atlas of Sonoma County, Reynolds and Proctor, 1897-98. Naming cottages.

Guiseppe Pancrazio, note, short biography about a man who was celebrated in Italy and came to live in Glen Ellen.and owned the Roma Hotel. date? From Julie McNab to RJG.

Win Smith, IT, photo, announcement of his retirement and upcoming party., September 9, 1997.

Otto and Anne Teller, Oak Hill Farm, photos, notes and ,map by RJG for Glen Ellen Historical Society newsletter, Tales ofGlen Ellen. , date?

Interview by Sandy Zimmerman from the I-T of Arthur Wiget, a 100 year old man from Glen Ellen, 1993


Book by Edna Poppe Cooper, "songs from The Valley of the Moon," Two books, one donated by Virginia Solari; 2nd by Bill Hall, great grandson of Charles Poppe.

Poems by Jim Berkland: "Glimpses of the Primitive," 5-29-88; "Return to Glen Ellen," 6-07-97.

"Ode to the Glen Ellen Cannon", by Jim Berkland

Poem by Robert G. Harbutt, "A Reverie: in View of Sonoma County Hills and Valleys," 1917

Assorted poems, including one about Jack London by Evelyn I. Gregory.

Poppe Building

Photocopy of C.J. Poppe Building (1905), showing post office. From Vasquez House collection.

Photocopy of Poppe Building, 1907, with 2 stories above the store, a post office and a pub. Poppe family lived above the store. The photo appeared with article in I-T, 1989.

Post Office

List compiled by RJG of GE postmasters and mistresses since the first one to1971.

Records from National Archives, with list of postmasters, 1872-1961.

Letter from Jerome Finster, Civil Archives of General Services, to Bill Heintz, 8-1972.

Postal records documËenting establishments of post offices, 1872-1937.

Records from National Archives of all postmasters from 1872 to 1961, copy of actual records.

Letter from Jerome Finster to Bill Heintz transmitting copies of postal records, showing post office locations in town over the years.

Ranches: Beltane

A History of Beltane Ranch, 20-page document written by James and Maureen Hawkins. A history of property relations along north side of Highway 12.

Mary Ellen Pleasant, 1817 to 1904, Mother of Human Rights in California by Susheel Bibbs, 20-page document published by the Califonia Legislative Black Caucus, 1996.

Article: "History of Beltane Ranch" by Barbara Behler Gallo.

Ranches: Bouverie

"The Land That is the Bouverie Audubon Preserve", by David Pleydell Bouverie, mss. resulting from a list of questions asked by some members of the Docent Council, Oct. 1988.

"Character of Place" by John Petersen in the Audubon Canyon Ranch Bulletin, Fall, 1994.

"Of Newts & Hummingbirds by John Petersen in the Audubon Canyon Ranch Bulletin, Spring, 1991.

Published manuscript of of David Bouverie's manuscript. 1988.

Ranches: Glen Oaks

Letter: from Bill Heintz, to Joan Cochran, Sept. 11, 1973.

Presentng some history of Glen Oaks and some information concerning Ellen Stuart's successful wine production there after her husband's death. Heading to letter: Californiana Research of Glen Ellen.

Short article by Joan Cochran about Glen Oaks Ranch. Added page lists repairs and painting ( circa 1988-93) of original buildings. :

Short article " Glen Oaks Ranch by Roswell Cochran, originally published in "Saga of Sonoma-In the Valley of the Moon", circa 1955, collected and published by the Sonoma Valley Historical Society.

"History of Glen Ellen, California" short historical account, 1958, published courtesy of the Depot Museum, Sonoma.

Ranches: Warfield Ranch

Letter from Susan Cook giving information about Kate Warfield.

Ranches: Wegener Ranch

Photocopy of citizenship papers for Julius Wegener, 1880.

Newspaper article in the IT by Jackie Kramer from Feb. 28, 1980, about Patrick Flynn

Article in (?) Magazine,."Glen Ellen Winery" about the success of the Benziger family in the wine industry.

Note about the Wegeners with ideas and questions by B. Glotzbach.

Copies of photographs taken at the Benziger Winery. 2 pages.

Resorts: Cavedale

Advertisement for the Cave Dale Resort by H. Saxl, Prop., 1913. Accompanied by photos taken for publicity report with pictures of tents, countryside, meeting hall, etc.

Long letter August 30, 1980. from Wilma ? to ? with the title" Cave-Dale Mountain Resort Letter"

Resorts: Waldruhe Heights

Brochure: Advertisement selling lots for summer vacations in the country at Waldruhe, date? .

Restaurants: Amedeo of Glen Ellen

Brochure and menu, date?

Rustic Inn

Map of the Valley of the Moon, showing location of Rustic Inn.


Dunbar School newsletter, doodles and details, March 1992.

Notes by B. Glotzbach about Dunbar School reunion of 1947.

Letter from Glotzbach to Robert Lynch publisher of Index-Tribune requesting identification of people in photo of Dunbar school reunion in 1947.

Correspondence between B. Glotzbach, Betty Stevens of the Depot Museum and Bob Lynch from the I-T about Dunbar School reunion. . .

Invitation to the Dunbar school reunion

Report from I-T about the picnic preceding the reunion.

List of participants in the 1947 reunion. 2 pages.

Photocopy of participants in the 1947 reunion.

Glen Ellen School on Williams St., 1924, photo repro. of class picture, separate list includes most of the names of the people in photo.

Glen Ellen School, Class of May 1919, Photo and list of names.

Schools in Upper Mayacamas and in Napa County

Letter to Mrs. May Frazier from Dorothy Soderholm, re-searcher, about Enterprise School, Lone Tree School (later named Mt. Veeder School) and Summit School.

School: Williams St.

Photograph of class of 1924 with list of names.

Sonoma Creek

Lenni Fish Farm, Colburn, page 139.

Sonoma Development Center

Centennial Issue, "A Century of Building LIves"; Index-Tribune, 1891-1991; 32 pages.

Photo repro. of 1925, Superintendant's Home in Eldridge, appears in 1991 Centennial Calendar.

Calendar, 1891-1991, Sonoma Development Center

Newspaper Article, Index-Tribune, 100 Yr. Edition, 7/1979

Index Tribune, picures and articles, 11-16-1990

Index-Tribune; "Alphabet Soup" articles with pictures

Thompson, William"Redwood"

photo of home, late 1800's or early 1900. from B. Glotzbach c/o Stacia Derickson, 2 copies and 2 negs.


Advertisement of Cave Dale Resort by H. Saxl, proprietor. (undated).

Letter to Wilma (?) from Saxl, commentary on ad.

Excerpt from NWP booklet, "Vacation", 1908. Virginia Solari has several of these. which were put out every year.

Brochure on Waldruhe Heights, selling bungalows for $285.each. The area was called the Little Switzerland of America.

Trains and Transportation

Photo of NWP Depot in Glen Ellen taken in 1920's. Original from B. Glotzbach/Vasquez House, 2 photo copies and 2 negatives.

Excerpt from Stindt's book on the Northwest Pacific Railroad,"Passenger Cars, NWP" (undated)

Letter from B Glotzbach to Lynn Farrar, 1992

Chronology by Bob Parmalee, 8-08-1987. Notes from talk at Depot Museum, "Railroads in Sonoma County".

Booklet, "Wells Fargo Since 1852" from Wells Fargo (undated)

Letter from Robert A Chandler with names of agents, from 1883 to 1910, on the train routes. Also names of 29 express offices. List of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express agents from 1883-1918.

The Northwesterner, Fall, 1990, vol. 2. Two copies given by Joe Lennon and Ann Teller.

Letter to Lynn Farrar from B. Glotzbach with a chronolgy of construction and abandonments.

Article, history of NWP written by Bob Glotzbach, .

Northwestern Pacific schedules (many).

Excerpt from book, "History of Sonoma County, Cal., page 88, two pages about Sonoma Valley railroads.

Photo NWP Depot showing engine, Photo by Elmore Powell, 1927, from Ted Wurm Collection, shown in "Childhood Memories of Glen Ellen." 2 copies.

Brochure from NWP Railroads Historical Society. Triniti/Cavedale area

Document from Post Office department designating a post office at Cavedale in 1913.

Copies of envelope faces and letter designating address of post office as Triniti, 11/14/1918.

Photos of the Frazier family,1928, and of the Frazier father and sons, about 1924. Also includes small photo of James D. Frazier who at that time was runing for supervisor of the 1st district in Sonoma County. 2 copies.

Letter to May Frazier, 3/5/96, from the Napa County Historical Society about the Enterprise School, the Mt, Veeder School and the Summit School. Includes much information about Napa County as well as Triniti-Cavedale information.

Letter from May Frazier to B. Glotzbach, 6/95.

Handwritten transcript of interview with Norman Frazier, 8/95.

Typed transcript of taped interview of Norman Frazier, 8/95, a story about Triniti (correct spelling) Does not include all the same information as above.

Cavedale Marker, 1915 cut-off commemoration, 1996 by Carolyne Weasner.

Newsletter, Sonoma Valley Historical Society, "Sonoma Valley Notes", Nov-Dec, 1973, Vol.3, No.5. "Grandpappy's Christmas Tree", about the Triniti Post Office.

Small brochure announcing the reopening of Frazier's, a resort on Triniti Mountain, date about 1925.

Small brochure advertising Frazier's resort, about 1930.


Bird's-eye view of Glen Ellen.2 copies.

Village Fairs

History exhibit by B. Glotzbach, 1995, featuring Cowan family history

Memories of Glen Ellen FortyNiner Celebrations, handwrit-ten by May Frazier, 1996. Includes material about the Mervyn Hotel and dances about 1933; Wells-Fargo Stage Coach giving short rides in the 1960s, art displays; frog jumping contest near Marshall's garage; dunking booth and tourist train in 1965.


Louis Kunde: The Wildwood Vineyard, short description. (2)

"The first 'mountain' vineyards in Sonoma Valley" article in Vintage Festival Program Supplement to the I-T, September 26, 1974.

"Built a winery for $2,700. then", article in Index-Tribune?

Photo of construction.

"Wineman deserving of recognition", Vintage Festival Program Supplement of the I-T, Sept. 25, 1975. With photo.

"Pylloxera-vine pest met its match here", Supplement to the Sonoma Index-Tribune, September 23, 1981.


brochure, pictures and text

Warfield house

Letter from Susan Cook,1993, who owns Warfield house on Dunbar Rd., with short biography of Kate Warfield.

Weasner, Carolyn

Correspondence folder, 1995, from Carolyne Weasner plus other;

History notes, correspondence folder, 1996, from C. W. and others

Wegener Villa

Citizenship papers of Julius Wegener, 7-26-1880

Square nails from blacksmith shop (about 1890's) on Wegener Ranch from a worker on ranch

Article about Patrick Flynn, 2-28-1980 ( Flynn bought ranch from the Wegener heirs)

Excerpt from book, Partners in Progress by Simone Wilson, page 108, about Benziger family.

Photo of Wegener Villa, 17 buildings looking south, early 1900's, from B. Glotzbach/Benziger collection, 2 photos and 2 negs.

Wegener Ranch notes and photo reprod. of 8-1996 picnic at Benziger Winery

Williams Family

Jim Berkland has large quantity of pictures and other memorabilia. ( An example for acquisition policy).

Poems to Betty Williams from family and friends.

Map of Williams road neighborhood, showing where people lived about 1938.


Labels of Charles Pagani from Glen Ellen Winery & Distillery, muscatel and burgundy, from Charles Beardsley.

Wineries: Pagani

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat-Special Wine and Vineyard issue-1887-1937. Photo reproduction of Grist Mill & Winery, circa. 1934. From the Russ Kingman collection.

Women's Improvement Club

Letter-head Glen Ellen Women's Improvment Club, announcement of "Pow Wow Ball", (no date) new acquisition from Milo Shepard.

History of G.E. Women's Club (no date).

Roster of past presidents, 1904-1968

Article in the 1979 Centennial Issue of the I-T, by Rose Calvin about the J.L. Memorial Library

Photo: Jack London Memorial Library, erected in 1923 with an accompanying article, from the 1979 Centennial issue of the Sonoma Index-Tribune, by Rose Cahn.

Roster of past presidents of the Glen Ellen Woman's Club, date?

Paper: by anonymous writer, the History of the Glen Ellen Womens' Club, organized Nov. 4, 1904, with a discussion of the library, siting of the building, projects, etc. Written in (date?)