Math 35
Sample Final Exam
Dr. Wilson


1. Subtract\

2. Solve for x and check.

3 Solve the following system of equations by

and check your answer

4. Linda went canoeing. Sshe paddled 3miles up stream. It took her one hour less time to paddle back downstream. If the speed of the current was 2 mi/hr, find out how fast Linda would have been paddling in still water.


5. Simplify


6. a) Express using radicals

b)Express using fractional exponents



7. Graph y = x

- 2x - 1

a) What is the y-intercept?
b) What are the x-intercepts?
c) What are the coordinates of the vertex?

8. Expand


(a + b)

9. Compute C(4, 3}

10. Write out the first 5 rows of Pascal's triangle.


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