6. During one 9 game stretch towards the end of the 1996 baseball season, Barry Bonds hit 7 home runs. At this rate, how many home runs would he hit in a full season of 162 games?

We run through the steps for solving word problems. First define the unknown. After deciding what the problem is asking for we

let   x   be the number he would hit in 162 games.

The assumption is that the ratio of the number he hit in the 9 games is equal to the ratio of the unknown number in 162 games.

Helpful hint: if you set up your ratio and proportion problems with the unknown in the top, then all you will have to do is multiply both sides by the number under the unknown to solve the equation.

Since  9   goes into   162   18   times exactly, we get

x = (7)(18)


x = 126

At that rate, Barry bonds would have hit 126 home runs over an 162 game season. That's pretty incredible.