12. Clear Lake holds two hundred fifty and 9/10 acre feet of water. Lake Sonoma holds eighteen and 4/5 acre feet. How many Lake Sonomas will it take to fill Clear Lake?


How many times will 18 and 4/5 go into 250 and 9/10?



We are dividing mixed numbers so turn them into improper fractions.



Invert and multiply



The 5 will cancel with the 10, but we should decide if the 2509 will cancel with the 94. Well, 94 = 2x47, so the only primes that go into 94 are 2 and 47. 2 doesn't go into 2509 because 2509 is an odd number, and you can check to find out that 47 does not go into 2509 either, so they don't cancel. Our answer is then 2509/188. This is one instance where a mixed number would be more meaningful than an improper fraction. Divide the bottom into the top.



so there would be enough water in Clear Lake to fill up Lake Sonoma 13 and 55/188 times.


Fraction Word Problems #12