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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. phil. Helmut Wautischer

Department of Philosophy
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3609
Office: (707) 664-2270
FAX: (707) 664-4400


Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Sonoma State University, 1995 - present.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Humboldt State University, 1992 - 1994.
Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Long Beach State University, 1989 - 1992.
Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, San Diego State University, 1988 - 1991.

Editor, Tribal Epistemologies: Essays in the Philosophy of Anthropology, Ashgate Publishing 1988.
Editor, Ontology of Consciousness: Percipient Action, The MIT Press, 2008.
Editor-in-Chief, Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity, Springer Verlag, 2011.

Editor-in-Chief, Existenz-An International Journal in Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Arts

Selected Publications
‘Translating Karl Jaspers,’ Existenz 12/1 (Spring 2017), 1–5, co-author Ruth Burch.
‘Introduction,’ Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity, Springer Verlag, 2012.
‘Wunsch ohne Körper,’ in Rainer Born und Otto Neumaier (eds) Philosophie, Wissenschaft – Wirtschaft, Akte des VI. Kongresses der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Philosophie, Wien 2001: ÖBV et HPT Verlagsgesellschaft, pp. 313 - 317.

‘The Path to Knowledge,’ in Vasili M. Pivojev (ed.) M. M. Bachtin and the Problems of Methodology of the Humanitarien [sic] Knowledge, Petrozavodsk 2000: Petrozavodsk State University Press, pp. 90 - 97. Also published at
‘Reason and Awareness in Ethics. Querying the Philosophers Desire for Safety through Reasoning,’ Journal of Ethical Studies 10/1 (1995), 2 - 17.
‘On Love and Awareness,’ Dialogue and Humanism IV/2-3 (1994), 31 - 40.

Book Reviews
‘The Essential Spiral: Ecology and Consciousness after 9/11. Ian Prattis, Lanham: University Press of America, 2002. 262 pages. ISBN 0-7618-2361-1,’ Journal of Ritual Studies 18/1 (2004), 169 - 170.
‘Verebben der Menschheit? Karim Akerma, München: Karl Alber Verlag, 2000. 392 Seiten,’ Prima Philosophia 14/2 (April - June 2001), 195 - 197.
‘The Fate of Place: A Philosophical History. Edward S. Casey. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997. 495 pages. $ 45.00 (cloth); $ 19.95 (paper),’ Anthropology of Consciousness 10/1 (1999), 64 - 67.
‘Raw Feeling: A Philosophical Account of the Essence of Consciousness. Robert Kirk. Oxford, NY: Clarendon Press, 1994. ix + 251 pp. ISBN 0-19-824081-3. $ 42.00 (cloth),’ Anthropology of Consciousness 7/2 (1996), 37 - 38.

Selected Presentations
April 2017: 91st Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Seattle, WA. Program chair, presenter, and principal organizer for two KJSNA sessions, “Contemporary Perspectives on Philosophical Mysticism.’’
March 2008: 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Pasadena, CA. Presenting “The Healing Dimension of Grenzerfahrung in Trauma Recovery.’’
August 2003: XXI World Congress of Philosophy in Istanbul, Turkey. Organizer, chair, and speaker for a roundtable session on “Methodological Integration of Wisdom in the Pursuit of Knowledge.’’

March/April 2001: 75th Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, San Francisco, CA. Program coordinator and chairperson for one SAC session “Human Consciousness”; and coordinator and discussant for one COPS session “On Cytherics: Articulating Aphrodisian Environments."
June 2000: 6th Congress of the Austrian Association for Philosophy in Linz, Austria. Presented “Wunsch ohne Körper,” in the section Philosophie des Geistes.
April 2000: “Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2000.” International conference sponsored by the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. Presented a poster session on “Desire sans Body.’’
December 1998: 97th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Philadelphia, PA. Co-organizer and chair of an invited session, “The Spirit Hypothesis: Scientific and Participant Validation.’’
August 1998: XX World Congress of Philosophy in Boston, MA. Presented “The Path to Knowledge” in the section Philosophy of Culture. Also, I have organized and I chaired two sessions on “Anthropology of Soul,” in the concurrent group meetings section.
August 1993: XIX World Congress of Philosophy in Moscow, Russia. Presented “Reason and Awareness in Ethics. Querying the Philosophers Desire for Safety through Reasoning.’’

University Service
Academic Senate subcommittee on Faculty Standards and Affairs, 2003 – 2009.
FSAC subcommittee on Academic Freedom, 2003 – 2009.
Academic Senate, 2001 – 2003, and 2010 - 2013.
Committee member for the CSU International Program student interviews at SSU, 2003 – 2009.