5. Jane's car gets Thirty and one third mpg. She bought four and one quarter gallons. How far can she travel before she runs out of gas?


This is another A = RB type of problem. The mileage is 30 and 1/3 miles per gallon, so that is the rate. The word that comes after the "per" is the base. That is gallons. Since we have both the rate and the base, we multiply.



Since we are multiplying mixed numbers, we should convert them to improper fractions



Multiply tops and bottoms.



Since this is an improper fraction, you may want to change it to a mixed number.




and the answer is



This is a fairly reasonable answer. If the car gets just over 30 mi/gal, and you buy a little more than 4 gal, you should be able to get a little farther than 120 miles.



Fraction Word Problems #5