Earlier Versions of Psych 490

Psy 490.Seminar in Psychology:
Person-Centered Education or "Teaching Folks How to Fish"

Fall 04
Tuesday, 6-8:40
3 units + 1 unit by contract

Instructor:  Art Warmoth

Course Description:  This class will explore the person-centered psychology of learning of Carl R. Rogers as a foundation for engaged, self-directed, student-initiated higher education.  We will examine ways in which the learner-centered approach can be enhanced by more recent developments in epistemology (social constructionism) and pedagogy (learning communities).  Students will be introduced to basic tools that facilitate person-centered learning, such as portfolios and support groups.



  • (1st assignment)  Arthur Warmoth. Technology and the Postmodern University (http://www.sonoma.edu/users/w/warmotha/awtechnology.html)
  • Humanistic Education Reader (Assignment Schedule)
  • Kenneth A. Bruffee.  Collaborative Learning
  • Jean MacGregor, James L. Cooper, Karl A. Smith, Pamela Robinson (Eds.). Strategies for Energizing Large Classes
  • Michael Reber.  Community Learning Centers and Sustainability (http://ceres.ca.gov/tcsf/pathways/chapter8.html)

  • Psy 490

    The Future of Humanistic Psychology

    Fall 2002
    1 unit

    Students are invited to participate in a seminar for psychology faculty to explore the issues and opportunities facing the field of existential-humanistic-transpersonal psychology at large, as well as their implications for our department.

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    Psy 490.5. Radical Psychology 

    Fall 2001
    Instructor: Art Warmoth
    Co-Instructor: Roxanne Davenport

    This course will explore psychology as a foundation and instrument for substantial social change.

    The first part of the course  will be based on a critical reading of Erich Fromm's The Sane Society, starting from his basic propositions (as summarized by Hall & Lindzey, 1978):

    "(1) [H]umans have an essential inborn nature, (2) society is created by humans in order to fulfil this essential nature, (3) no society that has yet been devised meets the basic needs of human existence, and (4) it is possible to create such a society" (Hall & Lindzey, 1978, 173)

    and his theory that human nature consists of the following basic needs: 1) Relatedness, 2) Transcendence, 3) Rootedness, 4) Identity, and 5) a Frame of Orientation.

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    Psy 490. The Field of Psychology

    Spring 2001

    A social constructionist exploration of the field of psychology as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and the curricula of major U.S. universities. The major areas of contemporary psychology will be identified and explored, with particular emphasis on cognitive psychology, social psychology, human development, and personality & depth psychology. Consideration will be given to the role of dissenting positions, such as humanistic and transpersonal psychology, and psychoanalysis.

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    Psy 490. An Experimental International Virtual Learning Community

    Fall 1996

    "The Tragedy of the Commons"
    "The Preservation of the Commons"
    "Psychological and Artistic Exploration"
    Participating universities:
    Sonoma State University & Universidad Autonoma de la Laguna