1. Suppose you get a job selling T-shirts at a concert. You get $2 for each T-shirt you sell, but it costs you $5 to get into the concert. How many T-shirts will you have to sell in order to make $25?

This is a word problem, so we should run through the steps for solving word problems.

  1. Define the unknown. Write   "Let x ="   what they're looking for.
  2. Express your information using eqution(s) in your unknown(s).
  3. Solve the equation.
  4. Check.

1. Let   x = how many T-shirts she would have to sell.

2. She gets $2 for each T-shirt she sells, but she has to pay $5 top get into the concert.

2x - 5 = 25

3. Add 5 to each side

2x = 30

Divide both sides by 2.

x = 15

She would have to sell 15 T-shirts to come home with $25.

4. Check: 15 T-shirts at $2/T-shirt would bring in $30. After she pays $5 to get into the concert, she would be left with $25.